Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 116]


It was the last day of the National Holidays.

Yun Hua spent the entire day at home, working on her novel.

The wounds on her arms had healed completely and left no scars. However, the new flesh was still tender and needed some time before the skin color returned to normal.

When her typing speed increased, it would cause the wounds to hurt so she did not dare to rush.

In one afternoon, she finished six chapters, writing over ten thousand words in one go. 

The readers of [Shocking Dreams in the Forbidden Palace]

The plot had already reached the point where the female protagonist was at the age of selection. The female protagonist knew that it would not be wise to avoid selection by pretending to be sick or making herself look ugly. After all, it would be equivalent to lying to the lords! That is a very bad idea! 

At the same time, the 13th lord went to plead with the empress, hoping that the selection started, the female lead would be sent to him.

While pleading, the 13th lord said that he truly loved the female lead and kept being relentlessly. In the end, the empress gave in and agreed.

But their conversation was reported to the 8th lord by a palace girl. In order to sow discord between the 4th and the 13th lord, the 8th lord decided to mess with the selection and send the love of the 13th lord to the 4th lord, creating animosity between the two lords…

The last update was over 10 days ago. Despite the announcement about the author’s injury, there were still people who were complaining about the delay. 

The review section blew up after the release of these few chapters! 

At this point in time, there was no tipping system in place, so the readers could only express their feelings by voting and reviewing the book! 

Sugar, “Revived, is your hand fine? Suddenly releasing so many chapters, don’t push yourself too far!” 

Revived Drawing, “No worries, I’ve more or less recovered.” 

Sugar, “That’s good, the readers were all very worried. Would you like to start a blog? You don’t have a Q group and rarely appear in the review section. The readers all want to interact with you!” 

Revived Drawing, “Alright, I’ll start a blog when I’m free.”

Sugar, “By the way, the site intends to start a new function to allow users to tip authors whose work they enjoy. What do you think?” 

Revived Drawing, “Sounds like a great idea. We can also open up a reward system. The readers can pay for additional chapters. If the author manages to complete the additional chapters, they can claim the payment, otherwise, the money goes back to the readers.” 

Sugar,” Great idea! I will raise this up with my superiors! Additional, there’s a publisher who is interested in your book and wants to discuss terms and conditions with you.”

Revived Drawing, “20% commission rate for 5 years of Simplified Chinese with 50,000 copy for the debut.” 

Sugar, “Revived, isn’t this a little too high?” 

Revived Drawing, “Doesn’t matter, I’m not selling if they don’t accept those terms.” 

Sugar, “Alright, I’ll let the publisher know but don’t get your hopes up. Is there no room for negotiation?” 

Revived Drawing, “That’s right.”


The holidays were over and school was about to start once again. 

There was no news from Bao Si Qing, but… No news might be the best news in this case! 

At 5:30 am, Yun Hua woke up as per usual to go jogging. 

Upon leaving the house, she realized that the door of the opposing house had opened too! 

It was Chu Yu, the new neighbor who helped Bao Si Qing pass Yun Hua the medicine!

Yun Hua nodded at him and headed downstairs. 

However, Chu Yu followed her closely, sticking to her where ever she went…


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  1. Thanks for the chapters!
    By the way, the link on the re-direct page for chapter 116 doesn’t work, the link on the re-direct chapter for 117 takes you to chapter 116, and the next button on this chapter doesn’t work either ; ; I want to read chapter 117 but can’t find a link to take me to the page haha
    Anyway, thanks for your hard work and stay safe! (Also, two(!) chapters!)

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