OP Waifus – Chapter 19 Part 5

Cecyl: “My anger. The manifestation of my blood. A blade that carries all of my fury…”

My [High-speed Analysis] skill tells me the status of people around me.

Cecyl: “Turn my anger into retaliation. Turn it into a fist that will not stop until the enemy is obliterated. No compromise. No mercy. Destroy. Destroy. Destroy. Unleash the blades that will burn everything and bring about the end…”

That’s why I was aware that Cecyl was climbing the stairs while chanting her [Ancient Magic].


Cecyl who had just taken a bath was out of breath and panting.

Her silver hair was braided.

So cute!

However, she is releasing an extreme aura of bloodlust!

Cecyl looked up with absolute determination to kill the enemy!

Cecyl: “Spirit of fire, destroy the enemy with a million flames! [Flame Arrow]!!!”

Cecyl had finished the chant for her [Ancient Magic: Flame Arrow]!

A magic circle appeared behind her small body…

From there, a few flame arrows appeared and flew towards Tanaka…

These arrows accurately landed on Tanaka…


And burst into sparks and disappeared!


Koga: “Is that lvl 1 Fire Magic?”

Tanaka laughed and put down the gauntlet that he was using to protect his face.

Koga: “My armor has magic resistance! Your flame arrows feel like nothing more than a mosquito bite to me!”

Cecyl: “Is that so?”




Out of the magic circle came more flame arrows, impacting on Tanaka.

Cecyl: “So, tell me again, tell me that they are ineffective!”




An endless stream of arrows continued appearing and attacking Tanaka.

They flew around the room, attacking Tanaka from all sides!

4 arrows, 8 arrows, 16 arrows! The number of arrows appearing were increasing by the second!

Tanaka: “Useless. This is nothing! Useless!!!”




Tanaka: “This gauntlet… 60 percent… reduction…”





Tanaka: “Hey… This is…. How much longer…”





Tanaka: “Sto… Hey… This… This bit of pain will not stop me!”





Cecyl was panting hard from the exertion…

Nagi: “Cecyl, stop! That’s enough!”

Cecyl’s face had turned red.

That’s a sign of excessive use of magic.

The skill [Ancient Magic: Flame Arrow] has the characteristic of constant firing.

It will keep on shooting the flame arrows until the user’s magic power runs out.

Cecyl: “I’ve hurt Nagi-sama… I’ve tried to kill Nagi-sama…”

Cecyl seemed to be confused from the exertion.

Cecyl: “I became a person who tried to kill Nagi-sama…”

Nagi: “I’m not hurt! Look, I’m fine! You didn’t hurt me!”

Cecyl: “Really?”

Nagi: “Really. Look, I’m completely fine!”

Cecyl: “Can I check you carefully later to make sure?”

Nagi: “I get it, I get it! So stop! You’re going to collapse at this rate!”

Cecyl: “I… Understand…”

Finishing, she finally stopped swaying and collapsed.

With that, the torrent of flame arrows came to a halt.

She got up again and unsteadily made her way to me before falling to her knees.

Cecyl: “I can’t stand not being sure that Nagi-sama is unhurt.”

Nagi: “I’m fine… I managed to get to cover in time.”

Cecyl’s breathing was getting heavier by the second.

Nagi: “Hey… Hey! Stay with me!”


Cecyl fell asleep in Nagi’s arms, breathing lightly.

Nagi, on the other hand, breathed a sigh of relief after realising that his worries were unfound.


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