Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 67]


Within a minute or two, the entire class was looking outside!

The eye-catching guy had maroon coloured hair and wore a white coloured tailored shirt with black skinny jeans.

His handsome face was smiling warmly.

It really was Qi senpai!

It was the most handsome guy in Nan Xi Middle School’s history! The Qi Zi Heng who entered Jiang Xi University with spectacular results!

In the eyes of the girls, he was a prince charming that could play the piano and had great grades, great looks and a great personality!

In the eyes of the boy, he was responsible for leading the school’s basketball team to victory as champions in the male high school students category of Jiang Xi province’s basketball competition!

He was popular with both the boys and the girls.

When Qi Zi Heng was still in high school, he was rarely in school as he was always out of school for various competitions like math olympiad, piano and basketball.

Now that he has gone to Jiang Xi University, there would be even less of a chance to see him.

This is why everyone was excited to see him!

However, once the excitement passed, people started questioning why he came back to school.

Was he here to look for someone?

If he was here to find someone, why not just go into the classroom? Surely the school would not fault him for disrupting the lesson!

Yet, he just remained in the hallway, checking his watch every now and then as if he was waiting for someone!

Ling Xiao Xiao’s eyes widened as she found gossip material. Xiao Ru Yue, on the other hand, glanced at Qi Zi Heng for a moment before returning to her books, standing out from the crowd of students who were desperately trying to catch a glance of Qi Zi Heng.

After a few minutes, the bell rang.

Weirdly, the normally rowdy students who would be rushing to the canteen were now sitting patiently. No one was in a rush to go to eat!

Obviously, everyone wanted to find out what Qi senpai wanted.

The students from the neighbouring classes rushed out from their classes only to see Qi senpai standing there. Those students came to a halt instantly. They lost their urgency and move away, pretending to be admiring the scenery while sneaking glances at Qi senpai.

Yun Hua packed her bag and left through the back door.

Just as she left the classroom, Qi senpai walked towards her.

Yun Hua cursed in her mind. What is this guy doing? Does he not know that everyone was watching?

Yun Hua quickened her pace, wanting to escape, pretending that she did not see Qi Zi Heng.

However… Qi Zi Heng had already spoken.

“Hua Hua, hold on, I’m waiting for you.” Qi Zi Heng’s voice rang clearly.

However, Yun Hua prefered a voice like Bao Si Qing’s, low yet still alluring, cold and mysterious!

Yun Hua gritted her teeth and quickened her steps, pretending that she did not hear him.

Bao Si Qing stretched his long legs with a face of helplessness.

The 18-year-old Qi Zi Heng with a height of 1.83m had long legs and he caught up quickly Yun Hua who was barely over 1.5m


He grabbed her by her wrist!

Yun Hua froze!

She could almost hear the screams in the hearts of the surrounding students!

She wanted to tell those students, “Hey, what’s with that blank look? Is he that scary?”

In reality, Yun Hua shook her hand desperately after she recovered as if trying to get rid of some disgusting thing, trying desperately to shake Qi Zi Heng’s hand from her wrist!

“Qi Zi Heng, let go of me!”


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