Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 148]


Today, something extraordinary happened in Nan Xi Middle School. Something that had never occurred before.

All the students in Class 15 rushed back to the classroom after they were dismissed in the morning. Twenty minutes later, the same students sprinted to the cafeteria. Then they finished their food in ten minutes before bolting back to the classroom!

“There are two hours before the afternoon classes start. We should be able to complete the tasks by then, right? Tao Tao told me that this set of problems isn’t that difficult!”

“But the damned pig told me that it’s hard!”

“Ignore that pig. Don’t believe him just because he said that it is difficult. His words have never been credible anyways. I don’t want to run laps. If you want to run, then you can run laps by yourself. I am going to hurry and finish this!”

“I’m coming too!”

“Me too!”

At 12:30, all the students in Class 15 were assembled. Some of them tried to answer the questions on their own, some of them discussed the problems with each other, and some of them formed a group and argued till their face turned red…

During the first lesson of the afternoon, the results were released.

There are only 6 people in the class that had completely mastered the chapter and finished the task perfectly. The remaining students had some incorrect answers, but they mastered the basic content of the chapter. Most of them were just careless with the questions.

“I will sort out the list and you guys can start running once the class is dismissed in the afternoon!” Yun Hua said directly.

“What if I’m not able to run 20 laps?” Zhu Yi Qun quickly raised his hand.

Yun Hua smiled, “If you can’t finish running all the laps in one go, then you can do it bit by bit. For example, you can try finishing it in three days, five days, or one week!”

“Then I’ll divide it into one week!” Zhu Yi Qun said quickly.

Yun Hua nodded her head, “Are you sure?”

“I’m certain!” Zhu Yiqun said.

Yun Hua looked at Xia Qing Yu, “Note down that Zhu Yi Qun has to run a total of 27 laps. He plans to finish running in 7 days, so he has to run an average of 4 laps per day.”

“Hey, hey, hey! I only have to run 20 laps, why did it become 27 laps?!” Zhu Yi Qun shouted out loudly and quickly.

Yun Hua looked like Zhu Yi Qun like she was looking at an idiot, “When you pay your credit card in installments, don’t they charge processing fees?”


“Hahaha, paying in installment and processing fees….Hahaha!”

Zhu Yi Qun went crazy.

“Oh, if you finish running it in three days, then there won’t be any processing fees.” Yun Hua said slowly, “In three days, you’ll have to run 20 laps in total. You will need to run 7 laps in a day. You can run 3 laps in the morning, 2 laps at noon, and two laps in the afternoon.”

Zhu Yi Qun wanted to cry, but he couldn’t find the tears. Looking at Han Fang Zhou’s cold and indifferent face, he could only nod his head obediently. “Okay, okay. I’ll run 20 laps in three days…”

Yun Hua smiled with satisfaction, “Well, this will be the standard for now. In the future, the rewards and punishments for the tasks in all the subjects will be carried out according to this!”

“Rewards and punishments?” Zhan Shi Bang’s eyes lit up in an instant. “Hey! There are rewards? What are the rewards?”

The corners of Yun Hua’s mouth twitched as she responded, “You sure heard that part clearly. But yes, there are rewards!”

“What rewards? Tell us quickly!” Zhan Shi Bang’s eyes immediately widened in anticipation.

Yun Hua smiled, “It’s very simple. There will be a material reward once a week. The rewards will be given to the top five students in the class, excluding me. The cost will be deducted from the class fee. As for the spiritual rewards… It starts today.”

“Ah? What do you mean by spiritual reward?” He Zhi Hang hurriedly asked.

“The spiritual reward is given to the student who completes the task in each subject first, every day. They can ask any other student in the class to do one thing for them!”

Yun Hua continued, “For example, the first person who had completely completed the math task, excluding me, is Han Fang Zhou. He and four other students can then ask any student in the class to do one thing! Of course, you are not allowed to shame your classmates deliberately, nor are you allowed to do anything that violates the law…”

“Then what can I do?” Zhu Yi Qun couldn’t help but ask.

Yun Hua’s eyes twinkled as she smiled, “For example, Han Fang Zhou can ask you to come to the platform and learn how to oink like a pig. It wouldn’t count if it doesn’t sound close enough!”

Zhu Yi Qun’s face flushed red instantly, “I don’t want to!”

Yun Hua said, “I’m just giving you an example. He can also make you dance in a skirt or sing a love song to the principal…”

Zhu Yi Qun almost collapsed, “I’d rather learn how to oink like a pig!”

Han Fang Zhou nodded his head, “Then it’s settled. You can learn how to oink like a pig.”

Zhu Yi Qun, “…”

Zhan Shi Bang slammed the table and said, “I’m also first, so I want that damned pig to learn how to oink like a pig!”

He Zhi Hang said, “I want the pig to dance!”

Xia Qing Yu, “I… want… want Zhu Yi Qun to sing.”

Xiang Xin Xin, “I want Zhu Yi Qun to serve water to the girls!”

Zhu Yi Qun died on the inside!


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