Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 87]


Bao Si Qing had never felt such a feeling before.


It was as if his heart was being strangled cause his entire body to weaken!

He had been injured before and had countless brushes with death yet he had never felt afraid once.

However, seeing Yun Hua lying in the puddle of blood, seeing her bloodied and mangled hands…

Bao Si Qing felt fear, fear from the bottom of his heart!

This was his first taste of true fear.

“Help me… Help me cut the rope on my legs… I’ve been trying for a long time, but I’m so tired…” Yun Hua’s originally dead eyes flashed with hope upon seeing Bao Si Qing.

She looked at Bao Si Qing, her gaze almost begging him.

Bao Si Qing pursed his lips and squatted down beside her.

He held her wrist, “Relax your hand.”

Yun Hua wanted to relax but the tightness of her grasp had forced the piece of glass to cut into her flesh, completely stiffening her hand, causing her to be unable to control it.

Bao Si Qing took a deep breath and pried apart her fingers one by one… 

The hand was covered in cuts and her wrist had bruising from the rope. 

She had spent a massive amount of effort to cut apart the rope on her hand but she could not cut apart the rope on her legs no matter how hard she tried…

“You’ve got a fever.” Bao Si Qing’s voice was low, his hoarse voice going as low as it could possibly go.

Yun Hua blinked, “I don’t know, I feel cold…”

Bao Si Qing quickly cut apart the rope on her legs and lifted her, ignoring her sorry state!

The blood on her body stained his shirt but he paid no attention to it.

“Where are you bringing me to? Put me down, I still have to call my mom… No, there isn’t enough time. Bao Si Qing, could you please help me? In view of my saving you, can you get me a swimsuit, swim cap and goggles?  It’s fine if you can’t get a goggle, just the swimsuit and swim cap would be enough… It’s even fine if you can’t get the cap, just the swimsuit is fine, they sell it in the supermarket outside, can you please help me get one? I still have the competition to participate in! I’m running out of time! Please, I’m begging you!

Yun Hua rambled on, her voice full of panic.

Bao Si Qing looked at her and clenched his teeth, “No! Your hand and legs are covered with wounds and your arms have shattered glass stuck in them, how are you going to swim? Furthermore, you’re having a fever!”

Yun Hua looked at herself and quickly shook her head, “It’s fine, it’s really fine, it’s be alright if I wrap the wounds with plastic bags, then it wouldn’t dirty the pool. The fever… That’s not an issue too, I can still win even with the fever!”

Bao Si Qing was pissed and speechless.

If… If this was his team member, he would have sslapped them already!

He gritted his teeth, “Isn’t it just a competition in the sports meet? How important could it be?”

“Of course it is important!” Yun Hua said stubbornly, “Through the competition, I’d qualify for the city-wide competition, then the province-wide competition, I can then compete in the nation-wide competition after winning those competitions! I want to join the province and national teams, I want to participate in the 2008 Olympic games, I want to win the gold medal!”

In this instant, Bao Si Qing was suddenly at a loss of words to speak.

He knew that this kid was different but he still underestimated her, underestimating the massive willpower that hid in her small body.

“I can easily get you the qualifications for the city-wide competition without you participating in the school’s competition.” Bao Si Qing struggled to keep his calm.

Yun Hua clenched her teeth, her gaze reaching the peak for stubbornness, “I don’t need it! I can get what I want myself!”


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