Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 61]


Such kindness!

However, Yun Hua looked at him warily, “So?”

“I can ask them to lent it to me.” Bao Si Qing blinked, “If you want to practice, you can head there. I’ll get people to make it fit the competition specifications.”

“Thanks but there no need. I’ve already got a pass at the swimming complex, I can just practice there.” Yun Hua turned down his offer without any hesitation.

Bao Si Qing smiled lightly, “Why? Afraid that I’m trying to peep? Do you think I’ve any need to peep on someone who is… flat on both sides?”

In an instant, Yun Hua’s face turned red as a tomato.

Fuming, she glared at Bao Si Qing. Curses to her age of 13, she has not matured yet!

“Clean water and a pool all to yourself… If I were you, I wouldn’t refuse.” Bao Si Qing said.

Yun Hua stared at Bao Si Qing for a bit but she ended up agreeing, “Alright, thanks. You don’t have to come to tutor me in the future, we’re even from now on!”

The reason she agreed was that she believed in Bao Si Qing’s moral uprightness.

If it was anyone else, she would not have given in.

But the offer happened to come from Bao Si Qing.

She knew his identity and believed in his moral uprightness!

So… She could not refuse the temptation of having the pool to herself.

Bao Si Qing smirked, “I’ll write down the address, there’s no need for a key and I’ve already notified housekeeping, you can head over directly.”

“Thank you.”

At night, Jiang Huan Qing made many dishes for dinner.

“Little Si, do eat more. How do the claypot fishy head and the pineapple sweet and sour pork taste?” Jiang Huan Qing said warmly.

Bao Si Qing gave her face and ate quickly, “Aunty, your skills are great! I’ve never tasted dishes as good as these!”


Yun Hua looked at him with contempt.

Who was he kidding? With his identity, what kind of delicacy could he be missing out on?

No matter how tasty the dishes were, they were just normal home cooking and could not possibly compare to professional cooks. Who knew, maybe he has a personal cook to cook him his daily meals!

He sure knows how to flatter people, saying that it was his first time tasty such delicious dishes.

Hmph, liar!

Bao Si Qing did quite well, more or less finishing the entire table of food.

Yun Hua was even a little worried that he might have eaten too much.

“Aunty, thank you for the treat, I’ll be heading off.”

Jiang Huan Qing quickly said, “Be careful, let Hua Hua send you to the main gate of the micro district.”

“Aunty, it’s alright, Hua Hua is a girl, it isn’t safe to go out at night.” Bao Si Qing smiled.

Yun Hua thought he was going to leave.

But Bao Si Qing continued shamelessly, “It’s enough for Hua Hua to send me to the lift. I’ll come around soon, aunty’s food is really really good!”

“Sure, you’re welcome anytime.” Jiang Huan Qing was very happy.

Yun Hua reluctantly sends Bao Si Qing to the entrance of the lift, “That’s the lift, I’ll be heading back.”

Finishing, she turned to leave but Bao Si Qing grabbed her suddenly, holding her back.

He pulled her back gently, then forced her against the wall.

He pushed one hand against the wall beside her face, using his tall and large physique to enclose him in that small space.

Yun Hua’s face flushed, embarrassed by the “kabedon” pose that would become a huge trend in ten years time.

But Bao Si Qing seemed to not have noticed the reduction in the distance, he looked down at her and asked with a low voice, “You still owe me an answer.”

“Wha… What answer?”

Bao Si Qing squinted, “How do you know my real identity?”


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