Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 115]


Yun Hua looked at her mother, her expression, serious.

“Mom, I understand!”

Jiang Huan Qing smiled, “That’s right Hua Hua, that’s the way! An elephant doesn’t care if an ant has hurt them before, understand?”

Yun Hua smiled and nodded, “Yep, I understand!”

Indeed, when one is standing on top of the peak, who would care about the stones that tripped them on their climb up?

At that moment, the doorbell rang.

“I go take a look.” Jiang Huan Qing said.

“If it’s still Xiao Ru Yue and her mother, don’t let them in!” Yun Hua said.

After all, she was not in the best condition. If Xiao Ru Yue and the mother really were to act up, Yun Hua and her mother would be the ones on the losing end.

“I know.”

Jiang Huan Qing took a look through the peephole.

She quickly opened the door, “Who are you looking for?”

“Ms Jiang, this is something I was asked to give Yun Hua.” Outside the door stood a boy who looked about sixteen with a good looking face but a slightly cold look to it.

“Who sent this… Aiya, you must be her schoolmate, come in and take a sit.” Jiang Huan Qing said.

The boy fell silent for a bit and said, “Aunty, it’s fine, I live opposite the street, just moved in yesterday. My name’s Chu Yu, please take care of me from now on.”

“Alright, no problem.”

The boy turned and left. Jiang Huan Qing closed the door and brought the small box in.

“Hua Hua, someone sent you something, I don’t know from who.” Jiang Huan Qing spoke while taking apart the packaging with scissors.

In there, there were two porcelain bottle the size of a face cream container.

The bottles were glazed with the words “wounds” and “bruises” respectively.

Yun Hua paused for a moment. Then she suddenly recalled. Could these possibly be the medicines made by the Zhong family that could count as national treasures?

The medicines in those legends could cure rotting flesh, quickly heal wounds and get rid of scars…

But a lot of people did not believe it!

This… Could it actually be real?

After picking up the bottle, there was a strip of paper left behind.

“Old man Zhong’s medicines are too troublesome to make but they are pretty effective. If they come in useful, I’ll clear out his medicine cabinet some other time!”

Looking at the words on the letter, Yun Hua was reminded of that guy.

The words were just like him, good looking. Such beautiful words used to carry such a 

“Who’s the sender?” Jiang Huan Qing asked.

Yun Hua picked up the strip of paper, “Oh, Bao Si Qing got a friend of his to send it over.”

“Xiao Si sure is dedicated!” Jiang Huan Qing said, “Where did he say he was going to? An internship?”

“Oh, that might be it… Mom, I’m hungry.” Yun Hua quickly changed the topic.

Jiang Huan Qing went to cook and Yun Hua took out the medicine.

The green paste had a refreshing smell of plants. Yun Hua smeared some on her wounds using a cotton swab…

It was cooling and comfortable but did not show any effect for the moment!

But Yun Hua believed that Bao Si Qing would not have gotten something fake.

Even though she was interested in the medicine’s legend, Yun Hua never thought that it would be this effective!

For such wounds, there were no quick treatments.

The Zhong family was different. They are a family of well-known doctors. Their medicines would definitely work but it would not be fast!

However, Yun Hua found out how wrong she was after a few days!

The scabs on her knee had all come off!

Her hand was supposedly the hardest to recover but the scabs had also come off, leaving behind lines of lightly pink new skin!

Wounds that would normally take 20 days to heal only took a week after using the medicine!

It was miraculous!


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