Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 199]


Yun Hua leaned on the wall and kept still with her hands tightly clenched.

Such bullying, such dirty words instantly made her feel as if she had returned to before she had been reborn, returning to the time when she was being bullied!

The things that Han Luo Luo and those girls did to Xiao Ru Yue, she had once experienced them all.

Because of that, she understood very clearly how painful it was to be bullied.

It was a scar of her lifetime!

Did she resist then?

She did, but her resistance resulted in more terrible bullying.

Once, Xiao Ru Yue was the mastermind behind it all.

Xiao Ru Yue ruined her reputation, her future, stole her pen name and even her soul…

After using her, she was sent to the mental hospital.

Remembering that period of time she spent in the mental hospital, Yun Hua’s blood ran cold. 

That was hell, infernal hell!

When she suffered, she had sworn countless times that she won’t let Xiao Ru Yue off lightly even if she were to become a ghost!

However, before she could become a vengeful ghost, she had been reborn.

She was reborn back to when everything had yet to happen….

It was not difficult for her to take revenge on Xiao Ru Yue and Xiao Qiu Ci now, she easily unveiled their hypocritical faces for everyone to see and thus hate them.

Meanwhile Yun Hua also faced the biggest psychological crisis after she was reborn, which was the paradox of rebirth.

For example, when the victim of a murder case gets reborn to before he was murdered, he had two choices, one was to hide from the murderer while the other was to kill the murderer first.

However the problem was, the killer had yet to kill someone, so even if you knew that he would kill someone in the future, you cannot kill him beforehand for a crime he would commit in the future…

Also, how are you so sure you were reborn into the same world?

How do you know that this is not a parallel universe?

If it was a parallel universe, the murderer might not kill someone in the future because of the occurrence of something else!

Thus Hua Yun was facing such a problem now.

In the world before she was reborn, Xiao Qiu Ci, Xiao Ru Yue, Yun Cong Jun, they all deserved to die and be torn into pieces! Even Qi Zi Heng was not innocent, he purposely used the charm of his identity to make girls fight for him or even kill each other…

However in this world, starting from the moment she was reborn, the world had changed.

She was no longer that girl who was infatuated with Qi Zi Heng, she avoided Qi Zi Heng like a plague so naturally she would not lose herself, she now cherished herself, she was dignified and would not be pushed around anymore!

She was also no longer that daughter who longed for her father Yun Cong Jun’s love, she would not be upset because Yun Cong Jun liked Xiao Ru Yue, nor would she be willing to do anything to win the favour of Yun Cong Jun.

She would not be like her past self, blinded by Xiao Qiu Ci’s hypocritical kindness and misled by Xiao Ru Yue’s fake sisterhood…

Rebirth, everything had really changed from the moment she was reborn.

Sometimes she even felt that she was dreaming, feeling as though her past life was just a dream?

Or was her being reborn the true dream, if she woke up, would she find herself back in the mental hospital?

Zhuangzhou Dreaming Butterfly, was it Zhuangzhou who dreamt that he became a butterfly, or did the butterfly dream that it became Zhuangzhou, in the end, which is true which is false?

Wasn’t that exactly Yun Hua now?

Was her past life a dream? Or was her rebirth the real dream?


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