Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 160]


Pei Zi Xuan only had two options in front of him right now.

The first option was for him to continue to be “forced” to herd this group of pigs; the second option was to happily and willingly herd this group of pigs!

He might as we enjoy it since he could not refuse it.

Pei Zi Xuan felt like he was about to change from a sadist to a masochist!

Everything became more efficient after Pei Zi Xuan decided to take the initiative to teach them.

Yun Hua discovered that Pei Zi Xuan had a lot of talent as a teacher. He was extremely skilled at mocking and taunting the pigs; after being mocked and taunted by him, the pigs wished they could find a hole and crawl inside of it.

With Yun Hua’s support, Pei Zi Xuan started a more frightening method of “corporal punishment”. It made the mental attack that Yun Hua previously enforced even more dreadful!

For example, if they don’t finish the daily task, then ruthlessly hit by soccer balls!

However, Pei Zi Xuan managed to come up with an even more twisted punishment. He thought that it was quite funny when He Yu Xiang wore women’s clothes, so he decided that the next punishment will be for them to wear women’s clothes if they don’t complete their daily tasks!

The punishment for the girls was also terrifying. If they can’t finish the daily task, then they would have to confess to her crush. They will have to tell their crush: “You are so ugly and stupid, how could anyone fall in love with you? I would rather fall in love with a pig than fall in love with you!”

If the girl doesn’t have a crush on a boy, then she will have to pick one boy from the result board and confess to one of them!

The latest person to be punished was Luo Xi Xi. It was well known that Luo Xi Xi had a crush on Li Qian Mo from Class 1. Luo Xi Xi didn’t complete her daily math task, so she was punished to run laps and “confess” to Li Qianmo!

Luo Xi Xi came back crying after her “confession”. When she returned, she was determined to find another opportunity to clear up the misunderstanding!

However, Luo Xi Xi was not the only person who was punished this way. This type of punishment was gradually extended to the boys in the classroom. Li Qian Mo was a nerd, but he soon became baffled after he was “confessed” by a dozen or so boys and girls from Class 15. In the end, he went to Class 15, and foolishly asked them to tell him what was going on.

He was like a sheep arriving in a tiger’s den. He wasn’t allowed to walk away after he entered Class 15!

Pei Zi Xuan had a bad temper, a poisonous tongue, and was particularly impatient. On the other hand, Li Qian Mo was extremely good-tempered. He would patiently answer every question the students asked him.

What? You don’t understand this? Then I’ll repeat it again! If you don’t understand it after I said it twice, then I’ll repeat it again for the third time! I will repeat it until you understand it!

If the students didn’t understand Pei Zi Xuan after he explained it once, he would immediately use his poisonous tongue to mock them. But Li Qian Mo was different. Even if it was his 100th time, he would still sound as patient as he did when he explained it for the first time!

As a result, Li Qian Mo quickly won the hearts of the students of Class 15. However, Li Qian Mo was only one person; he can’t teach everyone. Some of the students had no choice but to ask Pei Zi Xuan for help. This was especially true for Zhu Yi Qun. He was labeled as Pei Zi Xuan’s younger brother by the other students in the class. So, when he wanted to get in line to ask Li Qian Mo a question, the other students immediately kicked him out of the line and sent him off to Pei Zi Xuan!

Zhu Yi Qun was someone who was never satisfied with what he had. Once he saw that Li Qian Mo was better than Pei Zi Xuan, he immediately wanted to switch over. In the end, he was still stuck with Pei Zi Xuan. Pei Zi Xuan abused him even more than usual. In just a few days, he lost 3kg! His body had been gaining weight each year, so this was the first time he had lost weight in several years! The weight loss effect of Pei Zixuan’s abuse was incredible!

Yun Hua was quite disappointed when Pei Zi Xuan refused to fight her.

After school ended, Shen Shi Ying had to attend drama club, so she would not be going home to eat lunch. Chu Yu had requested a leave of absence from the school, so he was still at his own house.

Yun Hua left school by herself, but she was stopped by someone at the school gate!

Qi Zi Heng blocked Yun Hua’s path. He hadn’t appeared in a long time.

“I’m sorry Hua Hua. I have been busy dealing with my younger sister’s matters, so I didn’t have time to look for you.” Qi Zi Heng smiled and said, “Let’s go, I’ll treat you to Hai Di Lao hot pot, okay?”

Yun Hua suddenly smiled as she looked at Qi Zi Heng, “Qi Zi Heng, didn’t I tell you not to ever bother me again?”


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3 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 160]

  1. This guy… He’s been gone so long that I almost forgot who he was. He’s the one with the engagement with our FL who wanted to end it, and our FL obliged, right? Or is she currently stringing it along with the intent of ending it? I can’t remember clearly!

    Anyway, thanks for the chapters – our (actual) ML off doing something heroic! Let’s hope that he has time to visit our FL when he’s finished! Also, the antics of class 15 are as funny as always though I’m not sure I agree with the punishments…

    Stay safe!


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