Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 50]


On Sunday Morning, Yun Hua woke up at 5+ am as per usual.

She had already finished memorising the phrases from Year 1 to Year 3 so she started memorising the text passages from the textbooks.

Her mother was still sleeping when she woke up.

While they were supposed to pack up Yun Cong Jun’s things together, Yun Hua had only packed a little before Jiang Huan Qing quickly sent her back to her room to study.

Yun Hua quietly left the house and did not disturb Jiang Huan Qing.

Jiang Huan Qing was exhausted from the events that had occured.

Yun Hua decided to head to the nearby Jiang Xi Park instead of school for her morning run.

There were a lot of elderies doing morning exercise in the park.

Yun Hua ran along the path that surrounded the lake in the park and simultaneously worked on memorising the passages. It was not enough to just memorise the phrases in the passage, it was important to understand the meaning of using a particular phrase in a sentence and how to use the phrase in a different sentence.

There was a large lake in the in park and there was a bamboo bridge on the lake. Currently, the management for the park was rather lax so the bamboo bridge was in a bad state.

Just when Yun Hua nearing the bridge, she heard a scream!

Someone was screaming for help!

She stopped and looked around but there was no one?

Was it just her imagination?

Just when she was about to continue running, she saw someone struggling in the water under the bridge.

Someone was drowning.

Yun Hua was shocked and after realising that there was a long distance to the bridge by land, she gritted her teeth, removed her shoes and jumped into the lake!

It would be faster if she swam straight there!

September was the start of the autumn season.

Even though it was the correct period for indian summers but the lake was still very cold this early in the morning.

Yun Hua shivered in the cold water. The feeling of diving into the cold water after sweating up a storm from the run earlier felt incredible!

Yun Hua stretched a little in the water and quickly swam towards the bridge.

By the time she reached, the drowning girl was already running out of breath!

Yun Hua grabbed the drowning girl but the girl was already on the verge of death and had loss her ability to think rationally, all she could do was act on her instinct to live!

She pushed Yun Hua down, trying to lift her head out of the water.

Because of this, a lot of people would die in the hands of those the drowning person they were trying to rescue.

Even though Yun Hua was prepared, she still drank a few mouthful of water.

Hence, it is said that an unconscious person would be much easier to rescue than someone who is still struggling.

Yun Hua dragged the girl onto land.

The girl coughed up water for a long while, her chest heaving quickly.

Yun Hua was also out of breath.

“Tha… Thanks.” The girl had finally caught her breath and she thanked Yun Hua with a hoarse voice.

Yun Hua shook her head, “No problem, but what are you doing on that old wooden bridge so early in the morning?”

Yun Hua did not vocalise her guess that the girl was committing suicide and kept it in her mind.

The girl lifted her head to look at Yun Hua and said on the verge of tears, “I lost my dad’s heirloom.”

By the time Yun Hua saw the girl’s face, she had already frozen up!

Chen Shi Ying?

This girl… This girl is Chen Shi Ying?

Oh god, she would become an international movie star in the future but what caused her fans a massive amount of grief was that at age 26, she killed herself on the night she won the Best Actress award!

She always had depression but she lived a glamorous life so her fans could only see her happy side and not the countless mental and emotional struggle she faced!


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