Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 158]


Yun Hua stared back at Chu Yu. Her gaze was extremely serious.

“I am sure that he is still alive!”

Yun Hua said in a confident tone, “He is definitely alive! Chu Yu, you have to believe me!”

Chu Yu took a deep breath and nodded his head heavily, “Okay, I will believe you. I will send our deduction to my teammates, so they can find a way to contact our boss!”

Chu Yu began to busy himself with work.

Yun Hua suddenly slumped into the chair.

She was certain that Bao Si Qing was still alive because of her memory from her previous life. She knew that even if Bao Si Qing was to die, he definitely wouldn’t have died here.

But she had no clue what the actual situation was like.

“Hua Hua, you’re back. Where is Chu Yu? Is everything alright?” Yun Hua left Chu Yu’s house and returned home. Shen Shi Ying and the two mothers were at her house and they were all looking at Yun Hua with concern.

Yun Hua shook her head, “It’s nothing. Chu Yu’s classmate had a bit of an accident. It’s nothing serious. Mom, have we finished preparing everything for our store’s grand opening? Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“No, there is nothing else for you to help with.” Shen Shiying replied first, “You have more important stuff to do. Your readers are still waiting for you to update the next chapter! You also have a lot of things to do in your class! We can handle the things regarding the store, so you can rest assured! The Industry and Commerce department has already sent us our certificate, and we’re set to open next Wednesday!”

“Thank you for all your hard work. I couldn’t help with anything in the end,” Yun Hua said.

Shen Shi Yang glared at her, “You’ve already helped us plan out everything. It’s time to eat now, why don’t you call Chu Yu to come over…”

“He’s busy right now. I will send him some food later,” Yun Hua said.

Shen Shi Ying nodded her head and didn’t inquire further.

That night, Yun Hua was unable to concentrate as she wrote her story in her study room. She still had several chapters of her novel that were not published yet, but she still needed to write more. She must ensure that she updates at least one chapter a day.

Tang Tang:【Revived Drawing, the publisher has contacted us again. They have agreed to the request you made last time! Humph, it’s because your novel is so amazing that it caused a lot of discussions online! Now, the hottest topic on the Internet is about your book!】

Yun Hua froze for a moment and then directly replied:【Okay, please help me respond and deal with the matter first. When they draft the contract, let me have a look at it first.】

Tang Tang:【Revived Drawing, do you want to have a meal with the publisher? Do you want to sign with them in person?】

Revived Drawing:【There is no need for that because I don’t have time. I want to make the cover illustrations myself, so let them review and typewrite the manuscript first. If each volume was 280,000 words, we would need at least 5 volumes for this novel. Let’s work on the first volume first; I will email you the manuscript in a moment.】

Tang Tang:【Revived Drawing, don’t worry,I will definitely get you the best publishing conditions!】

Yun Hua closed her QQ, pondered about something, and then started a blog.

The name of the blog was called: Revived Drawing. 

She still doesn’t have a Weibo yet, only a blog. A blog would allow her to post both long and short text.

The first blog Yun Hua published after registering her blog was a picture of a picture. The picture was the cover she drew for the novel《Shocking Dreams in the Forbidden Palace》. The picture portrayed the heroine wearing a classic Qing Dynasty outfit.

The picture looked very beautiful after she applied color to her drawing. The head ornament and the accessories were especially delicate and refined. The picture was not a random doodle she had made.

After she posted the picture, she only wrote one line on the caption of the picture: Shocking Dreams in the Forbidden Palace, a dream of rebirth.

Then she proceeded to post the blog address and the name of her blog in the comment area of her novel. She stated on the comment that it was her official blog, but she won’t be posting on the blog often. After she posted the comment, she closed the website.

She didn’t have the spirit to do anything!

There was still no news from Chu Yu’s end. The matter was too complicated, so it was impossible for them to receive news this soon.

On Monday morning, Yun Hua’s path was blocked by Pei Zi Xuan the moment she arrived in the classroom!

Pei Zi Xuan gritted his teeth and said, “I want to transfer class!”


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