Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 130]


On the afternoon of Saturday, the person Yun Hua was looking forward to meeting, Fan Meng Ying, arrived.

Fan Meng Ying was a straight forward person. She gave Yun Hua a call, asking her to report to the city’s swimming pool for a test and evaluation of her abilities.

The city’s competition would begin in a week. Fan Meng Ying could have just come at that time and looked at Yun Hua’s competition result but Bao Si Qing must have had done something for her to come so quickly.

Yun Hua did not want to waste this chance.

Chen Shi Ying had no interest in swimming and went to help the two mothers sort out matters regarding the new store. Chu Yu, however, insisted on falling Yun Hua.

Seeing Fan Meng Ying, Yun Hua became very excited.

Fan Meng Ying first looked at Yun Hua’s physique and nodded, “Go do some warm-ups, you’ll swim a lap for me later.”

“Alright!” Yun Hua was very excited indeed.

Fan Meng Ying was just like what the stories said, straight forward and serious, choosing to skip out on any flattery!

Yun Hua finished the warm-ups, changed, and did a bit more warm-ups before jumping into the pool. She was very serious, wanting to be in the best condition possible!

Fan Meng Ying had a stopwatch in her hands. While she said one lap, Yun Hua actually swam many more laps.

“Ok, you can stop.” Fan Meng Ying said.

Yun Hua quickly got out of the pool and looked at Fan Meng Ying with anticipation.

Fang Meng Ying nodded, “You’re a lot better than I imagined. Your reactions and familiarity with the water are good but your actions were stiff and you weren’t putting strength in the right place. Of course, these aren’t big problems and can be fixed down the road. My question to you is, do you have the resolve to persevere through this? The road to becoming a professional athlete is a rough and tiring one. If it’s just a hobby, you’re already doing great! But if you want to become a professional athlete, you have a long road ahead of you.”

Yun Hua took a deep breath and replied seriously, “Coach Fan, I’m sure that I want to become a professional swimmer. Even though I can’t devote all of my energy and revolve my entire lifestyle around swimming but I will do my best and become an outstanding swimmer!”

Fan Meng Ying looked at her for a while before saying, “Do you know that I can walk out on you when you say such words? Most professional athletes devote all of their energy and revolve their entire lifestyle around their sports in order to attain achievements. You, however, dare say that you won’t devote all of your energy and revolve your entire lifestyle around swimming?”

Yun Hua turned slightly pale but she insisted, “Yes Coach Fan, I will not deceive you. But my dream is to become a champion at the Olympics! I will pursue this goal relentlessly!”

Fan Meng Ying’s stern expression finally turned into a smile, “You sure talk big. This is my first time meeting someone who hasn’t even qualified to be a second rate athlete talk about winning the Olympics.”

Yun Hua smiled too, “Then let me be the first!”

Fan Meng Ying went silent for a few moments, trying to make up her mind, “I’ll do my best to give you guidance, but where you end up will depend entirely on yourself!”

“I understand, Coach Fan!”

Fan Meng Ying gave Yun Hua two hours of guidance and left after that. However, she said that she would show up at Jiang Xi City’s middle schooler swimming competition!

Yun Hua was so excited and happy that she felt like she could die!

She was going to focus on training the next week, so she spent the entire Sunday at home, working on her stockpile. She had already made a deal with the editor that her work would debut on Friday!

When her work debuts, she had to publish 10,000 words worth of content. With the competition coming up, she had no time to write and could only stockpile in advance.

On Monday, the first thing she had to do upon arriving at school was to check the new class arrangement.

There was already a crowd gathered there.

Before Yun Hua could squeeze into the crowd, Ling Xiao Xiao, who had just made it out of the crowd, spotted her and said immediately, “Yun Hua, you were allocated to Class 15! How did you manage to score a total of 100 marks out of four subjects? You’re the 2nd last in the level!”


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