Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 192]


Yun Hua turned away, covering her mouth. Step by step, she backed away, leave the room behind.

She understood his pride.

She also understood that he did not want others to see his struggle.

Honestly, with his status, what in life can he want and not get? Was there a need to get himself battered and scarred, even… Even pushing himself to the verge of death?

He was lucky enough this time, he was still alive, but 4 years later? He would really lose his life.

Was there a need?

With his status and identity, was there a need to do these things?

Normally, only people who come from unfortunate backgrounds would pursue a bright future without a care in the world. As for Bao Si Qing? He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

He did not have to do anything. Even if he was to splurge, there was no way he could ever deplete his status and the resources available to him.

Yet, he decided to throw aside all the glory and status that his identity brought him, instead choosing to do the most dangerous thing…

In the face of danger, one’s privileges in human society would not be of any use.

Just like how a bullet did not distinguish between the rich and the poor, death would not let you go just because of your privileged identity!

So much pain.

For what?

Yun Hua leaned against the wall, finally soothing her emotions after a good while.

She briskly made her way to the nurse counter.

“Is it really ok to transfer him into the normal sickbay? His wounds still hurt a lot right? If he is in such pain and doesn’t use any medication, would his exertion due to the pain cause his wounds to reopen?” Unable to hold back, Yun Hua asked the nurse at the counter.

“We can’t use medication on him.” The nurse said quietly, “None of the analgesics in the hospital work on him. He can only try his best to resist. Haish, we’ve already changed his bedsheet 6 times today. They were all soaked from his sweat.”

Yun Hua covered her mouth, firmly biting down on her lips.

Chu Yu had come over and spotted her. “What happened.” He asked.

Yun Hua shooked her head and quickly headed towards to the lift. She took deep breathes, trying her best to soothe her heart that had tensed up from distress.

Chu Yu knew better than to continue asking.

When they got out of the lift, they bumped into Jing Xiu.

“Oh, I was just about to go get you guys. Come, brother will bring you guys out for some good food.” Jing Xiu said.

In the public, Jing Xiu’s appearance was very eye-catching. He stood tall and straight, a perfect example of an exemplary soldier.

“Master Fang, these are the people Bao Si Qing instructed you to take care of. Just the two of them. Let’s have one sweet and sour pork ribs, one stir-fried Chinese long beans and one red braised pork belly. You’ve got to know that master Fang’s signature dish is the red braised pork belly. Then a dish of choy sum with garlic, that should be enough?” Jing Xiu said, “The soup can be simpler, we’ll have egg soup with seaweed.”

“That’s enough, we can’t eat so much.” Yun Hua looked up and said with no sign of ease in her expression.

Jing Xiu came closer to her, “Why the long face? Hmph, I haven’t even gotten angry yet.”

Yun Hua pursed her lips, hesitating for a bit before still deciding to ask, “Brother Jing Xiu, let me ask you a question. Is there really nothing we can do about Bao Si Qing’s wounds? If western medication doesn’t work, then what about traditional Chinese medicine?”

Jing Xiu twitched his mouth, “The environment destruction these days are pretty bad, many of the ancient herbs and medicinal plants have already gone missing. The Zhong family does have a lot of good recipes but the issue lies in the missing ingredients! That’s especially true for their miracle worker for external wounds. If I remember correctly, the name should be spiritual grass paste. It works wonders on external wounds! However, production had been impossible for a long time already. The 3 remaining bottles have become family heirlooms of the Zhong family, enshrined in the Zhong family’s medicine hall. It’s supposed to be impossible for anyone to get their hands on it, but…


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