Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 185]


Yun Hua was dumbfounded.

Bao Si Qing had grabbed her hand, uttered that one sentence, yawned and then… went to sleep!

He actually went to sleep!

He held onto Yun Hua’s hand, separated by the anti-bacterial glove.

She wanted to remove her hand but Bao Si Qing’s grip was very strong.

“Hey, you can go ahead and sleep but at least let me go.” Yun Hua said while continuing her attempt to remove her hand. However, she did not dare to use too much strength for she was afraid of injuring him during the struggle.

“Pipe down, I’m trying to sleep…” Bao Si Qing muttered, closing his eyes drousily.

Yun Hua was speechless.

She watched as Bao Si Qing fell asleep… Falling asleep… Within a minute of meeting her.

Yun Hua was dumbfounded.

However, Yun Hua did not move, instead, she waited for him to enter deep sleep.

In this position, she remained standing for an hour.

After he had fallen into deep sleep, his grip weakened naturally and Yun Hua was able to carefully retrieve her hand and quietly leave the room.

“Is the Second Master asleep?” A doctor asked quietly.

Yun Hua nodded and sized up the doctor with a strange expression. He was wearing an army green shirt with a white coat draped over the shirt. It was the typical dress code of doctors at the military hospital but this was not the same doctor who had brought her in previously.

“Hi, I’m Jing Xiu.”

“Hi, I’m Yun Hua.”

Jing Xiu smiled and blinked knowingly at Yun Hua. He led Yun Hua to a resting area next door, “Take a seat, you must be tired after standing for so long. You’re too honest, why let him hold onto you, let alone stand there and wait for him? You’re not his girlfriend, he doesn’t have the right to act like this, don’t you think?”

The corner of Yun Hua’s mouth rose.

Jing Xiu offered up a box of chocolate and a can of pistachios after Yun Hua took her seat. “Go ahead and have some. Would you like anything to drink? I have coffee, milk tea, lemon water…”

“I’ll have mineral water.” Yun Hua said.

Jing Xiu blinked, “Sure.”

He quickly produced a bottle of mineral water, twisted the cap open and passed it to Yun Hua. He then swiftly pulled a chair opposite Yun Hua, slumping into the seat like he was missing bones. He asked Yun Hua curiously, “Hua Hua, so… How did you come to know the Second Master?”

Jing Xiu’s actions had stunned Yun Hua.

The previously inspiring and sharp military doctor had completely changed just from entering the rest room… The gap was seriously too big…

“Why did he fall asleep all of a sudden?” Yun Hua ignored Jing Xiu’s question and returned one of her own.

Jing Xiu blinked, his long eyelashes would probably be the envy of countless of women, “Oh, you meant the Second Master. If he was going to continue staying awake, I would have to put him into medically induced sleep. However, that would be too much work! He has been trained to resist a lot of drugs, the average stimulant or anesthesia found on the market would not work on him… So, naturally falling asleep is still the best for him.”

Yun Hua did not know what to say.

Jing Xiu quickly continued, “That’s too far from our topic. The reason for him falling asleep so quickly is because he hasn’t been asleep ever since he woke up. It has been about 7 days!”

Yun Hua was stunned.

What does this mean?

“As I mentioned just now, he has been through a lot of training to build up his resistance to drugs. In other words, it would be pretty impressive if drugs even had 10% effectiveness on him…”

See how Yun Hua was still stunned.

Jing Xiu continued, “In simpler words, due to the ineffectiveness of the anesthesia, he can’t sleep due to the pain…”

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