Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 186]


Too painful to sleep?

These few words were enough for Yun Hua’s heart to tense up.

How much pain does one have to be in for them to not be able to sleep? Much less for 7 days straight!

“Actually, he’s been through training to build up his resistance to pain. During those training, they would use stimulants to raise their sensitivity to pain. To put it more professionally, it would be to lower their pain tolerance. If the pain from an injection was normally withstandable, after reducing one’s pain tolerance, the pain felt would be over 10 times as strong, it would be unbearable… To help them resist torture and interrogation, they all have to go through such training.

Jing Xiu shrugged, “Hence, he already had a high pain tolerance to start with. However, no matter how strong he is, he is still human. He still has his limits… To be honest, the fractures aren’t that big of a deal, the most painful one would be the injury in his lungs. His lungs have been corroded by digestive fluids and then infected… That kind of pain would be like dumping sulfuric acid into one’s stomach…”

Yun Hua’s face turned pale.

She knew how painful that was, she completely could imagine how that feels.

“It’s as simple as that, he simply can’t sleep due to how much pain he is in. I wanted to give him some other medicine but he would not accept it for he was afraid that his body would become dependant on medicine… If that’s the case, then he can only bite the bullet!”

Jing Xiu sighed, “Honestly, that’s not the worst. He just had to get an infection that caused pus to form. Due to that, we have to open up his chest for cleansing. Before this, he was unconscious and couldn’t feel the pain, but now that he’s awake… When we perform the surgery, a safe dosage of anesthesia would not have any use and an overdose would affect his condition, hence… The surgery can only be done without anesthesia.

“Without anesthesia!” Yun Hua clenched her fist tightly.

“That’s right. Using anesthesia wouldn’t change anything anyway.” Jing Xiu said bluntly, “While we can’t use anesthesia, we could use muscle relaxants. In short, he is completely conscious during the surgery and can feel every bit of pain, the feeling of the knife cutting open his skin and the feeling of our hands entering his chest… However, due to the muscle relaxant, he can’t move at all, even making noise would be difficult…”

Yun Hua’s face turned pale as a ghost.

In that instant, she felt as if she couldn’t breathe!

Yet, she bit down on her lips and remained silent, not interrupting Jing Xiu.

“So, how did you come to know the Second Master? I thought that the Second Master had finally gotten his mind straight, but looking at you… A clearly underdeveloped brat… Why is the Second Master worrying about you? Is something wrong with his brain?” Jing Xiu’s curiosity had reached a peak, his eyes were shining with excitement.

Yun Hua glanced at Jing Xiu, “Did he forbid you from telling me these? Tell me, would he beat you to death if he was to find out that you told me all these things?”

“…” The corner of Jing Xiu’s mouth twitched. He shamelessly grasped onto Yun Hua’s hand, his handsome face scrunching up, “Oh beautiful maiden… Please don’t tell him, I beg you! You wouldn’t know but I’ve lived these years under the Second Master’s bullying. In my heart, a huge shadow has formed, and that shadow’s name is Bao Si Qing!”

“Heh.” Yun Hua glared at him and finally spoke after a long pause, “Whether I speak depends on your performance.”

Jing Xiu’s expression remained fearful but he finally came to a reluctant acceptance, “How… How did you know that he forbid me from telling you?”

“How about you tell me why you’re telling me these?”

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