Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 188]


Yun Hua woke up around 6 in the morning to a stiff and numb body.

She took a look at the time and carefully retrieved her hand. However, she could not stand up at all!

Her hand and legs were numb and her neck hurt like a bitch.

She tiptoed quietly out of the room. When she removed the sterile clothing, she realized that she was soaked in sweat.

Jing Xiu had long recovered his strict and stern military soldier air. When he saw her, she tutted at her.

“I want to use the shower, Chu Yu, could you help me bring my bag over? I got a set of clothes in there.” Yun Hua said.

Chu Yu’s expression was also a little complicated but he quickly noted and went to retrieve Yun Hua’s bag.

When there was only the two of them left, Jing Xiu bent down and got close to Yun Hua before asking in a low voice, “So, did the Second Master’s hand feel nice?”

“…” Yun Hua felt extremely irritated all of a sudden!

After showering and changing into a fresh set of clothes, Yun Hua felt much more comfortable.

But it was already 6:30 by the time they left!

“Comrade, could you drive a little faster…” Yun Hua was very anxious. She was deeply afraid of being late again. It would be too much to disappoint Fan Meng Ying again.

“I should have woke up earlier. You ought to have woken me up…” Yun Hua was feeling a little regretful.

Chu Yu accepted the blame in silence.

Once again, Yun Hua hurried the lieutenant in charge of driving.

Under Yun Hua constant hurrying, the lieutenant finally sped up to a breakneck speed.

At 7:30, Yun Hua arrived at the entrance of the swimming center.

Yun Hua could finally relax.

She didn’t feel very tired, probably a result of her anxiousness.

Within a few minutes, Fan Meng Ying showed up, beside her was the girl from the last time. Yun Hua remembered that her name was Fan Zi Tong. Yun Hua’s impression of her was that her swimming was very beautiful.

Seeing Fan Meng Ying, Yun Hua obediently lowered her head, “I’m sorry Coach Fan…”

“No need, go warm up.” As expected, Fan Meng Ying did not waste any time talking.

Yun Hua also knew that actions would speak louder than words.

She quickly went to warm up.

In 20 minutes, she finished changing, entered the pool and started training according to the instructions Fan Meng Ying gave her previously.

“The two of you, let’s have a test.” Fan Meng Ying said with a stopwatch in hand.


Yun Hua quickly nodded.

She was still training in a 25m pool. Fan Meng Ying wanted to consecutively test her 50m, 100, 200m and 400m timing.

They took the best out of two for 50m freestyle. Yun Hua scored 25.65 seconds while Fan Zi Tong scored 24.63 seconds.

Yun Hua’s perception of Fan Zi Tong changed slightly.

Her score of 25.65 seconds had already reached the standard of a first-rate athlete. She was 0.2 seconds away from the nation’s top athlete!

As for Fan Zi Tong’s 24.63 seconds, it was already at the standard of the nation’s best and 0.11 seconds away from the world’s best!

It was too scary!

Their test was in the 25m pool. If the pool was changed to the standard 50m pool, they would take about 1 to 1.3 seconds more. Yun Hua’s score would be around 27 seconds while Fan Zi Tong’s score would be less than 26 seconds!

26 seconds was already the Olympic B standard!

This was only a normal test. The stopwatch in Coach Fan’s hands would not be as accurate as the one in an official competition. It would only be slower, not faster.

This means that Fan Zi Tong would easily hit the Olympic B standard and reaching the Olympic A standard didn’t seem all that far…

Gosh, what a shocking revelation.

But… Why did she not hear of Fan Zi Tong’s name in her previous life? That didn’t seem right!

After that, they did the 100m, 200m and 400m tests.

After the tests, Yun Hua had been shaken to her core.

She thought that she had enough talent, that she was hardworking enough and that her result was already pretty good. Who would have expected that Fan Zi Tong was a genius of swimming!

Fan Zi Tong’s performance for the 50m swim in particular… It was straight-up breathtaking!

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