Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 51]


Perhaps it was the unusual amount of focus in Yun Hua’s stare that caused Chen Shi Ying to feel a little uncomfortable.

“Why… Why are you staring at me?” Chen Shi Ying

Yun Hua quickly came back to her senses. Embarrassed, she said apologetically, “I think you look pretty.”

Chen Shi Ying blushed.

She had a round face and chubby cheeks that gave her a cute appearance. Her skin was white and soft so many people would praise her looks.

“I’m Chen Shi Ying.” She said, “I’m 16 years old.”

Yun Hua smiled, “I’m Yun Hua, 13 years old. Still, you really don’t look 16!”

Chen Shi Ying smiled helplessly, “Yeah, my face looks childish.”

“Who said that? You’re really cute and sweet!” Yun Hua smiled and continued, “Oh yeah, what were you looking for? Your dad’s heirloom?”

“Mm.” Chen Shi Ying turned quiet again, “I came out to take a walk because I was feeling down but I accidently dropped the necklace my dad gave me into the lake…”

“So you didn’t fall in by accident but jump in by yourself?” Yun Hua pursed her lips.

Chen Shi Ying bit her lips nodded lightly.

Yun Hua frowned, “It can’t be… It can’t be that you were trying to suicide, right?”

A wave of panic flashed in Chen Shi Ying’s eyes but she quickly shook her head, “No I’m wasn’t, I was just…”

“That’s good then!” Yun Hua sighed in relief, “But the necklace would be hard to find. The lake water seems clear but it is very deep. There’s also mud and water plants at the bottom, so there is no hope if it gets tangled in the water plants. Even though it’s tragic that you lost your father’s heirloom but I’m sure your dad wouldn’t want to see you lose your life to search for it! Furthermore, you have your mother to look after, what would your mother do if something happened to you?”

Chen Shi ying nodded lightly and remained silent.

Yun Hua was about to continue but she frowned.

This was not right. In her previous life, everything about Chen Shi Ying’s background was exposed to the public. Everything from being born in a village to her admirable qualities became part of her branding. Most of all, her father was a hero!

That’s right, Chen Shi Ying’s father was a hero!

In her previous life, Yun Hua was depressed ever since she broke her leg and gave up on chasing stars. However, Chen Shi Ying was just too popular and news regarding her was everywhere the moment she turned on the browser.

Hence, Yun Hua knew that Chen Shi Ying’s father was a hero and that he died at his post on Chen Shi Ying’s 25th birthday. Back then, she was attending the premiere of a movie and fainted upon hearing the news. She was out of the movie business for a good half a year after that!

That was all that Yun Hua knew.

But it was enough to create a problem!

Chen Shi Ying’s dad only passed away when she was 25 years old, not now?

Then… This Chen Shi Ying, is not the future movie queen Chen Shi Ying?


Chen Shi Ying’s chubby baby face was unique in the entertainment circle and was a clear different from the famous v-shaped face. The 16 years old Chen Shi Ying and the 20 to 25 years  old Chen Shi Ying were the same apart from the difference in dressing style! It was the round face that many directors claimed would cause her to be unable to be the female lead character!

So why did her dad die so early this time round?

“Don’t mind if I ask, how did you father… How did he pass away? Because of his job?” Yun Hua could not resist asking.

Instantly, Chen Shi Ying’s face turned white.

She pursed her lips tightly and refused to speak.

“I’m sorry for your loss. Even then, your dad is a hero, even if he sacrificed himself, everyone would remember his honorable deed…”

“He is no hero! He is a criminal, a sinful criminal!” Chen Shi Ying’s emotions erupted all of a sudden. She screamed and ran away.

Yun Hua just blanked…


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