OP Waifus – Chapter 19 Part 2

Aine threw aside the tea set and stood between me and Koga.

Aine: “Don’t you dare hurt Na-kun! [Rainbow Colored Defense Wall LV 6]!”

Instantaneously, a rainbow-coloured barrier appeared across the room.

Koga: “Defenses against all attributes… Not bad but I have magical resistance!”

Koga reached extended his hand and brandished the gauntlet on his hand.

The rainbow-coloured barrier shattered into pieces and disappeared.

Koga: “Get out of my way!”

Koga shoved Aine aside roughly. Aine crashed into a table and collapsed.

Leticia: “Stop this Tanaka! Any more violence and …”

Leticia thrust her rapier at Tanaka, trying to break up the fighting.

So fast! Is she using an acceleration skill?

Nagi: “Your name makes me a little fond of you but please disappear at once!”

Koga looked towards my direction.

I activated my skill.

Nagi: “Transcendence LV 1!”


The world became black.







Everything disappeared.

It’s a really creepy feeling and I really did not want to use this skill…


That said, I was the perfect one to use this high risk, high return skill.

I shook my head from side to side and raised my arms…


Then I collapsed to the ground.

Though I couldn’t feel the ground, it felt like my body was rolling.

I tried to raise my arms but they fell lifelessly.

I couldn’t take much more of this…



I vomited.

Nagi: “Skill… Off…”

That. Was. Not. Fun.


Nagi: “Ugh…”

I feel sick and the world was spinning.

I sat on the floor trying to recover myself.

How much time has past? 30 seconds? Seems like it was the same as when I tested it…


Leticia: “Tanaka has been…”

Koga who was originally by the staircase has now collapsed by the wall behind me.

Alright, I succeeded.

Leticia: “Yo… You are…”

Leticia hugged Aine close to her and looked at me.

Leticia: “There’s no way you are a beginner adventurer! You countered Tanaka’s attack with inhuman precision then threw him using his momentum!”

Nagi: “Ah, so I did that huh…”

Seems like I had parried Koga’s attack with my sword then grasped his arm and managed a judo throw using his momentum.

That said, I was stilling feeling queasy and laid on the ground unable to move.

A high risk, high return skill indeed.


The skill “Transcendence LV 1” enhances the 6th sense in exchange for disabling the 5 senses.

During this time, the body would respond automatically to the situation.

I can use it once a day for a maximum of 30 seconds.

However, due to the stress it places on the body, there is a side effect where I am unable to move for 3 minutes after using the skill.

Cecyl and Rita had told me that it would be a very bad idea to use it if they aren’t by my side.


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13 thoughts on “OP Waifus – Chapter 19 Part 2

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  2. Looks like as if his other class mates are quite strong compared to experienced adventurers. But it’s a good thing Nagi has some ridiculous skills as well. Maybe he should edit this transendence skill to soften the after effects


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