Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 193]


Yun Hua turned away, covering her mouth. Step by step, she backed away, leave the room behind.

As she spoke, Jing Xiu got more and more outraged, “That damned Bao Si Qing. A few years back, he managed to greatly help out the Zhong Family. For that, Old Man Zhong gave him two bottles of spiritual grass paste. Back then, he even came to show off to me…”
“However, when I asked him about it a few days ago, guess what he said? He told me he used it as a beauty product! Fuck him! I really wanted to hack him to pieces at that moment!
If we had those two bottles of spiritual grass paste, his wounds would recover at least one time faster. Most importantly, the anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties of the paste are extremely good!”
Jing Xiu’s tone sounded full of regret, almost like he wanted to grab Bao Si Qing and give him a good beating.
Yun Hua was frozen in place.
Spiritual grass paste?
A miracle-working medicine from the Zhong family?
It… Couldn’t possible be… The two bottles he gave her?
Back when she was injured, that green paste did help her recover quickly, even managing to avoid leaving behind any scars.
She was not willing to use much of it and had kept the rest of the medicine!
“Quick quick quick, we need to make a trip to my house!” Yun Hua slammed the pair of chopsticks on the table and grabbed onto Jing Xiu’s white coat, “Brother Jing Xiu, I have to
trouble you to make a trip to my house, right now!”
Chu Yu was also frozen in place.
Chu Yu was the one who had delivered the medicine to Yun Hua but he did not know what was the medicine that Bao Si Qing had him deliver. However, linking Jing Xiu’s words and Yun Hua’s reaction, the answer was obvious!
“You stay.” Chu Yu held down the panicking Yun Hua, “You and Doctor Jing will stay here, I will return to get the medicine and bring it here for Doctor Jing to analysis!”
Yun Hua had barely begun to speak before she was interrupted by Chu Yu, “No buts. You still have to go to the swimming complex tomorrow. If you were to make this round trip to your house, how would you have the energy to practice tomorrow? It’s the same if I make the trip. Where did you store the medicine?”
“In the freezer!” Yun Hua quickly said, “I was worried that it would go bad so I wrapped it in cling wrap and stored it inside the freezer!”
As she spoke, Yun Hua felt a little perturbed. She turned to face Jing Xiu, “Freezing it wouldn’t affect its effectiveness right?”
Jing Xiu shook his head, “It’s fine, freezing it is a good method of storage.”
Chu Yu left in a hurry.
Yun Hua looked at the table of dishes and realized that Chu Yu also had not eaten yet so she hurriedly made a call to him, “Grab something to eat along the way!”
“I know.”
Only then did Yun Hua sit down slowly, calming down her fluttering emotions bit by bit.
Brimming with curiosity, Jing Xiu asked Yun Hua, “Did Bao Si Qing really give you all of the spiritual grass paste? Two whole bottles! Damn, he’s so generous! I had to beg him for two years before he spooned me a little using an earpick. I’ve never seen some as stingy as that!”
“And did you know, there are many medicines made by the Zhong family that are far worse than the spiritual grass paste and those medicines are never short of buyers! The medicines from the Zhong family are worth more than gold! Let alone the spiritual grass paste! At least gold has a price to it, the spiritual grass paste is priceless!”
Yun Hua ate slowly, ignoring Jing Xiu’s chatter.”
She ate at a very slow pace, giving time for Bao Si Qing to prepare and conceal his sorry state.
Only after half an hour, did she go to his room.
By then, they had changed his beddings and his clothes. As for Bao Si Qing himself, his expression looked very relaxed.
Yun Hua stared at him for a few seconds before saying with a smile, “What was that medicine that you got Chu Yu to give me? The one with the word “Zhong” written on the bottle. It smelled like grass and apart from the cooling sensation I felt when I applied it, it didn’t seem to do much. There was once when this aunty who lived below us fell down and grazed her skin so I gave the medicine to her…”

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