Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 196]

Yun Hua did not feel tired.

Living like this was her dream!

Only after losing it would one understand just how precious such a wonderful life is!

Yun Hua turned on her computer and login to Q.

Tang Tang’s message instantly popped up, “Fu Sheng, the first volume of [Shocking Dreams in the Forbidden Palace] has already been proofread by Brilliant Publishing House, we’re only waiting for your illustration, they’ve already sent a few cover designs to your email, have you seen them?”

Hua Fu Sheng, “I’ve already finished drawing the illustration, I’ll just touch up a little before sending them. I’ll look at the covers now!”

Yun Hua hurriedly opened her email and indeed, there were a few pictures, 2D and 3D, the overall effect was quite good!

The designs were indeed extremely exquisite, looks like the Brilliant Publishing House did put in effort.

A lady wearing Qing Dynasty Manchu clothes stood before the majestic palace gates, contrasting the two worlds inside and outside the palace.

This one it is!

After Yun Hua picked the design for the book cover and title page, she had also sent the illustration she drew.

The Publishing House instantly replied to her email, “Thank you Fu Sheng, we can send the sample book latest by the middle of November. Also, we would send a portion of the books to you, could you sign it?

Naturally, Yun Hua would not reject, “Of course, I will design a set of bookmarks which can be used as gifts. As for signing books, the limit is 500 books, I won’t be able to handle anymore than this. Also, the rarer things are, the more they are worth. The book would be republished so I can just sign more in the future.

The Publishing House replied very quickly, “Alright, we’ll typeset the book and illustrations first, please send us the design of the bookmark after you finish designing it.”


After settling this matter, Yun Hua was also extremely satisfied.

Actually, drawing the design of the bookmark was even easier, she planned to draw the Chibi version of the characters. The female lead in modern clothes, Qing Dynasty clothes, and other main characters that appear in the book, the Crown Prince, 4th Prince, 8th Prince, 10th Prince, 13th Prince, 14th Prince and 18th Prince.

Beside each character, there would be their name and a basic introduction to them, together with an extremely short synopsis of the “Shocking Dreams in the Forbidden Palace”. 

Then an unique and interesting bookmark would be complete!

A few years later, Chibi characters were extremely common, but in 2006, it was still quite rare so it would stand out to people, so cute!

Yun Hua even took some time to login to her weibo.

Previously she made a post that refuted her own novel, saying directly that this novel was not about history, but a romantic imagination.

In her post, she had rebutted the irrationality in her book, but one had to know, transmigrating itself was the most irrational thing, it belonged to a romantic imagination, it completely had nothing to do with documentary novels.

At the end of her post, she had put a Chibi version of her female lead, just to act cute.

However now that she looked at her post, most of the comments were asking her how she got the drawing, did she hire a professional artist to draw it?

There were also many people who asked if they could use it as their profile picture, but of course, more people went ahead without asking.

Yun Hua thought for a moment and posted on her weibo that the Chibi picture was drawn by her, there was an exclusive watermark on it which belonged to her and a stamp made by a seal designed for the novel.

If one wanted to use it or forward it, then they had to keep these marks and indicate the source!

She also said in her post that when the first volume of “Shocking Dreams in the Forbidden Palace” gets published, free bookmarks would be given to the first batch of buyers, the bookmarks were the whole set of Chibi characters in the book!

This also counted as building up the hype for her book that was about to be published.

Afterwards, Yun Hua carefully read through those comments related to the post.

She had to admit, there were too many talented people, there was a comment by a user, that person quote the classics and used all kinds of historical materials to prove that even if the female lead of the “Shocking Dreams in the Forbidden Palace” did indeed transmigrated to the ancient times, it was impossible for her to thrive as well as written in the novel.

The person’s attitude was very serious and Yun Hua also accepted such a statement.

In all kinds of novels, the female lead that had transmigrated or reborn were all extremely amazing, but in reality, life could never be like a novel and never will be as simple and straightforward like the novel!

Because one could not live however one liked, then people turned to novels to search for the awesome feeling of not being oppressed!

If the novel plot was as hard and difficult as one’s life, then reading the novel was just looking to suffer! 

Of course, such a saying was only limited to online novels and potboilers, people just wanted to get the pleasant feeling of refreshness from novels. If one just had to read philosophy of life or ideological literature, then they should go and read the works of traditional authors.


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