Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 221]



“How old are you already! You’re still like a small kid, choking even when you’re drinking water!”

Jiang Huanqing hurriedly passed a tissue to Yun Hua.

Yun Hua quickly wiped her mouth, then she grabbed her mother’s hand and said, “Mum, his family had gone to visit and take care of him, you can’t just invite him to Chu Yu’s house so rashly right? It’s too abrupt to do such a thing, isn’t it? What if it’s inconvenient for him or he already has other arrangements?”

Jiang Huanqing thought for a moment and nodded. “You’re right.”

Yun Hua heaved a sigh of relief and secretly winked towards Chu Yu.

Chu Yu just pretended that he did not see it and silently prayed for Yun Hua. If it was that easy to get rid of his boss… then Bao Siqing won’t be his boss!

Monday, the students of Class 15 had never anticipated Monday so much.

Everyone had already arrived for morning self-study.

However, the results list would only be posted on the announcement board by the academic affairs section at seven o’clock.

The class was still chaotic after she returned to the classroom from jogging.

Yun Hua was speechless, she had the subject representative set a language task which was to re-review the lessons that need to be recited in the first year’s textbooks and to test one passage of each group before self-study ends. It was something they had already memorized some time ago, but such a thing as language might be forgotten easily if they did not memorize it again for a few days.

Once the task was assigned, the Class 15 students who were overly excited finally calmed down slightly!

Morning self-study ended at seven o’clock.

Everyone had completed their tasks before self-study ended this morning! No one held the others back, it was truly amazing!

Once the bell rang, everyone dashed out…

Yun Hua was also not interested in going to eat breakfast so she slowly walked towards the announcement board in front of the teaching building with a smile.

Han Fangzhou, Pei Zixuan, Xia Qingyu, Luo Xixi, Xiang Xinxin, and Yu Sheng were also with her. Among them, Luo Xixi, Xiang Xinxin, and Yu Sheng were walking hand in hand. They were all chatting happily. As for Zhan Shibang, Zhu Yiqun, and He Zhihang, they were already long gone. Most likely, they were already squeezing in front of the announcement board!

How wonderful!

Yun Hua was in a good mood.

Most probably… staying in Class 15 and changing Class 15 was the best decision she had made ever since she was reborn.

Rather than saying that she saved Class 15, it could be said that she was the one being comforted and saved by Class 15!

She would be in a good mood as long as she was in Class 15 and she would also unconsciously smile…

“A bunch of idiots.” Pei Zixuan snorted. “Do they have to be in such a rush? It’s only a monthly test. A bunch of study slackers, they’ve never experienced the world, hmph! I have never checked the list, anyway, I’m always fir… top three!”

He originally wanted to say “first”, but Yun Hua had snatched it away from him so he was slightly upset. He also does not like studying usually, gaming and sleep would take up 80% of his time while the remaining 20% would be left for studying. However, he, Pei Zixuan, had been the first since primary school. After so many years, he was already comfortable in such a position. With the title of being first, normally teachers would also not tell him off for sleeping in class, but now… such a title was snatched, thus he was upset!

Yun Hua did not bother about what Pei Zixuan had said as after spending such a long time together, the whole class had already understood Pei Zixuan’s personality.

He was sharp-tongued and a tsundere, being just like a cat, so one had to go according to his wishes, if not, he might just snap!

“There are so many idiots, they all f*cking rushed here to look at the list. Can’t they come here after eating breakfast, it’s too squeezy! Hmph, it’s not like the list would grow legs and run away, nor would the rankings chance, would they die if they came a few minutes later to check it!” Pei Zixuan was instantly upset after seeing a bunch of people squeezing in front of the announcement board.

“We don’t need to squeeze, Zhan Shibang, Zhu Yiqun, and the others most likely have already seen the results list and should be out soon.” Yun Hua smiled.

Indeed, Zhan Shibang appeared from the crowd of people just as she finished speaking!


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