Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 59]


Bao Si Qing smiled at Jiang Huan Qing before Yun Hua had the chance to speak.

“Aunty, I’m a student taking finance in Jiang Xi University, this is my student card. In the college entrance examination, I scored full marks for math, English and science. Hua Hua is a little weak at math so I’m here to help her out.”

“Please take a look, this is my result slip for the entrance examination.”

“I’m working part-time as a tutor outside of my lessons, teaching Hua Hua for an hour a day. 20 dollars is enough as payment. I’ll do my best to help Hua Hua!”

“If Hua Hua’s grades for the next exam drops, I won’t take a cent of the tuition fees. Is that alright?”

Bao Si Qing was wearing a white shirt with black pants. Along with his bright smile, he looked extremely neat.

There was a slight natural curve to his hair, giving him a slightly gentle feel.

Then take into account his result slip and student card from Jiang Xi University…

All these things significantly raised Jiang Huan Qing’s trust in him.

Jiang Huan Qing seemed to have lowered her guard instantly and opened the door with a smile, “Hua Hua hasn’t even told me yet. I’ve also been telling her that her grades were falling and that she should find a tutor. Who knew she would find one by herself? At least her heart is in it. Do come in!”

“Thank you, aunty.”

“Hua Hua’s mathematics is weaker. Furthermore, with the addition of subjects like science in year 2, I’m afraid she wouldn’t be able to keep up. Boys’ brains really are better, it’s impressive to score full marks in math and science!” Jiang Huan Qing lamented.

“Hua Hua is very smart, she’s just studying in the wrong way. Don’t worry, she’ll get back on her feet very quickly!” Bao Si Qing said politely.

Yun Hua had a forced expression on her face as she looked at the ungrateful bastard that her mom had invited into the house.

What is going on?

Bao Si Qing managed to win over her mother… With a few short sentences?

Yun Hua gritted her teeth. He is way too good at deceiving people!

And then his looks… A handsome face, a neat look and a bright smile, no one could treat his as a dangerous person!

Yun Hua wanted to grab her mother and shake her.

Mom, this is a wolf, not a rabbit! Is it really a good idea to invite him in so casually?

Spiteful words aside, Yun Hua was curious about what he was planning.

Pretending to be her tutor?

Also, was that student card real?

Or maybe that’s just his fake identity? A normal high school student?

“Come, have some fruits. Hua Hua, quickly go bring your revision material, ask him about the questions you have problems with.” Jiang Huan Qing glared at Yun Hua.

Yun Hua pursed her lips and returned to the study to retrieve her practice books.

She did not need his help at all. She knew the answers to all those questions!

By the time Yun Hua returned, Jiang Huan Qing was already chatting enthusiastically with Bao Si Qing.

“Please accept this, your studies are important, don’t work so much. Furthermore, this is only right, with your results, no matter who you gave tuition to, it wouldn’t be for a mere 20 dollars an hour. Stay for dinner, aunty will pack up and head out to buy ingredients. In the future, just stay for dinner when you come to tutor Hua Hua!”

Yun Hua’s eyes widened while she struggled to find words.

She glared at Bao Si Qing. Just what did lies did he feed to her mother?

Seeing her mom, it was obvious that she believed that Bao Si Qing was a poor university student working hard to make ends meet!

Lies, absolutely full of lies!

“Alright Hua Hua, let’s not waste time, take a seat, let’s discuss in the living room.” Bao Si Qing flashed an earnest smile!


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  2. So she can talk that way to adults, her father, aunt and sis but just let’s this tool do whatever? Personality quirk? Seriously, talk about forced. To go against the personality you gave a character just to setup this sitch, talk about some amateur writing there. Ah, CNs, love and hate them.


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