Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 77]


Yun Hua turned her head towards Xiao Ru Yue.

This mother and daughter pair is too interesting!

The mother heads off to complain to Jiang Huan Qing and the daughter is here trying her best to win Yun Hua back… Is there a need?

“You are… Xiao Ru Yue?” Qi Zi Heng also looked towards Xiao Ru Yue, “Thank you for passing Yun Hua my gifts everyday. But you came late, Hua Hua has already agreed to have breakfast with me.”

Xiao Ru Yue… Looked as if she was about to cry.

Yun Hua almost felt pity for her.

She stayed silent for a moment and suddenly smiled, “Qi senpai, do you mind inviting one more person?”

Xiao Ru Yue’s face lit up in surprise upon hearing that. Excited, she looked towards Qi Zi Heng.

Qi Zi Heng looked at Xiao Ru Yue with his eyebrows raised. He shrugged, “Sure, if you said so, let alone one person, even inviting a hundred more people wouldn’t be an issue.”

Xiao Ru Yue’s expression of surprise and excitement turned stiff for a moment.

In the last life, when Yun Hua was madly in love with Qi Zi Heng, Qi Zi Heng and Xiao Ru Yue would show off their intimacy. At that time, Yun Hua’s emotions were a hundred times more bitter than what Xiao Ru Yue was experiencing now.

As of now, the tables had turned.

To the current Yun Hua, Qi Zi Heng was basically a pile of shit that she wanted nothing to do with. Qi Zi Heng’s goodwill and attempt to get close was worthless to Yun Hua.

However, to Xiao Ru Yue, Qi Zi Heng was unreachable, even getting him to take one more look at her seemed like an impossible dream.

Yun Hua was relaxed. Xiao Ru Yue and her positions had swapped.

The dumpling store that Xiao Ru Yue recommended was the one on the opposite side of the street. The shop was clean and the prices were significantly higher than the stuff in school. However, the food tasted good and the environment was good as well so it was a popular place for couples to hang out.

In the end, it was still a small store so Qi Zi Heng was not used to such a place. He had never been to such a store before.

“Qi senpai, Hua Hua, what do you guys want to eat? I’ll do the ordering. Over here, we have to pay first before eating.” Xiao Ru Yue took care of them with a warm smile.

Yun Hua did not hold back, “I’ll have the shrimp dumpling, medium serving.”

“Okay, then Qi senpai, what about you?” Xiao Ru Yue asked with a face full of anticipation.

Ever since he entered the store, Qi Zi Heng’s eyebrows had never relaxed for a moment. Clearly, he was unhappy with the environment. More so, he was unhappy that the surrounding students recognised him and had turned to look at him while they softly chattered amongst themselves.

“I’ll have the same as Hua Hua.” Qi Zi Heng said.

Xiao Ru Yue smiled, “Alright, then we’ll all be having the same, I’ll go and order.”

“Hold on.” Qi Zi Heng said.

Xiao Ru Yue stopped and turned back to face Qi Zi Heng, “Qi senpai, what other orders do you have?”

Qi Zi Heng pulled a 100 dollars bill from his wallet and handed it over to Xiao Ru Yue, “We agreed that it’s my treat.”

Xiao Ru Yue paused but still accepted the money with a smile, “It’s fine if it were my treat but it would be too shameful for Qi senpai! Qi senpai, give me a chance to treat you in the future! I don’t like to take advantage of others!”

“Sure.” Qi Zi Hent agreed without much thought.

Xiao Ru Yue happily went off to order, pay the bill and collect the order number…

Then she carried the dumplings to the table bowl by bowl.

Yun Hua watched on without any unease. What to do? Someone wants to be a waitress so why not fulfil their wish and let them have a good chance to perform…


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