OP Waifus – Chapter 19 Part 1

Koga: “Disgusting leftover scums of the [Common Guild].”

It seems to me that Tanaka Koga has seen me.

He had a large double edge sword on his back and his expensive looking armor was embedded with gems.

But I don’t recognise him.

From his name, I can clearly tell that he is like me, summon here by the king.

Koga: “The adventurers of the [Common Guild] are ordered to vacate immediately. Move it before I break your limbs, you scum!”

Nagi: “No matter how you look at it… Black hair, black eyes.”

Koga: “Ah!”

It seems like he has seen us.

Our gaze met but he didn’t show any sign of familiarity at all.

Similarly, I don’t seem to recognise him at all.

Nagi: “So… You are the Hero nominated by the King?”

Koga: “Ah… That’s right, do keep that in mind from now on. You’re beyond hope aren’t you?”

Nagi: “Did you sign the [Contract] to save the world?”

Koga: “So you know about that too! I see. I am a _____ from _____!”

I could see his mouth moving, but halfway through his sentence, the words [Another World] and [Visitor] were silenced.

Just as I thought. He was summoned here too.

But… I don’t remember seeing him when we were summoned here.

Perhaps he was summoned here separately?

Nagi: “I see. So the King choose you and [Contracted] you?”

Koga: “Oh no, the nobles acknowledged my strength. They felt that instead of saving the world, it would be more appropriate to have people working under me.”

Finishing, Koga gave me a thumbs up.

It seems like the King sold this guy to the nobles.

Koga: “I received this set of armor and sword from the nobles. It cost hundreds of thousands of Arushas to make them.”

Nagi: “… I see.”

I looked closer at the part of the armor covering his neck and saw a choker.

Yeah, that’s definitely a choker.

Koga: “I [Contracted] to work with this sword and armor for my entire life!”

Nagi: “Uh… Yeah, that’s amazing.”

For some reason, I feel sad for him.

What’s with the commitment for this [Contract]? Why didn’t anyone stop this?

In other words… This guy can’t leave this world before he defeats the Demon King as he [Contracted].

Then he was sold off to the nobles where he was given equipment and his [Contract] was changed accordingly.

The reason he couldn’t say the words [Another World] and [Visitor] was also because of the terms of his [Contract].

So that’s how it is.

It’s really not nice to summon cheat characters from another world and ask them to fight for you.

Nagi: “Tanaka… I’ll wish you luck, so please try your best to live on.”

Koga: “O… Ok?”

Nagi: “See you. I’ll pray for you and hope that you will find your happiness.”

Koga: “Ah. Well then… Wait, that’s not the point!”

Koga was about to take his leave when he remembered why he was here.

Damn, I almost fooled him…

Stabbing his sword into the floor, he shouted, “In the dungeon, the adventurers from the [Common Guild] retreated too quickly, so I didn’t get enough chances to fight.”

Koga raised his sword.

Koga: “Your luck runs out here! This is where you die!”

Aene: “Don’t touch Na-kun!”

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  2. Nagi the master of distraction. Too bad it didn’t work. Well you can’t avoid stupid I guess. So just let him fight against Rita she will send him flying Team-Rocket-style.

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