OP Waifus – Chapter 19 Part 3

Nagi: “Leticia, how about we have a deal…?”

Leticia: “A deal?”

Nagi: “Since you’ve seen my abilities… In exchange for keeping them secret, we will help Aine out.”

Leticia: “Wha…?”

Nagi: “However, the [Contract] will come after our experiment to see if we can defeat the [Steel Gargoyle].”

Leticia: “Wha… What are you talking about!? Do something about Tanaka first!”

Nagi: “Ah.”

This guy…

A cheat character from another world.

Sure he is strong but I feel like I’m still missing information.

Nagi: “Skill activate [High-speed Analysis LV 1]!”

A window containing statistics appeared in my sight.

[Leticia Milfey], [Aine Clunette], [Tanaka Koga] and some other people.

Even though it was a short fight, it gave me quite a fair bit on insight on Koga’s status.


[Tanaka Koga]

Class: Swordsman

Weapon: Hagane’s Longsword

Armor: Blessed Armor (Reduces the effectiveness of magic)

As expected, I did not recognise his skills.


Koga shook his head and stood up.

His right arm was bent in an odd manner.

The throwing move uses the momentum of an attack against the user. To think that it was sufficient to destroy his arm… As expected of a cheat character…


Koga: “You bitch… What did you do to me, the hero! There is no way a character of this world can win against me!”

Nagi: “Dear hero, how does it feel to receive one of my attacks?”
Koga: “Are you an idiot?”

Nagi: “Do you like this world?”

Koga: “Uh… What?”

Nagi: “Do you feel any dissatisfaction about this world?”

Koga: “Nope. When I came to this world, I got affirmation for the first time in my life. That much made me satisfied with my new life.”

Nagi: “There is one thing I’m dissatisfied with.”

Koga: “Wha… What is it?”

Nagi: “There are no hair dryers in this world.”

Koga: “HUH???”

Koga stared at me with a face of confusion and surprise.

Nagi: “My companions have long hair which takes a long time to dry. When we get into the bath, I’d dry their hair for them. Of course, we keep our clothes on. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to stay under the roof with them. What? Do you find this situation amusing?”

Koga: “You… Could it be…”

Nagi: “I mean, they don’t have a hair dryer so I figured it’d be easier if I helped out.”

Koga: “You’re the same as me, are you not?”
Nagi: “That’s not important. Right now, I’m talking about the fascination of washing my companion’s hair.”

Koga: “What are you talking about…”

Nagi: “Anyways, I used to think that it was a hassle to dry their hair, but recently, that has changed. I’ve come to enjoy the look of damp hair. Plus the nape of their necks… Brown or white skin are both great!”

Koga: “Seriously, who are you… Are you the same as me?”

Nagi: “Listen carefully. Compared to becoming a hero, the hidden charm of Cecyl and Rita are clearly more important.”

Koga: “You… Just die already!”

Nagi: “Hmmm… Maybe this counts as a kind of moe too?”

It’s a nice topic. Drying the hair of my companions.


I saw something through the window.

At a glance, it looked like animal ears but you could see it as a tail too…

There it is again…


Perfect timing, I am now certain.

My attempt at time buying was a success.


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13 thoughts on “OP Waifus – Chapter 19 Part 3

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  2. Let’s hope his two girls didn’t hear his distraction talk. I mean Cecyl will be ok with it but Rita I am not sure. Though Rita’s entrance feels like a stalking tiger waiting to punce on his victim. And let’s hope Aine doesn’t get a shock when she sees the ‘slaves’ of her younger ‘brother’ 😉


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