Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 190]


Yun Hua and Chu Yu stood at the door.

With a bewildered expression, they stared at Jing Xiu who sprawled beside the hospital bed making a fool of himself.

Jing Xiu stopped fake crying, seeming to have realized something. He stood up straight and without a care in the world, begin tidying up his light green inner military issued shirt and straightening his white coat. He then turns around gracefully and reservedly glared at Yun Hua and Chu Yu, forcing a twisted smile and a few words, ”Don’t you know how to knock?”

Yun Hua blinked and stayed silent.

On the other hand, Chu Yu was very straightforward in his reply, “We knocked, but your crying drowned it out.”

“…” Jing Xiu’s face flushed red and white.

The bedridden Bao Si Qing held back a burst of laughter, “Yi Xiu, pause for a bit. They haven’t eaten yet, go prepare some food.”

“Whose Yi Xiu, your whole family are Yi Xiu!” Jing Xiu exploded in anger upon hearing the nickname.

Yun Hua paused for a bit and asked curiously, “What about Yi Xiu?”

“Nothing, you heard wrongly!” Jing Xiu quickly replied before anyone could.

Bao Si Qing then continued at his own pace, “His previous name was Jing Yi Xiu, we all call him, Yi Xiu.”

“Which Yi Xiu?” Yun Hua was even more curious now.

“The spectacular beauty from Chu Ci: The Xiang Gentlemen.”  Bao Si Qing said lightly.

Jing Xiu could not take much more.

Yun Hua nodded, “I see, it’s that Yi Xiu. Jing Yi Xiu, beautiful person, beautiful scenery, what a great name!”

“You’re the beauty, your family are the beauties!” Jing Xiu mashed his teeth.

Yun Hua smiled at Jing Xiu, “Thank you brother scenery for the praise, or would you prefer… Brother beauty?”

“…” Jing Xiu was speechless from anger. He pointed his finger at Yun Hua, remaining silent for a long while before turning around and going off to cry on Bao Si Qing, “Bao Si Qing, that painting of yours is bullying me…”

Yun Hua was at a loss for words.

She did not know how to react!

What do you mean that painting of yours…

Bao Si Qing flashed a bright smile, “So what if this painting of mine is bullying? Do you dare to return the favor?”

Jing Xiu shivered under that bright and cheerful gaze. He gritted his teeth, “It’s your win.”

“Good, go to the canteen and have old man Fang make some food. Better not be pig feed, I don’t know them yet.” Bao Si Qing continued without a care.

Jing Xiu hmphed, “I’m definitely getting pig food!”

“My dear Yi Xiu, do you think that you’re safe from me just because I’m bedridden? If you really like pig food so much, how about I have Chu Yu feed you?” Bao Si Qing threatened with a smile.

Jing Xiu was on the verge of vomiting blood from anger but he did not dare to retort. In the end, he could only stomp angrily out the room with a wave of his hand.

Yun Hua looked at Jing Xiu before looking towards Bao Si Qing, “He… Wouldn’t actually be angry right? I was only joking around but how could his family name him Yi Xiu? That’s normally a girl’s name.”

Bao Si Qing smirked, “His mother had always wanted a girl. When she was pregnant, she was sure that it would be a girl and was always making a fuss about it. They prepared a name, clothes and room for a girl… Yet, it was a boy that came out…”

Yun Hua was finding it hard to process what she had heard, “Wouldn’t an ultrasound confirm everything?”

“Well… Aunty Ye probably skipped that due to overconfidence!” Bao Si Qing laughed.

Yun Hua really did not know how to respond.

“When he was born, Aunty Ye was extremely disappointed, but she didn’t want to waste the stuff they prepared, so before he was 5 years old, everything was feminine… He had to wear pink skirts and had to braid his hair…”

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