Quick Transmigration: Villain’s Koi Fish Mother [Chapter 5]


“Count the bills of all customers in the restaurant now on me,” Li Xia said as she passed her bank card to the female waitress.

The waitress took the bank card with both hands and tried her best to stay calm. She confirmed with Li Xia again carefully as she was afraid that she had misheard, “Miss, you mean that the bills of all customers would be paid by you?”

Li Xia nodded. “That’s right, swipe my card. You can return the money to those who have already paid the bill.”

“The-then Miss, please follow me.” That waitress knew that the business volume at this time and the total amount spent was not a small number. She was afraid that there might be an error so she requested Li Xia to come to the cashier together.

There were a total of two floors in this breakfast restaurant and the size of the restaurant was not small. According to the flow of customers currently, one would have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars at least. Zhang Xinru did not believe Xu Zhiyu had that much money, even if she did, she would not be willing to spend it.

Zhang Xinru wanted to follow Xu Zhiyu to the cashier, but could not do so because of her pride. At this moment, her best friend suggested tagging along to see just what tricks she was playing so the both of them followed behind Xu Zhiyu.

Li Xia had a relaxed smile as she followed the waitress. She was not surprised that Zhang Xinru did not leave and even invited with a smile, “Mdm He, how about we go shopping at Boyue later? Didn’t you say that my bag is too unsightly?

Zhang Xinru was already outraged, what she did not lack the most from being in a wealthy family was money. Others would cotton up to her because of money but she had never been humiliated in terms of money before.

She could sense the surrounding people looking at her with gazes filled with ridicule but she could not find any way to rebut. It did not seem right for her to leave nor stay.

Just when Zhang Xinru was at a loss of what to do, the bill of the whole restaurant had finished compiling, it was a total of RMB490,000+.

Seeing that sum, Li Xia swiped her card and paid the bill without hesitation. After she finished, she saw Zhang Xinru’s shocked face that was full of disbelief. Li Xia smiled playfully and said, “Forget it then if Mdm He does not want to, but Mdm He, you should change your Gucci bag that’s from two years ago.”

After finishing, Li Xia walked out in large strides. Shortly after, Zhang Xinru could only see her back.

As the daughter of a rich and influential family, Zhang Xinru had countless bags but the one she was carrying was the present He Yanxi had given her three years ago. Therefore, she cherished it fondly and would still carry it occasionally even if it was outdated. Each time she carried it, she would remember the sweet memories between her and her husband. However, she had never expected her bag to backfire on her now and make her lose all face.

She stuffed her bag to her best friend and left the restaurant in a hurry.

After Zhang Xinru left, the restaurant still did not calm down. Not only were the employees shocked by Li Xia, but there was also much bustling between the customers.

Normal customers would think that it was a free lunch if their bills were paid for in restaurants, but the customers eating breakfast in the Lotus Tea Dwelling were all successful people that had the money and time after all. They felt uncomfortable instead, being treated by others for no reason.

There were quite a few tables that inquired the waiter, but it was Li Xia’s first time here so even the restaurant’s waiter did not know her. In the end, this incident came to an unsettled end.

However, those people did not include Fan Xiao who saw everything that happened on the first floor as he had sat by the railing on the second floor.

He tapped his thin fingers on the solid wood table a few times and curved his lips slightly.


Li Xia heard the system’s prompt message once she walked out of the Lotus Tea Dwelling.

“Ding—Wealth Flaunting Bar increased by 6%, the current progress of Wealth Flaunting Bar is 12%.”

She had only spent two days in this world and her Wealth Flaunting Mission had already been completed by 12%. This is too simple, who wouldn’t know how to spend money?

Li Xia smiled uncontrollably as she recalled Zhang Xinru’s face of disbelief and embarrassment, the feeling of being able to spend money at will was just too good!

The Lotus Tea Dwelling was around 100 meters away from Boyue Shopping Mall. Li Xia felt that she had an infinite amount of money which allowed her to walk with confidence.

Just at that moment, the system’s voice suddenly resonated in her head and poured cold water on her.

“A friendly reminder, Ms. Koi Fish, no matter how well you complete the side mission, you won’t be able to receive the reward or leave this world if you don’t complete the main mission.”

“Erm… Then what about my main mission’s progress?”

“The main mission is a prolonged battle.”

That’s right, according to the original plot, it took 10+ years for Xu Nianhe to turn bad and his revenge plan had been in progress until he turned 40 years old. She should be prepared to stay here for dozens of years.

Li Xia suddenly stopped in her tracks once she thought till here, as if she had just realized something.

System-kun could read Li Xia’s thoughts so it explained, “Don’t worry, the system will freeze the time in your real world during your mission. No matter how many years you stay in this world, your age in the real world would not change.

Li Xia felt utterly relieved after she heard such an answer, or else after she earned the money and returned to the real world, she would have already turned into an old lady. What meaning was there in earning money then?

Li Xia was blinded by the numerous luxury brands when she arrived in the largest shopping mall with luxury goods, Boyue Shopping Mall. However, with the infinite amount of money in her card, she was fearless and directly bought whatever she liked.

However, it was not as if Li Xia just randomly bought the items without giving much thought and only looking at the price.

In the real world, although she was poor, it was a women’s instinct to look beautiful, so she was quite knowledgeable when it came to make-up and fashion. Even with limited financial circumstances, she wanted to look pretty.

That was also the reason why she could recognize that Zhang Xinru’s bag was the style from two years ago with one look.

After Li Xia finished shopping, everything on her was all brand new and she even bought other items, but she requested for the shop to help mail them to her home. She would just need to stay at home and wait for the delivery.

Li Xia took out her phone to look at the bank messages after she felt that she had spent a large amount of money. However, she saw that the first digit was still “9” with a long string of numbers behind.

It was the first time that Li Xia felt as if money was spent so slowly, she wondered when she could use the automatic top-up function.

Sighs, the worries of being rich.

Within a digital room in an unknown space, System-kun, who read Li Xia’s exclamation, could not help but roll his eyes.

It was already noon after she finished shopping. Currently, most of the people in the company would have finished work and went for their breaks so Li Xia decided to go in the afternoon. She had originally decided to find a restaurant but she ate breakfast late so she was not hungry yet. Thus, she decided to continue shopping.

She had bought tonnes of stuff for herself just now but she had not bought anything for An’an yet.

An’an had a mushroom head, a round chubby face, and big eyes. He was cute and his personality was also very likable. Li Xia originally favored such children and on top of that, her mission was to save An’an so naturally, she had to improve the relationship between the two of them as much as possible.

Li Xia did not know how to raise a son so she could only follow what Xu Zhiyu had done through her memories and bought new clothes and shoes for An’an. She had also bought the remote-controlled car and building blocks that he had always wanted.

However, Xu Zhiyu had always given An’an toys as a reward so Li Xia decided that she would continue doing the same.

Although she could not raise the child to become a villain, she should also not raise the child to be a good-for-nothing, if not, she would have sinned.

After she finished buying all the items, Li Xia once again requested for the shop to help mail them to her house. Seeing that it was about time, Li Xia first went to the bank before heading to the company.

It was right after their break had ended so the atmosphere of the company was still slightly relaxed. The receptionist was holding a cup and was about to go to the pantry to brew a cup of tea for herself. Just at that moment, she saw a woman wearing high heels and dressed in exquisite and luxurious clothes walk in.

One would be able to know that that woman had quite a strong background just by looking at her shoes and bag. The receptionist immediately put down her cup and switched to her professional face. “Miss, may I…”

Before she could even ask“may I ask who you are looking for”, the receptionist was dumbstruck. She stuttered, “You-you’re… Xu Zhiyu?”

Li Xia stopped and smiled before taking out her card and saying, “Oh, I can’t believe I forgot, I have to clock in when entering.”

Looking at the shocked gaze of the receptionist, Li Xia was elated as that was the effect she wanted to achieve.

Everyone thought that Xu Zhiyu had a leg with her boss for a promotion and increase in salary, so she purposely wore luxury brands to flaunt her wealth as she went to the company to resign. She used her actions to prove that, I don’t lack money!

One had to know that the salary of Xu Zhiyu’s boss was not enough to even buy the bag she was holding in her hands.

Of course, the result she wanted was not only limited to this.

Li Xia went to the department she was familiar with by relying on her memory and ignored all gazes that were sizing her up on the way.

Just as she was about to enter the manager’s office, a male colleague that passed by stopped beside her.

He was the male colleague that harassed Xu Zhiyu when they were working overtime.

That male colleague used a normal tone to express his concern for her but when there was no one around, he whispered, “Xu Zhiyu, you better not run your mouth in front of the manager, or else, you know it.”

Li Xia did not answer the male colleague. She just smiled and fluttered her eyelashes at the male colleague before pushing open the door to enter the manager’s office.

The moment he raised his head to look at her, Manager Zhou was stunned but he quickly returned to normal.

He smiled and said, “Xu, please sit.”

Li Xia looked at the manager who was full of smiles and had a gentle attitude. If it was not for the fact that she had known this manager’s greed for money, she might even have believed that he was an honest man.

She pulled out the chair to sit down. Manager Zhou pushed up his spectacles and started exchanging greetings with her.

“Xu, I thought that your condition would be bad since you’ve injured yourself but you look refreshed.”

Li Xia noticed that Manager Zhou was sizing up the watch she wore on her wrist.

Li Xia curved her lips into a smile and said on purpose, “This injury was a blessing in disguise as I obtained a windfall of money.”

Hearing the two words “windfall money”, Manager Zhou’s expression changed slightly but he did not continue asking. He just beat around the bush by inquiring about Li Xia’s well-being before finally reaching the main topic.  

“Xu, recently there have been many rumors about you. Although I know that they’re not true and you’re not such a person, it has influenced the company’s image so the higher-ups have also started asking about this matter. I can not just leave it be anymore and after some investigation, I realized that you might not be too suitable for our company so I suggest you find another job.”

Li Xia has already expected this so she was not shocked at all. She did not even look at the contract termination agreement in front of her but instead, she said, “It’s fine if you want me to quit but Li Tao and Xu Huan must be fired.”

“Xu, are you joking with…” Manager Zhou stopped speaking abruptly because he saw Li Xia push a card to him.

“I’ll give you 5 million.”

The card was empty now but if Manager Zhou could do it, she would immediately transfer 5 million into it.

Li Xia obviously saw Manager Zhou’s eyes lighting up but he still pretended to be calm and said, “Xu, what nonsense are you saying?”

Li Xia did not reply to Manager Zhou but she still continued speaking, “If you can fire Cai Fuqiang, I’ll add another 5 million.”

Cai Fuqiang was the boss that tried to take advantage of Xu Zhiyu. Without him, there would not be so many rumors and Xu Zhiyu would not have been fired.

Since she was Xu Zhiyu now, she could not just sit still but return an eye for an eye.

Seeing how Manager Zhou hesitated, Li Xia took back the bank card immediately. “If Manager Zhou is unwilling, I won’t force you.”

Li Xia walked out of the company without hesitation, but once she left the company, she received a message.


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  1. It makes me uncomfortable. If I were her I would buy a land and a house. I would also buy shares or start my own business like high end dress or restaurant. But if someone wants to interfere my business then I’ll just buy shares from different company.


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