Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 155]


“You swam quite well.”

Fan Meng Ying was very straightforward, “However, your reaction speed is slow, and you lack competition experience. You need to train more!”

“Thank you, Coach Fan, I will double my efforts!”

“If you want to proceed further in your swimming career, then it’s better if you receive professional training.” Fan Meng Ying said, “You will need professional coaches, swimming pools designed for professional uses, and various instruments! Only the province’s swimming center can provide all the necessary things for you!”

Yun Hua fell silent.

She didn’t want to go, nor could she leave!

“The gymnasium provided by the city is not bad, and it’s located not far from the provincial capital. Can I go to the province team to receive your guidance every weekend? I’ll practice in the swimming pool here during the weekdays.” Yun Hua weighed her options over and over again.

Fan Meng Ying stared at her and said, “I have never seen a competitor like you!”

Yun Hua was a little ashamed, but she really couldn’t leave.

“I am only willing to train you because you are blessed with great talent and because I was entrusted by someone else. It’s fine if you only come during the weekend, but you are responsible for your own future!” Fan Meng Ying said, “You need to put in more effort than other people! Sometimes, you cannot have everything in life. I hope you understand what I mean and that you won’t understand it too late!”

After watching the 200-meter race in the afternoon, Fan Meng Ying left a phone number and address for Yun Hua before she left.

Yun Hua took a deep breath and clenched her hands into fists.

She could do it, she just needed to work a little harder.

Even if her present life was just a dream, she still wanted to achieve something in her dream! This way, even if she woke up and discovered that everything was for naught, she will at least know that she had tried her best!

After she finished swimming the 200-meter race, Yun Hua broke another record. She had reached the national first-class athlete standard for all three of the races she participated in today. However, as the competition was hosted by the city, the city sports bureau didn’t qualify to award its participants with first-class certifications. They could only give her a second-class athlete certification!

“Your performance was amazing. In a moment, the staff member will bring you to register as a second-class athlete. Then, the results and videos of the competition will be sent to the Provincial Bureau to be recorded. After that, you will officially receive the second-class athlete certification!”

She placed first on all three of the races she participated in and she had broken the fastest record on all three races.

Yun Hua’s heart pounded uncontrollably as she stood on the stage to receive the prize for winning.

This was her first step.

In the future, she will go further and stand taller than anyone else!”

Yun Hua received 1,000 yuan for breaking the fastest record for the competition hosted by the city. Although 1,000 yuan was not much, the prize money was still considered to be quite large for such a competition.

Yun Hua walked down the stage with her medals, certificate, and the prize money. When she looked around, she only saw her mother, Chen Shi Ying, and Chen Shi Ying’s daughter. She did not see Chu Yu.

“Where is Chu Yu?” Yun Hua felt that something was strange. Chu Yu would usually not leave her side.

“Chu Yu received a call and left. It seemed like some urgent matter had arisen.” Chen Shi Ying held onto Yun Hua’s arm before she saying, “Hua Hua, you are amazing!”

Yun Hua’s heart suddenly skipped a bit. She quickly looked at Chen Shi Ying and asked, “Did you hear Chu Yu mention anything? Did you see the expression on his face before he left?”

Chen Shi Ying froze for a moment before she said, “He seemed to be in a hurry. The expression on his face instantly changed and his voice became deeper when he picked up the phone call. I asked him what was wrong, but he only shook his head and left while on the phone call. Hua Hua, what’s the matter? Did something happen?”

Yun Hua didn’t say anything. She took out her phone while she replied, “I don’t know. I’ll call him right now and ask.”

Chen Shi Ying nodded her head quickly.

Yun Hua made a call to Chu Yu, but the call kept going to voicemail because he was already on a call. Yun Hua continued to make several consecutive phone calls to no avail.

Yun Hua’s heart sank. Could it be that Bao Si Qing had an accident?


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