Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 198]


Gu Zhun would normally be at the Sports Equipment Room.

Meanwhile, the Sports Equipment Room was located in an independent building in the northwest corner of the field, if there was no physical education lesson nor did school end, there was generally no one in the Sports Equipment Room

Yun Hua walked there but she did not see Gu Zhun.

She sent a message to Gu Zhun.

Gu Zhun quickly replied, “I had family matters the past two days so I was on leave, I’ll only come to school in the afternoon. I’ll go and find you then.”

After Yun Hua read the message, she wanted to return to the classroom, and planned to use the shortcut. When she passed by a small road nearby the Sports Equipment Room, she heard laughter and crying sounds.

“Wow, Xiao Ru Yue, aren’t you always pretending to be pure? Pretending so much in front of guys, oh that’s right, being a mistress is in your blood, aren’t all mistresses very good at pretending? You’re just like your mother, snatching others’ boyfriends, shameless!”

“You know what happened yesterday, when I was discussing a question with Sun Liang, she suddenly came to borrow a pen from Sun Liang. When Sun Liang was passing the pen to her, she purposely held Sun Liang’s hand and her face went all red, too disgusting!”

“Tsk, simply holding hands is nothing, do you know what I saw last friday? During PE, she wore a tight-fitting T-shirt and when she played the game, she purposely stuck close to Li Qianmo. So dumb, Li Qianmo is just a bookworm, even if she purposely stuck to him, he won’t feel anything!”

“Guess what I saw?” A girl scoffed, leaning on the wall with her arms crossed. “When she went to the staff room of Class 1’s form teacher to ask a question, she nearly sat on He Ming’s lap… Everyone knows what kind of person He Ming is. He always likes to squeeze the faces of the pretty girls in class and get handsy with them. The other girls all avoid him like plague but she went up to him of her own accord…”

“Sighs, Sluts are indeed sluts, she’s just like her mum, even though she’s a mistress, she had to pretend to be all pure, this is just too disgusting…”

“So much nonsense, I called you here to teach her a lesson, to let this bitch know the consequences of willingly being a slut!”

It was actually Han Lu Lu’s voice.

Han Lu Lu had long been expelled, when did she come to school again?

“Slap!” A clear slap could be heard.

“Don’t slap so hard, if her face swells, how can she continue to se~duce others!” Han Lu Lu sneered. “Take off her clothes. Do you know how bargirls help customers extinguish cigarette butts? Pinch her mouth open, it must be nice to use such a pretty mouth as an ashtray!”

“Sister Lu Lu, where did you step on shi*t, so smelly, let her lick it clean.”

“Say, are there any secret formulas for mistresses, you’re like a seductress even though you’re only 13 to 14 years old. Your figure too, let me squeeze and see if it’s fake…” 

“Sto-stop, please, I beg you, please don’t do this….” Xiao Ru Yue was crying until her voice became hoarse. “Lu Lu, Lu Lu, it’s all my mistake, but that recording was really not mine, I really did not know about the scandal between your father and your aunt…”

“Shut up!” Once she heard the word “scandal”, Han Lu Lu gritted her teeth angrily. “You still haven’t learnt your lesson, such lies your pretty mouth is spitting out! Who else can it be besides you? It’s you who caused my parents to divorce, my mother and aunt to fall out and become enemies, my whole family to be in a mess now… Xiao Ru Yue, I want to take my revenge bit by bit! My life is miserable now so I’ll make yours too! Lick, lick it clean or do you believe I’ll slice this face of yours? Or do you think I don’t dare?”

“No don’t…” Xiao Ru Yue wailed out loudly. “I’ll lick, I’ll lick…”

Yun Hua stood at the entrance of the alley and tightened her fist.

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