Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 161]


Qi Zi Heng was confused. He clearly came looking for Yun Hua so he could treat her to a meal, so why did he end up following Yun Hua to the activity room?

Upon reaching the activity room, Yun Hua promptly took off her shoes, standing barefooted on the wooden floor of the activity room. Yun Hua rolled up her sleeves, tied her hair into a bun, and then she held out her hand towards Qi Zi Heng, “Come.”

“…What?” Qi Ziheng was dumbfounded.

“Let’s fight.” Yun Hua had already started warming her body up by jumping up and down.

The corner of Qi Zi Heng’s lips twitched, “A fight?”

“Yes. What? Don’t tell me that you’re scared!” Yun Hua raised an eyebrow, “If you win, then I will have a meal with you. If you lose, you will promise me that you will never appear in front of me again in the future!”

Qi Zi Heng stared at Yun Hua for a while before he shook his head and smiled, “How could I fight you? If I do, then wouldn’t I be bullying a girl? Besides, based on our physique, do you think… You have a chance of winning me?”

“I wouldn’t know until I try!” Yun Hua skipped the bullshit and charged straight at him.

She and Chen Shi Ying had been following Chu Yu closely to learn about close combat fighting.

Chen Shi Ying was very talented. Not only did she have a very flexible body, she was also a fast learner. Even her fighting posture was more accurate than Yun Hua!

The one thing Yun Hua had over Shi Ying was her tenacity and fearlessness.

Even Chu Yu said that she would definitely win against Shen Shi Ying in a struggle between life and death.

Yun Hua treated Qi Zi Heng as a human sandbag. She was shorter, weighed less, and was definitely weaker than Qi Zi Heng. However, Chu Yu had taught her and Shen Shi Ying practical fighting techniques that were designed for girls.

Even if her opponent was a man who was stronger and taller than her, she still had the chance to defeat him by using his strength against him!

This was especially true for people like Qi Zi Heng who had no experience in fighting, meaning that he did not guard himself at all…

Qi Zi Heng collapsed after he was thrown to the ground by Yun Hua three times in a row.

He glared at Yun Hua before he angrily said, “You actually went ahead and hit me!”

Yun Hua’s knees were kneeling on Qi Zi Heng’s chest while her fist was pressed against Qi Zi Heng’s throat.

Chu Yu told her that the most vulnerable part of a person’s body was the throat. If she punches a person in a throat… Then that person will lose the ability to move in an instant.

Although a woman may know where men’s weakness may lie, men generally pay great attention to protecting that own weak point. As a result, women can only find other weak points that aren’t being protected, such as the throat!

Yun Hua’s fist was pressed against Qi Zi Heng’s throat. Qi Zi Heng’s face was already red from being choked, “Let me go first! There is a limit to joking around!”

Someone had already entered the activity room and was surprised to see such an incredulous scene!

Yun Hua’s fist was firmly pressed against Qi Ziheng’s throat, “Joking? I’m not joking around! I told you not to bother me again because I don’t have the time to deal with you. You should mind your own business. If this happens again, then I promise you that I will teach you an unforgettable lesson!”

“Yun Hua, you…”


Qi Zi Heng didn’t even get to finish his sentence before Yun Hua punched him. His nose felt sore for a moment before being followed by searing pain. He suspected that the bridge of his nose was broken!

Tears filled his eyes immediately from the pain. It was impossible to control a body’s natural reaction to pain.

Yun Hua finally let go of him. She stood up and patted her clothes, “Qi Zi Heng, the next time you dare to bother me, I promise you that I will beat you until you can’t even cry!”


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4 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 161]

  1. Ugh, not sure this was the wisest thing she’s ever done… is turning interest into hate the best way to stop someone from bothering you? Seems to me that she’s converted him into a hater OTL I wonder who the other person in the room is?

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter and stay safe!


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