Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 156]


Once Yun Hua thought that something might’ve happened to Bao Si Qing, there was no way she could suppress the thought.

Yun Hua handed all her stuff to Chen Shi Ying and said, “You guys should head back first. I’ll go look for Chu Yu!”

“Hua Hua, where are you going to look for…”

Before Chen Shi Ying could even finish speaking, Yun Hua had already disappeared.

She ran out of the gymnasium without stopping. Once she was outside, she looked everywhere for Chu Yu. Since there were a lot of people outside, Chu Yu must’ve gone to a quiet place to receive the call.

Finally, she found Chu Yu near the eco-zone.

Yun Hua quickly ran over to him.

“If he’s alive, then I want to see him. If he’s dead, then I want to see his corpse. How are you certain that he’s dead if you didn’t even see his corpse!” Chu Yu’s voice was very deep.

Yun Hua’s heart instantly sank to the bottom.

“No, I don’t believe that our boss will die. He has always been able to overcome danger time and time again. I refuse to believe that he’s dead!” Chu Yu could no longer suppress how irritable he was feeling.

Yun Hua felt that she could no longer breathe properly.

“You must send people to search and rescue him. If they don’t want to search for him, then we will do it ourselves!” Chu Yu gritted his teeth and hung up the phone. Then he turned to look at Yun Hua.

Chu Yu had always been a cold, stiff and expressionless person. But at this moment, his eyes were fiery with anger. He looked like a raging male lion right now.

“Did… Did something happen to Bo Si Qing?” Yun Hua’s heart was throbbing painfully.

Chu Yu pursed his lips and said, “Boss was betrayed by someone on the inside and was shot in a crossfire… Then he fell off a cliff. We don’t know if he’s dead or alive!”

Yun Hua suddenly felt that she could not stand properly.

She quickly reached out to steady herself with the street lamp installed in the eco-zone. Yun Hua took several deep breaths before repeatedly telling herself to remain calm!

She closed her eyes and tried her best to keep her mind clear of any other thoughts. She did her best to recall any information related to him in her previous life.

She intended to comb through all the information she had on him; whether it was official news released by the press or mere gossip, she would comb through them all in detail!

Even though she was reborn, her memory of her previous life was still very clear. Even now, she felt that those memories were slowly becoming clearer and clearer.

However, it was useless to only have memories of the press news and information from her previous life. Bo Si Qing’s identity was too special, and he was bound to have many secrets that cannot be revealed to the public.

There was a lot of speculation about him on the internet, but she couldn’t tell which information was true and which wasn’t.

The information released by the government was too simple and sparse.

At the age of 18, he destroyed one of the largest multinational drug cartel on the border of the Sheng provenance… He was awarded special grade merit…

Wait a moment, special grade merit?!

Yun Hua immediately looked at Chu Yu and asked, “Under what circumstances will someone receive a special grade merit award?”

Chu Yu frowned. He didn’t understand why Yun Hua would ask such an irrelevant question at a time like this, but Chu Yu still replied, “It’s very difficult to receive special grade merit. Even if the boss successfully completed the current task, he would only receive the first-grade merit. The team members will receive second-grade and third-grade merits. Normally, you will have made many great achievements and heroically sacrifice your life to receive special grade merit…”

The corner of Yun Hua’s mouth twitched.

She had also heard that to receive special grade merit, one needed to sacrifice their life!

However, she remembered very clearly that the 18-year-old Bo Si Qing received special grade merit for this mission. What did this mean?

This meant that he definitely exceeded what he needed to do for the task. It also meant that he basically gave his life to accomplish this task!

But… Fortunately, he did not die!

“Did you say that he was shot and fell off the cliff?” Yun Hua quickly grabbed Chu Yu and asked, “Did they search the bottom of the cliff yet?”

“There is a river at the bottom of the cliff. The river in the rainforest is not deep, but there are sharp rocks located all over the river. If he fell from the cliff, then there is almost no chance of survival…”


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3 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 156]

  1. Thanks for the chapter! Of course our ML will be fine – he’s the ML after all – but the real question is how, exactly, he will turn out to be okay. It’s really the process rather than the end result that keeps you reading! Here’s hoping he actually appears *in person* soon!

    Stay safe!


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