Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 191]


Sympathy for Jing Xiu welled up in Yun Hua’s heart.

No wonder his reaction to the nicknames were so big!

It was a childhood trauma!

He was too pitiful!

She really should not pick at other people’s wounds.

But… What if there was simply no way to hold back her laughter?

Cough cough…

“Did you not know that he was a boy when you two played together when you were young?” Yun Hua could not help but ask.

Bao Si Qing nodded, “Aunty Ye was a carefree person and she had always wanted a gentle, cute and obedient daughter. Back then, they were very strict on the one child policy so Jing Xiu was the only kid they could have. Aunty Ye did not want to waste anything so she dressed Jing Xiu up as a girl.”

“Plus, the elderly of that time believed that a girl was easier to raise, so they felt that they were helping their grandson out by having him dress up as a girl. Back then, we were too sensitive about the difference in genders, after all, we were just a bunch of kids playing together…”

Yun Hua found the story incredible,” So how did he find out that he was a boy?”

Bao Si Qing coughed lightly and turned away, only continuing about a period of silence,” So, young boys would compete to see who can pee the furthest… At that age, adults wouldn’t bother teaching us the difference between boys and girls but even little kids know that boys and girls peed differently. Hence, we wanted to leave him out when we were having such a competition but he ended up throwing a tantrum… In the end, we could only agree to let him join, resulting in…”

Yun Hua’s face flushed red.

She could clearly imagine that scene.

A group of boys and a little girl in a pink skirt standing together to compete on who can pee the furthest.

“They went one by one until it was his turn. At that time, we were all laughing and joking about it, but… He lifted up his skirt without any hesitation…”

Bao Si Qing’s voice wiltered away.

On the other hand, Yun Hua felt that her strong imagination was doing her a disfavor.

“So, that issue was actually more traumatising for us!” Bao Si Qing said, “Looking at him, we started to doubt life itself, what if we actually all girls? That moment became a childhood trauma for all of us, I still get goosebumps when I think about it!”

“…” Yun Hua could not hold back and burst out in laughter.

“Don’t worry about it, just call him Jing Xiu. After he grew up, he realised that Yi Xiu was a girl’s name so he spent a lot of time and effort to change his name to Jing Xiu. After Aunty Ye found out, she even chased him around the house with a frying pan!” Bao Si Qing said with a wide smile.

Yun Hua nodded, “I’ll call him Doctor Jing, it would be impolite to do otherwise.”

“It’s fine.’ Bao Si Qing said, “Just call him Jing Xiu, he likes being called Jing Xiu.”

“Oh… Alright.”

“He should be ready by now, go have something to eat.” Bao Si Qing said.

Yun Hua replied, “Alright, what about you? Do you want to eat anything?”

“I’ve already eaten. I get fed liquid food a few times every day.”

“Oh… I was going to bring my food over here to eat but I guess I’ll spare you this time round. Would be bad if you start drooling at th smell of the food…” Yun Hua winked and smiled at Bao Si Qing.

“Thank you very much.” Bao Si Qing flashed a helpless expression, “That said, I really miss Aunty Jiang’s dishes, they were absolutely delicious!”

“You sure know how to talk sweet, a pity my mom isn’t here to hear them.” Yun Hua made a face at him before waving and leaving with Chu Yu.

They had just arrived at the elevator entrance when Yun Hua remembered something all of a sudden. She quickly said to  Chu Yu, “Go ahead first, I’m heading back to the sick bay, I’ll be back in no time.”

Chu Yu stood dumbfounded in place as Yun Hua briskly made her way to the sick bay.

Just as she arrived at the sick bay’s door, before she could speak, she saw Bao Si Qing who was lying on the bed.

His hand firmly gripping the frame of the bed, squeezing and relaxing, over and over again, making the veins on his hand pop out.

He breathed out heavily, trying to ease the pain…


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