Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 187]


Jing Xiu could not answer Yun Hua’s question.

Yun Hua had no intention of waiting for an answer. No matter what his intention was, all that mattered was that Yun Hua knew about the truth.

She ignored Jing Xiu and walked out of the resting area, once again standing in front of the care ward’s glass window.

Chu Yu had been standing here since the start. Seeing Yun Hua, she quietly said, “The boss had woken up.”

Yun Hua went over to take a look.

From her angle, she could not see Bao Si Qing’s face. She could only see those hands that were firmly gripping the bed sheet, trembling ever so slightly.

Yun Hua could imagine how much pain he was feeling, so much that it would cause him to grip the bedsheet so tightly.

There was no trace of hesitation as she turns around and quickly ran off to find a nurse to help her find and change into a new set of sterile clothes.

Once again, she went into the room.

Bao Si Qing’s expression was ghastly and beads of sweat glistened on his forehead.

However, his expression changed instantly upon noticing her entrance, morphing into a carefree and relaxed smile.

If it was not for his obviously pale face and those beads of sweat, no one would possibly guess that behind that expression hid pain that not normal human could withstand!

“Awake again?” Yun Hua played along, acting like she knew nothing.

Bao Si Qing yawned, “I’ve been sleeping the whole day, from morning till night, of course I wouldn’t be able to sleep for long.”

Yun Hua looked at him.

This person sure is stubborn!

He had clearly been awake for days due to the pain yet his mouth insists that he has been sleeping all day…

Yun Hua grabbed a chair and sat down, automatically holding onto his hand.

In that instant, her heart rate shot up. She had no idea why she did it.

Even though she grabbed his hand, she did not look at him. Just like this, she sat on the chair and quietly said, “After you helped me punish He Yu Xiang, I heard his family sent him overseas. As for my dad’s mistress and their illegitimate child, they’re like those unkillable cockroaches, being hated where ever they go. My mother and Chen Shi Ying’s mother opened a restaurant together, business is pretty good. I’ve also gone and met Coach Fan Meng Ying. Coach Fan is cold and blunt but she’s very attentive, she even helped me plan out…”  

Her voice was neither fast nor slow, there was not much variation in pitch and her tone was peaceful, her voice was soothing…

As she spoke quietly, Bao Si Qing listened soundlessly.

After some time, Yun Hua turned to look at Bao Si Qing. By then, he had once again fallen asleep.

This time, Yun Hua did not let go of his hand.

If this could let him sleep a little longer then she’s would remain like this.

Yun Hua leaned back on the chair and awkwardly rested her head on the chair.

At that moment, she was feeling very at ease and peaceful.

If her rebirth would not affect history, then there was still four years before he sacrifices himself.

Just like the cops, soldiers and pilots that appeared on the news and the internet after making a heroic sacrifice, the majority of people would only feel respect but they would not feel too deeply about their sacrifices. After all, these people are too distant from their own lives.

It was like this when she first met Bao Si Qing.

To her, he was a person deserving of her respect. Regarding his sacrifices, most people would only feel sympathy and pity but it would stop at that.

But now, this person had entered her life.

It was more than brushing past each other, it was more than mere recognition, it was more than just being acquaintances…

Yun Hua knew that it was no longer possible for her to look on and let him die 4 years later.

In her heart, he, was no longer someone to be worshiped nor was he the martyr respected by hundreds of millions of people.

He, was just Bao Si Qing.

Someone with blood, flesh and a soul. Someone who was now part of her life…

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