Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 110]


Jiang Huan Qing went to cook something for Yun Hua.

A certain someone had an innocent expression on.

However, his gaze betrayed his true thoughts!

“I don’t need them!” Yun Hua hmphed, “Surely, Taekwando would be of use if so many people are learning it.”

Bao Si Qing smirked, “What do you understand? When you’re fighting for your life, you need strength, not fancy moves.”

Yun Hua stayed silent.

She knew that Bao Si Qing was right, but…

“I’m busy anyway, take the chance to recover, I might need to travel for a bit. I’ll teach you when I come back!” Bao Si Qing smiled and said.

Yun Hua’s head jerked up, “Where are you going?” 

“Why? Can’t bear to see me leave?”

“Skip the bullshit!” Yun Hua glared at him, “Where are you going?”

“On a mission, it’s a secret.” Bao Si Qing smiled.

Yun Hua pursed her lips and did not say anything.

She was recalling the information about his sacrifice in her past life.

One particularly sensation event was him entering deep into a drug dealer’s base and destroyed a gambling den from province Y when he was just 18!

He would die in 2010, 4 years from now, at the age of 22. So, he would be 18 years old now!

Would it be now?

Tomorrow would be the beginning of the national day celebrations and there were only 2 months left in the year. He would definitely be carrying out the operation during this time, else, they would not have reported his age as 18 for this mission.

Yun Hua tried her best to recall if he was injured, given the amount of the danger the event posed.

In her past life, she got to know about him from the forums and despite all that was revealed eventually, there were still a lot of things she and the public did not know.

Yun Hua forced herself to calm down, at least… at least he would not die from this mission!

“You, take care and be careful.” Yun Hua took a deep breath and said softly.

Bao Si Qing eyebrows rose, “Look at your expression, one would have thought that I died at my post!”

“Don’t joke around!” Yun Hua glared at him harshly.

“Alright, no joking around. Don’t worry, I won’t die so easily.” Bao Si Qing smiled, “This mission would take a bit longer and be a bit messier, don’t miss me too much…”

“Who misses you! You narcissist.” Yun Hua hmphed.

Bao Si Qing took offense, “You really don’t miss me? That won’t do either. You have to think about me. A little brat like you shouldn’t be nitpicking over someone as handsome and charismatic as me! I should pop up in your mind at least a hundred times each day!”

Yun Hua almost wanted to vomit blood.

When Bao Si Qing said he had to go, he meant it. He did not even have the time to come visit Yun Hua again, only managing to call him, “Hey kid, I’m about to board the plane and I didn’t have time to pay you a visit. Take good care of yourself and wait for me to come back. That aside, don’t let anyone bully you!”

“You’re leaving now?” Yun Hua was shocked to receive a call in the middle of the night, “Take care, don’t…”

“I won’t die, how could I afford to die when you miss me so much.” Bao Si Qing chuckled, “Here’s a number. If anything happens, just find him. Don’t force yourself. Remember, if anyone bullies you, fight back with all you’ve got, I’ll deal with any of the consequences!”

“Alright, I really have to go now, remember to think about me!”


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2 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 110]

  1. “Remember, if anyone bullies you, fight back with all you’ve got, I’ll deal with any of the consequences!”
    This is the correct thing to say. Parents would usually say “If anyone tries to bully you, just ignore them.”, while teachers would say “If anyone bullies you, just call a teacher.”. I am certain many have already seen these two methods are. No, the correct response is to fight back with all you’ve got, they will hurt you, yes, but you’re not gonna die from that and your goal is not necessarily to win, rather it’s to hurt them. If you can hurt them badly enough to know that attacking you comes at a price, you’ve won.


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