The Pitiful Me Does Not Need a Dazzling Life – Chapter 2

Originally, we had encountered a few breakfast shops along the way but Chen Xu Hang kept on reminding me of how we have no time to waste since we had to rush to school.

“In comparison to being punctual for school, missing breakfast is a trivial matter,” he said.

He was about to say something else, but he shut his mouth and flashed me a bright smile instead.

What do you mean trivial matter? Knowing him, he probably had breakfast already. Does he have any idea how much pain my stomach is in? Add on the strain of running under such a condition and it almost feels as if I was training to become a god. [1]

That said, I don’t want to be late on the first day of school either. I wouldn’t care if it meant just receiving an earful from the form teacher. The problem lies with the attention that kind of behaviour brings. It’s all the more so since it’s the first day of school. Such an event would go against my plan of a peaceful high school life so I’m definitely not going to let that happen.

Currently, my stomach is in a critical condition. Damn you, Xu Hang, could you not just let me grab some breakfast? My palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms were heavy. Consider my situation, I figured I was on the verge of passing away… Damn it, I can’t be so negative. No way am I going to die here, I still have a mission that I must accomplish!

Considering that he could have just biked to school and forgotten about me, as I looked upon Xu Hang who was smiling while suffering with me, I felt a little guilty. I mean, I am the cause of this situation and the only reason he’s with me was because he is an awfully nice guy.

Actually, the more I thought about it, the weird it seemed.

“Why didn’t you wake me up earlier?”

It was sheer torture to talk while running, but I felt that I had to raise this question.

“Cause I woke up late.” Chen Xu Hang replied casually as if nothing was wrong.

“I see.” I apologise, let me retract my statement. Turns out he woke up late himself and decided to wake me up as an afterthought. An “awfully” nice guy indeed.

“Hao Zi Chen, look over there.”

Looking over that where he was pointing, I saw a girl lying on the floor about 10 meters away. Seeing the blue bike lying beside her, I assume she fell down. I decided that it had nothing to do with me, neither did I want to cause trouble for myself.

Chen Xu Hang, on the other hand, probably can’t resist helping others out. I better stop him before he causes us to be late with his kind act.

“Chen…” I was just about to stop him but he had already sped up and left me behind.

Seeing me lagging behind, Xu Hang started hurrying me, “Hao Zi Chen, catch up!”

What’s with this change of heart? Wasn’t it you who was nagging at me about the lack of time? Now you yourself are wasting time striking up a conversation with a girl…

I smiled bitterly, expressing my displeasure but since he had already gone up ahead, there’s nothing that I can do about it.

I could only see her clearly after getting closer. The girl had a blue bow on her jet black hair that had become a mess after she fell down.

“Are you alright?” Chen Xu Hang smiled and asked her softly.

The girl looked up, revealing a beautiful face. Her pupils had a tinge of azure to them. Could she be mixed blood? Nevermind, no matter how pretty she is, she can’t compare to my burning desire to learn. We’re already running late, we really can’t afford to waste time on something like this.

“I overturned my bike.”

Overturned? That’s a pretty usual description… What’s with this weird choice of words?

“Are you hurt?” Chen Xu Hang had a face full of concern.

“I twisted my ankle.” The girl expressionlessly rubbed her ankles.

I don’t know what kind of force is working to cause such a scene like this, but I’m not going to let my life become a teen romance novel.

I whispered to the Chen Xu Hang “We’re going to be late.”

Maybe the girl didn’t see me standing behind Xu Hang, so she seemed surprised by my “sudden appearance”.

“I know, but…” Chen Xu Hang hesitated before extending his hand.

“Can you stand?” he asked the girl.

The girl hesitated a little. Even though we’re from the same school, but we’re still strangers and it’s natural to be on the guard. That’s right, this is perfect, please reject his offer to help.

Still, the girl pursed her lips and reached out, managing to stand up with Chen Xu Hang’s assistance. She didn’t look all that willing but she probably decided that getting to school on time was more important.

I told Chen Xu Hang plainly, “You should bring her to school on the bike.” The girl seems to find that objectionable or perhaps it was my cold attitude that she found disagreeable…

I’m pretty used to this though. It’s not like I like being slighted but I don’t talk much and when I do, this is my natural tone…

Chen Xu Hang didn’t say anything, instead, smiling awkwardly at the girl. The girl frowned for a bit before nodding with a smile.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.” Chen Xu Hang turned to me and asked, “What about you? Are you going to run to school?”

“I’ve promised, didn’t I? I hope you’ll keep your end of the deal too.” I said while looking at them.

“Yeah.” Chen Xu Heng supported the girl with one hand while picking up the bike using the other, “Sorry, I’ll go ahead then, don’t get too jealous.”

“I not jealous…”

Looking at the two of then disappearing into the distance, I sighed. Youth…

I took out my phone and called a taxi.

“I think this is worth it…”

I’m not going to be a retard and say that a true man must persist through hardship. Oh no, I am much more practical. Much as I’m short on money, I think the benefits outweigh the cost in this case.

At home, the white door opened slowly and a person wearing a pair of bunny slippers walked down the stairs. Seeing that their shoes were the only pair left, the person paused and seemed to think about something. The person then turned around and head to the kitchen, opened the fridge and frowned. [2]

[1] TL Note: It’s like the Cultivation that happens in Xianxia novels.

[2] TL Note: The raws purposely left the gender unclear.


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