Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 197]


Another Monday.

Yun Hua jogged to school early in the morning with Chu Yu. There was the monthly test this Friday, it was time to check the learning results of Class 15.

The students in Class 15 were all full of enthusiasm, even the cultural committee member Luo Xixi was also full of energy, she would go and find Li Qianmo at Class 1 once school ended.

Now that she had thick skin, she was no longer the shy girl that felt so inferior that she could not raise her head in front of Li Qianmo who was ranked within the top three in the level.

When school ended, she directly kidnapped Li Qianmo to Class 15, naturally the other students would have prepared lunch, fruits, yoghurt, drinks and so on…

Provide him with good food and drinks, then… Hehe!

Li Qianmo was not the only one facing such a treatment, there was also the third year senior Ye Qingmeng, however, she had come herself.

Rumors say that the reason why Ye Qingmeng would come to Class 15 once she was free and was willing to do anything without complaint, was because she liked Han Fangzhou.

It was said that once, Ye Qingmeng was searching for some materials online in an internet cafe, but then she was pestered by a few gangsters. Han Fangzhou had saved the damsel in distress…

Thus now the damsel came of her own accord to repay him.

However, due to Han Fangzhou’s cold face, the classmates of Class 15 only gossiped in secret, no one dared to talk about it in front of Han Fangzhou. 

Facing the gossip expert Zhan Shibang, Yun Hua was amazed. She patted Zhang Shibang’s shoulder. “You’ve worked hard, if you work in intelligence in the future, you’ll definitely succeed!”

Setting the matter of gossip aside, it was good that someone was willing to help Class 15. Afterall, for Class 15 to improve, it needed the strength of many people. The hard work of just one or two was far from enough!


After the second period ended, Yun Hua decided to look for Gu Zhun.

Their form teacher, Gu Zhun, did not have much presence, but he was very open and that was enough. He would not randomly interfere with Class 15 students’ study plan.

What made Yun Hua even happier was that Gu Zhun, through unknown channels, had obtained the teacher’s teaching plan of the second year honors class from Zhe Jiang High School. There were also past year monthly test papers, mid-term papers and final exam papers. Furthermore, he also had the book list for reference books and extracurricular reading!

This was not something a normal person could obtain.

No matter where Gu Zhun had obtained this information from, Yun Hua was extremely grateful!

This time she was going to find Gu Zhun for the friday test.

This Friday was the monthly test for the whole school, and next month was the mid-term exam.

Originally, they did not need to care too much about this monthly test, however, Yun Hua had to think of possible problems that could occur during the monthly test.

She had confidence that this time, the test results of Class 15 for physics and math, even if it could not be compared to Class 1, would definitely be able to make the other 11 regular classes be ashamed of themselves.

However, the problem now was that if Class 15 really did do well in the test, what would the school leaders think of it? How would the other form teachers view it?

Would anyone believe Class 15’s results?

The worst class with slow learners that did not even have a teacher could score so well? How was it possible?

There was a single possibility, which was that the whole class was cheating!

Since there’s Yun Hua and Pei Zixuan, the first and second in the level, in Class 15, if they allowed their answers to be copied and the whole class cheats, of course their class’s results would be good! 

Yun Hua was not afraid if she was misunderstood, but she did not want the whole class’s hard work for such a long time to be totally repudiated by a single word “cheating”!

So Yun Hua wanted to find Gu Zhun and let Gu Zhun communicate with the school. It would be best if the school could send a few teachers to supervise the test.

If so, no one would have anything to say about the final results!

Yun Hua wanted Class 15 students to enjoy the happiness of getting good grades themselves!

Only then would they be encouraged to continue in the future!


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