OP Waifus – Chapter 19 Part 7

Nagi: “Next, do you know any place to sell the [Blessed Armor]?”

Leticia: “[Blessed Armor]?”

Nagi: “This guy’s.”

I pointed at Tanaka Koga.

With my foot.


Nagi: “This would just happen again if he still has his equipment. Isn’t it better if we take away his equipment? However, throwing them away would be a waste, so we should sell it. Could Leticia help us sell it? You can have half of the profit as a commission cost.”

Leticia: “Well, that much I can do…”

Nagi: “I’ll leave it to you then?”

Leticia: “Yes. However, please give my half of the profit that Aine.”

Leticia turned to look at Aine who was still sleeping on the chair.

Leticia: “She took care of the members of the [Common Guild] till the very end. She was trying to raise funds so that everyone could leave the town and start afresh elsewhere. The commission fee can go to that.”

Nagi: “You can have 70% as the commission fee…”

Leticia: “You really are kind, aren’t you?”

Nagi: “I don’t want to be in debt. As of now, I’m also a member of the [Common Guild].”


Anyways, it is dangerous for us, do not have the proper connections, to sell the [Blessed Armor].

Nagi: “Lastly, I would like you to wait till around noon tomorrow before officially accepting the request.”

With a regretful look, Leticia said.

Leticia: “Aine’s memory will disperse with time… It seems that the Bishop used an item that sets a time limit of three days. If you cannot regain her memory before the time limit, her memories will be lost forever…”

Nagi: “I will get it done in time. Before that, I need to check the skills of my team to see if we can complete the quest. It would be troublesome if we showed up to the tower and find it impossible to defeat the [Steel Gargoyle].”

Leticia: “That is true.”

Nagi: “We can’t afford to sacrifice our friends here, so let us officially enter the contract at noon tomorrow.”


Leticia paused.

Leticia: “Who are you guys? You guys aren’t some low-level adventurers right?”

Nagi: “We came just to have fun. While our level is low, when the pieces of the puzzle come together, we can do things that no other people can do.”

Leticia: “I don’t get it…”


That’s alright, even I am unsure myself.

Now, I should head back to the inn, let Cecyl rest and tell them about our plans.

Well, time to impose on you, employer.

We waved and left the [Common Guild] building.


[Transcendental sense LV 1]
By blocking the five senses, I will awaken the sixth sense.

Can be used for 30 seconds.
During which any attacks will be countered.
Additionally, if there is a chance, I will attack in the most optimal fashion, including the use of other skills.
However, it can only be used once a day due to the stress it places on the body.
It is a little worrying that I am unaware of my movements.

It may also target friendlies, so they should stay clear before the skill is activated.


[Ancient Magic: Arrows of Flames LV 1]

Creates a magic circle behind the user which shoots arrows of flames until the user’s mana is depleted.

While the damage is low due to it being a LV 1 skill, the threat comes from the continuity.

Think of it as using low damage projectiles to shave away at the opponent’s health in a fighting game until the time runs out.

Having to guard against the projectiles, the defender will be suppressed.

If the opponent starts to chant this spell, it would be best to escape at once.


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  2. Nagi acts a bit like Naofumi from Rise of the shield hero. Not only beat your opponent down but also take everything of value. Well played 😉 Let’s hope he can restore Aine’s memories.


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