Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 172]


Yun Hua knew clearly that she had a lot of issues.

She needed this specialized coaching very much!

Most professional swimmers would start to swim around 6 or 7 years old. They would then begin specialized training between 10 to 13 years old.

She had missed out on both timings.

However, it wasn’t too late!

For girls, there were many events where their peak performance would happen around the age of 14 to 16!

It was not late for her to change and fix her flaws. Furthermore, she had the great Coach Fan to help her out!

Coach Fan was very attentive, guiding her every action, even pointing how to adapt her muscles to specific actions…

She also pointed out specific areas to target as well as how to improve the coordination between different muscles!

She told Yun Hua not to focus on the results but to focus on changing her body!

“This December’s winter swimming championship, next March’s Spring swimming championship, next Summer’s national swimming championship and next October’s City Games that will serve as a dry run for the 2008 Olympic games… These will all serve as your steps towards the 2008 olympic games. As long as you keep improving, you would be able to participate in the olympics! Of course, you’re still young so it doesn’t matter if you miss the 2008 Olympic Games. After all, you’d only be 20 by the next Olympic Games. But you need to be considering carefully, while you might be able to participate in two or maybe even three more olympic games, but the 2008 Olympic Games is the only one hosted by our country!”

Yun Hua clenched her fist.

In the 2016 Rio Olympics, the youngest swimmer was only 13 years old and there was a 14 year old participant from China who made it into the semi finals!

Even though they did not get into the finals, let alone the gold medal, they still managed to qualify and become the youngest competitors!

If other people could do it at such an age, why couldn’t she?

She would be turning 14 soon, and she would be 15 by the time the Olympics starts! What’s stopping her from qualifying?

She can do it, she definitely can!

Sunday afternoon, after changing on shore, Fan Meng Ying went to find Yun Hua again.

“It’s good to have a goal but you are too nervous, giving yourself too much pressure! More haste, less speed. You need to adjust your mentality.” Fan Meng Ying said, “You’re still young, you have to work hard but you can’t give yourself too much pressure! Understand?”

Yun Hua nodded.

“Due to the issues with your body, you have to follow my exercise regime strictly. Do not try to do more. You have to know that you’re still young, your muscles and strength are rapidly growing. If you over exert yourself, you will not only harm your strength but also your health! An early injury will end your future! Remember this well!”

“Understood, thank you Coach Fan!”

After leaving the swimming center, Yun Hua took a few deep breathes.

Goals, dreams, but not too much pressure! More haste, less speed!

More haste, less speed!

Yun Hua chanted this sentence over and over in her heart.

On the 6 o’clock bus heading to Jiang Xi.

Yun Hua could not hold back any longer and asked Chu Yu, “How is Bao Si Qing’s condition? There shouldn’t be anything to worry about given the conditions available at the military hospital, right?”

Chu Yu nodded expressionlessly.

This was his normal attitude so Yun Hua did not pay any attention to it.

However, when Wednesday came, Yun Hua discovered that something was wrong with Chu Yu.

The normally calm and focused Chu Yu ended up slamming his hand when closing the door, walking into a lamp post, even picking the wrong end of the chopstick when eating… It was as if he was in a trance!


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