Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 194]

Yun Hua gazed at Bao Si Qing after casually saying those words.
“…” The corner of Bao Si Qing’s mouth twitched violently, “Oh, oh, that’s alright, I can just get more if you need more, it isn’t anything rare, it’s fine if you gave it away.”
Yun Hua was speechless!
Was it that hard to admit that the medicine was valuable?
He just had to act as if it was nothing.
If it really was not anything rare, then why be so stingy to your childhood friend’s request…
Yun Hua could not be bothered to retort!
She knew that he was hiding his pain so she wanted to chat with him to distract him from his pain but she could not let him speak too much either.
In the end, she could only take on the job herself. Of course, she was not a chatterbox so her throat started hurting in no time.
“I’m going to sleep, let Yi Xiu find a room for you, don’t you have training tomorrow?” Bao Si Qing said.
“Alright, good night then.” Yun Hua stood up and looked at Bao Si Qing.
After a few moments, she could not help but ask, “Bao Si Qing, have you ever regretted becoming a soldier?”
Bao Si Qing’s eyebrows rose and he smiled lightly, “Never.”
Yun Hua nodded, wished him good night again before finally leaving the room.
Jing Xiu arranged an empty room for her, “Rest well.”
“Remember to call me when Chu Yu gets back!”
“It’ll take at least six or seven hours before he gets back, the sky would be bright by then.” Jing Xiu said.
Yun Hua nodded and exhorted once again, “I don’t care when he comes back, remember to call me!”
“Alright alright, I got it. Are girls born to ramble?” Jing Xiu muttered.
Yun Hua glared at him before going off to sleep.
She did not get a good night’s rest the previous night, if she did not rest well today, she really would not have energy for tomorrow’s training!
In the end, they did not wake her up when Chu Yu got back.
By the time Yun Hua woke up, it was already 6 o’clock in the morning.
She was dazed for a moment before quickly throwing aside the blanket and getting out of bed.
When she came out, Chu Yu and Jing Xiu were at the nurse’s counter drinking water.
“Did you bring the medicine over? Why didn’t you wake me up! Was the medicine the correct one?” Yun Hua asked in a rush.
Jing Xiu winked at her, “Take a guess.”
Seeing him act this way, Yun Hua breathe out a sigh of relief!
That’s great!
“Was… Was it effective?” Yun Hua asked.
“You can enter and see for yourself.” Jing Xiu said with a bright smile.
Yun Hua ignored the playful jab hidden in Jing Xiu’s words and quietly pushed open the door to Bao Si Qing’s room. Entering the room, she could immediately smell the grassy smell.
Bao Si Qing was asleep, peacefully so.
His eyebrows that were always tense from the pain had finally relaxed.
Yun Hua squeezed her hand tightly and stood there for a while before quietly leaving the room again.
“What do you think? Isn’t that medicine great?” Jing Xiu said smugly.
Yun Hua glanced at Jing Xiu, “What are you so smug about? You weren’t the one who created it.”
“…” Jing Xiu was at a loss for words, “This painting of Bao Si Qing, you shouldn’t burn bridges! If I wasn’t the one to mention the spiritual grass paste, your Bao Si Qing would still be awake from the pain!”
Yun Hua’s face flushed red as she glared at Jing Xiu, “What’s your problem? Stop joking around.”
Jing Xiu was at a loss, “What did I say?”
The sleep-deprived Chu Yu spoke coldly with a hoarse voice, “You said Yun Hua belonged to Bao Si Qing and then said Bao Si Qing belonged to Yun Hua.”
“…” Jing Xiu felt helpless, “I mean… Am I wrong?”

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