OP Waifus – Chapter 19 Part 4

It seems that Rita has noticed the weird atmosphere in the guild.

Rather, the lack of presence of people.

Tanaka’s bloodlust spiked!

Naturally, Rita could tell this using her [Awareness] skill.


Nagi: “I see you’ve arrived, my slave, Rita Melpheus. Now, let us defeat the enemy who has hurt our guild master!”

Rita: “I understand your wish, master.”

Breaking through the window, a blonde swung through the window.

A blast of [Sacred Power] hit Tanaka on the back.

Koga turned and swung his sword…

Koga: “Wha?!”

Rita had seen through Tanaka’s movement and swooped low while elbowing Tanaka’s wrist, negating his attack.

Rita: “How dare you turn your sword against my master…”

Rita’s eyes lit up with bloodlust as she stared at Tanaka.

Rita struck the sword with her fist, causing Tanaka’s grip to weaken momentarily.

Koga: “I’m not just gonna kill you. I’m going to break all your bones and put you through a world of pain… You’re going to regret attacking me!”

Nagi: “Rita! That’s the [Acceleration] skill!”

My [High-Speed Analysis] displayed the details of Tanaka’s skill.

It seems that more information becomes available as we fight…

Additionally, due to the master-slave contract, information is also transferred from Rita to me.

Nagi: “Careful! That skill doubles his attack speed! I’ve disabled his right arm, so that’s a blind spot! Also, his armor is hard, so aim for the exposed parts!”

Tanaka’s [Inherent Skill] allows him to have [Double attacking speed].

His is able to swing his sword, which is about the same size as him, two to three times the normal speed.

In short, he is able to attack twice in the same time.

Rita: “Got it! It’s dangerous, so please fall back!”

Nagi: “Understood!”

I carried Aine and Leticia with my arms and quickly headed downstairs.

The [High-speed Analysis] skill was still active though.

I should look deeper into Koga’s skill and status…


Nagi: “That guy is a swordsman class, magic is ineffective against him! His base speed is high but his intelligence is low! I think he’s weak to provocation!”

Rita: “Thank you! Also, sorry about being late!”

Nagi: “Don’t worry! I calculated! I’ve already memorised how long it takes for you guys to bathe!”

Rita: “That sounds really pervy!?”

Nagi: “It is also part of a master’s duty to know the condition of his slaves!”

Rita: “Why do I find this pervier despite this explanation?!”

Nagi: “Please ignore that feeling.”

Rita: “No way!”


While bantering, Rita weaved around, avoiding an attack and countering with a roundhouse kick to Tanaka’s head. However, the kick was blocked by Tanaka using his gauntlet.

Rita: “While it’s embarrassing that you know so much, it’s still better than you not caring about us! Wait… So what am I supposed to do?!”

Nagi: “How about we have a chat later at home?”

Rita: “That’s not fair! Cecyl would be there too!”


Koga: “You guys are being noisy!”

After some time, Koga hit the wall with his sword.

Koga: “Stop messing around! Who are you?! His companion?!”

Rita: “I have no intention of speaking with someone who is trying to kill someone important to me.”

Rita stared at me.

Koga: “You too! Being protected by a woman! And you’ve never stopped rambling! If you’re not going to fight, then shut up!”

Nagi: “Ah… Sorry about that, but I’m afraid that’s impossible.”

I moved one step to the left while talking.

After a short pause, I stared at Koga and said.


Nagi: “After all, you would have noticed Cecyl’s magic chant if we were silent.”


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13 thoughts on “OP Waifus – Chapter 19 Part 4

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  2. apparently, the thing about Koga intelligence being low itself is quite true and it become a good ammo to be used against him, lol


  3. Ok so Nagi has a new tatctic: distract the enemy while Cecyl blasts them into SPAAACCEEE 🙂
    Though I would more like it if Rita would send this idiot flying with a punch. Or perhaps both? First punching then blasting? Hmm I can’t decide


    • Uppercut from Rita into the air, followed by Cecyl blasting him through the wall combo…..Sounds good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Oh and Thanks for the chapter


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