Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 128]


In a short two days, most of the administrative work was completed and Chen Shi Ying managed to transfer school successfully.

What was more amazing was that the principal of the Fifth School, the teacher in charge of the fifth class and all of the students who had bullied Chen Shi Ying before were all lined up and individually apologized to Chen Shi Ying when she went to apply for the transfer.

Chen Shi Ying was not the only one who was surprised. The entire school population felt the same way!

Chen Shi Ying did not say anything and left immediately after dealing with the administrative procedures.

She did not want to accept any of the apologies from those people. The hurt and darkness they brought onto her was not something that could be removed with a few insincere apologies. She had long lost count of the number of times that she had thought about committing suicide!

She could not ease nor forgive those hurt. She did not want revenge but she did not want anything to do with those people for the rest of her life!

Chen Shi Ying’s family also moved to Yun Hua’s residential area, rent a house on the first floor. The old couple that lived in that house had left the country to find their son. They were familiar with Jiang Huan Qing and agreed to rent the house out to Chen Shi Ying and her mother Zhou Hai Lan after Jiang Huan Qing had a talk with them.

Zhou Hai Lan was a very gentle person with a good temper and quickly got along with Jiang Huan Qing.

The two mothers were discussing about opening a small restaurant in the future! After all, life should improve with time.

Friday arrived quickly and the junior high section of Nan Xi Middle School was having the placement test.

In the days before, Xiao Ru Yue had taken leave and only returned on the day of the exam.

However, those scandalous pictures of her had already been spread around the entire school. Upon seeing Xiao Ru Yue, everyone started gossiping amongst themselves.

Xiao Ru Yue’s eyes were red and she kept her head down, remaining silent, prepare for the test.

The morning tests were language arts and mathematics while the afternoon was English and physics.

Yun Hua never took a break in her studies. While the questions in the test were a little tough, but they were no match for Yun Hua who had the discipline of an adult and experience in studying.

After handing up the last paper, Yun Hua headed over to the exercise court to wait for Chu Yu and Chen Shi Ying.

At some point, Xiao Ru Yue saw Yun Hua and came up to her before starting to cry immediately, “Hua Hua, I’m really sorry, could you forgive me?”

Yun Hua looked at Xiao Ru Yue coldly.

Xiao Ru Yue was crying pitifully, I’m sorry Hua Hua, it was my wrong. I shouldn’t have spread rumors of He Yu Xiang doing it with you, I shouldn’t have said that you went to see the gynecologist, I’ll apologize to you, I’ll apologize to you in front of the entire school! Hua Hua, would you please forgive me?”

Yun Hua smiled helplessly, “I’m sorry but forgive you? I’m not a saint. Xiao Ru Yue, I’ll never be able to forgive you in my entire life! I’m not falling for your facade. If you have any more tricks, come at me with them, I’ll take on every one of them!

Xiao Ru Yue was stunned. She was shocked that Yun Hua still did not forgive her despite her putting herself so low! This surefire trick of hers had failed!

Yun Hua left Xiao Ru Yue without another look after she saw Chu Yu and Chen Shi Ying coming over together. The three of them left the school with Chen Shi Ying holding onto Yun Hua’s arm.

Xiao Ru Yue just stood where she was, biting her lips in anger, not knowing what she should do!

“Hua Hua, what if the female protagonist were to really be appointed to the Fourth Lord? Eloping with the Thirteenth Lord isn’t realistic either. Also, what’s with the Eighth Lord? Wasn’t he the one that planned for the female protagonist were to be appointed to the Fourth Lord? What’s there for him to regret?”

Chen Shi Ying had already become Yun Hua’s fan and was constantly asking her questions, “Is there some foreshadowing that I’ve missed? Oh, the Eighth Lord’s concubine Consort Liang! You mentioned at some point that Consort Liang had gotten a heart disease and was saved by a young eunuch. That eunuch had really good looks… That eunuch must have actually been the female protagonist!”


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