Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 189]


The 50m and 100m test were held consecutively but the strain on their body was not too bad. 

But their stamina could not keep up when it came to the 200m and 400m test, hence, there was a huge decline in their results!

However, when Yun Hua sneaked a peek at Fan Meng Ying’s expression, she didn’t seem angry. 

“Seems like you didn’t slack off, how much do you swim every day?” Fan Meng Ying asked. 

Yun Hua quickly replied, “You said that I shouldn’t swim too much so I swim about 6000 to 8000 metres every day, the most would not exceed 10000m.”

Fan Meng Ying nodded, “Keep it up. We’ll do leg exercises in the deep pool during the afternoon…” 

Yun Hua could finally relax after clearing this hurdle. 

Everything is fine as long as Fan Meng Ying wasn’t angry!

She would definitely not slack off on training any more!

Fan Zi Tong was also there when she went to change her clothes. 

Yun Hua smiled at her, “You’re really good at swimming, much better than I am.” 

Fan Zi Tong forced a stiff smile, “If you started swimming at 3, it would be impossible to be bad.” 

“That’s not necessarily true.” Yun Hua smiled, “Effort can definitely bring significant improvements but without talent, the most one can reach would be the first tier standard. But you… Your body’s condition in the water is amazing. But the way, have you ever reach the Olympic A standard in an official competition?

Fan Zi Tong glanced at Yun Hua, “I’ve never participated in any competitions. However, I’ve managed to hit the A standard for both 50m and 100m during practice when I was 12 years old. It’s nothing special.” 

“…” Yun Hua pursed her lips, as expected it was frustrating to listen to, “I’ll keep working hard and reach the Olympic A standard for the 100m category by next year. I want to participate in the Olympic games!” 

Fan Zi Tong was uninterested, she shrugged and said, “Good luck.” 

Yun Hua could not resist asking, “Why don’t you participate in competitions?” 

“Cause it’s boring.” Fan Zi Tong said casually, “So what if I won first place? It’s too easy, there’s no point.”

Yun Hua eyebrow rose, “Easy? Maybe that’s so for national competitions but what about international competitions?” 

“I just find it boring, alright? I just hate swimming alright? You are as annoying as Fan Meng Ying!” Fan Zi Tong slammed the door of the locker and left with her stuff. 

Yun Hua pursed her lips and did not retort. 

She did not like meddling with other people’s issue. If Fan Zi Tong really did not like swimming, then it’s fine. The talent belong to others, who was she to care about whether they used it or not?

But Yun Hua felt that there was more to the story. While Fan Zi Tong says that she did not like swimming, but if she really did not like swimming, how could she have continued swimming from 3 years old? Her lackluster attitude on shore would disappear the moment she entered the water…

Seeing the relationship between Fan Zi Tong and Coach Fan Meng Ying…

Yun Hua felt that Fan Zi Tong was just a rebellious teenager, refusing to do what her mother asked her to do.

She would not needlessly meddle with other people’s issues but she hoped that Fan Zi Tong would not end up wasting her talent!

After a full day of training, Yun Hua was extremely tired. 

“You have to pay attention to your diet from now on, there are a lot of things that you cannot touch. Those things will ruin an athlete’s career. If you fall sick, you have to pay attention to the medicine you take, many of those can show up as stimulants in tests!”

Fan Meng Ying gave her a list containing food and medicine she should avoid. 

“I’ll register you for the winter swimming championship. There is still one more month before the competition, focus on training but make sure not to go over your limits!” 

“Thank you Coach Fan!” Yun Hua sincerely expressed her gratitude. 

Leaving the swimming center, Yun Hua and Chu Yu got in the car to return to the military hospital. 

Bao Si Qing was getting transferred out of the intensive care unit today. By now, he had already been transferred to an ordinary high-class ward. 

Yun Hua and Chu Yu had just arrived when they heard Jing Xiu making a fuss, “Bao Si Qing, you would take the hard way over the easy way! Watch me cry if you tell Bao Si Yao about my whereabouts. I’ll seriously cry!” 

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