Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 118]


Yun Hua ignored Xiao Ru Yue, turning to look at Qi Zi Heng. 

Qi Zi Heng had already walked over. He looked at Chu Yu and smiled, “I’m sorry Hua Hua. I was going to bring you out to play during the national holidays but Su He had some problems, so I had to go visit her.”

“I’ve never agreed to follow you. Goodbye.” Yun Hua said with a smile. 

With that, she turned and walked away. 

Qi Zi Heng frowned. He stepped up and gripped Yun Hua’s hand. 

Just when he was about to touch Yun Hua, a thin and bony hand grabbed his wrist!

It was Chu Yu, the kid shorter than him by a full head! 

“Let go!” Qi Zi Heng’s expression turned ugly. 

Chu Yu looked at Qi Zi Heng coldly, his grip tightening. 

In a short 3 seconds, Qi Zi Heng could not take it anymore. He extended his other hand to grab Chu Yu but Chu Yu slammed Qi Zi Heng onto the ground with a twist of his body! 

The entire process went by so quick that Qi Zi Heng was on the ground before Yun Hua could react.

Chu Yu said to Qi Zi Hent coldly, “Do not touch her.”

Qi Zi Heng’s face had turned red from anger. 

Countless of students would pass by this area and Qi Zi Heng enjoyed being the center of their attention. 

Now, the audience was laughing at him! 

Qi Zi Heng was pissed. 

He stood up and glared at Chu Yu with his teeth clenched, “who are you!”

Yun Hua pulled Chu Yu over, “This is my cousin, Qi Zi Heng, can you show basic respect. Do you know how the school views your obsession over me?” 

Qi Zi Heng’s eyes were flaring up with anger, “How? At most, they would say that I’m pursuing you and that is reality!” 

Yun Hua smiled, “Do you know how old I am? Qi Zi Heng, are you sick? Pursue me… You dare say that out loud!” 

“We were originally engaged.” 

“Oh, I’m sorry about that, not anymore there isn’t. My mom and dad had already divorced with custody going with my mom. If needed, I can change my surname immediately.” Yun Hua smiled at Qi Zi Heng, “Now, the one with the engagement to you is this girl over here. If you want the engagement, better do it quick. Lastly, don’t you dare bother me in the future!” 

Yun Hua dragged Chu Yu away by the arm. 

Qi Zi Heng frowned deeply and turned to look at Xiao Ru Yue,” What did she mean just now?”

Xiao Ru Yue’s face had turned completely pale! 

She had never imagined that Yun Hua would reveal that matter so easily. 

It was natural that Yun Hua would come to haunt her with this but she would have been fine if there was any space to debate. 

But the way it was just dumped out here… 

Xiao Ru Yue did not know how to answer. 

“Why did she say that my engagement is with you?” Qi Zi Heng squinted his eyes and finally smiled after coming to a realization, “Last time round, Yun Hua said that her father cheated on her mother with her mother’s best friend and even gave birth to a daughter a few months younger than her… So it would seem that your mother was the mistress and you’re the illegitimate child!” 

Xiao Ru Yue’s face turned pale and she kept shaking her head,” Qi senpai, listen to me, it’s not like this… “

“Then why did she say that the engagement is with you now? Because your mother has married Yun Cong Jun? Aren’t you going to change your surname to Yun?” Qi Zi Heng’s voice was chilly and filled with hatred. He stared at Xiao Ru Yue, “Don’t you know that I absolutely detest mistresses and illegitimate children?” 


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4 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 118]

  1. Okay those 2 are scum, don’t get me wrong but his reasoning is wack. Hate mistresses all you want but illegitimate kids never asked for that.

    Thank you for the chapter!


      • Even so, I have to agree with the original commenter, just because you hit a bullseye once doesn’t make you a marksman, and just because children of bad people are more likely to grow up bad doesn’t make them responsible for what their parents do nor is it helpful to tar them with the same brush.


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