Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 195]


After finishing her Sunday training, around 5pm in the afternoon, Yun Hua went to the army hospital again.

When she arrived, Bao Si Qing was writing and drawing in an extremely strange posture.

He still could not sit up so he continued lying on the hospital bed. However, he had someone get him a movable stand to hold a drawing board to his chest. A piece of white paper was clipped on the drawing board.

This way, he would not need to sit up and still be able to write and draw while lying down.

Yun Hua walked towards him and took a look out of curiosity. However, she could only roughly see that it seemed to be a map. There were all kinds of marked symbols, but she did not understand what those symbols represented.

“What are you doing?” Yun Hua asked.

“I’m bored,” Bo Si Qing said reluctantly, “I’m bored to death so I’m looking for something to do.”

“Does your wound still hurt?”

Bo Si Qing coughed lightly. “It does not hurt anymore, the Zhong family’s medicine is quite effective, I’ll go steal a few more bottles next time.”

Yun Hua did not want to expose him. Steal a few bottles? They’re only left with two to three bottles, you might as well be tearing down their pharmacy!

“That’s right, when I came the last time, I saw your older brother.” Yun Hua thought for a moment before saying, “Your family… Only your older brother came to see you even after you’re injured so badly?”

Bao Si Qing pouted pitifully, “That’s right, I’m so pitiful, no one came to see me!”

Yun Hua was speechless, she could only glare at him.

Bao Si Qing immediately smiled brightly. “It’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with my relationship with my family. This time my injury is a little too serious and my gramps’ blood pressure these two years is too high so I dared not tell him. Anyways, I’m not dead right? For gramps, as long as I don’t die, then it’s nothing serious. As for my parents, they’re too busy, it’s okay since I called them and they already know that I’m fine.”

“…” Yun Hua really did not know what to say. “Alright… I’ll go home, my mum would worry if I return too late.”

“Okay, I’ll send people to fetch you again next week,” said Bo Si Qing very naturally.

Yun Hua instantly glared at him. “Aren’t you fine already?”

There were no more dangers to his life and his injury was also recovering quickly with the spiritual grass paste. More importantly, he’s not in so much pain that he can’t sleep so why did he still want her to come!

“I’m already like this and no one from my family is coming to see me, can’t you come and keep me company?” Bo Si Qing looked at her with a pitiful face.

Really, Yun Hua… She was defeated by him!

By the time Yun Hua and Chu Yu went home, it was already past 8pm.

“Is Little Si fine?” Jiang Huanqing asked worriedly, “Last night Chu Yu came back in a rush to take the medicine, is it useful?”

“Yes, it was useful, it’s quite effective. He’s fine already, he just needs to rest for a period of time,” Yun Hua hurriedly continued, “Mum, you don’t need to worry.”

Jiang Huan Qing nodded. “Then you should hurry and go rest, you still need to go to school tomorrow. You’re just still a child, how can you be so tired everyday.”

“I’m not tired.” Yun Hua smiled. “I think this is fine, I feel alive.”

Jiang Huanqing frowned.

Yun Hua had told her about the nightmare before but not in detail. It’s not as if Jiang Huan Qing wouldn’t believe her daughter, it’s just that she felt that it was too unbelievable.

No matter what, that was just a nightmare. No matter how tragic the dream was, it could only serve as a warning, not be treated as reality.

However now, it seems that the influence of the dream on Yun Hua was quite large. 

Yun Hua seemed to have treated everything that happened in the nightmare as reality so she’s living so busily, anxiously and being so hardworking. 

Jiang Huan Qing could not understand, everyone had dreamt of nightmares before, but who would really treat what happened in nightmares as something that has truly occurred?


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