OP Waifus – Chapter 18

Meeting an older sister in a closed guild


Nagi: “Ummm… We completed the quest right?”

Blue haired girl: “Yes you did.”

In response to my question, the blue haired girl nodded.

Right, she understands me.

Nagi: “This is the [Common Guild] right?”

Blue haired girl: “Yes. Like you’ve said, this is the [Common Guild].”


So I have not warped into another world.


Nagi: “This is a piece of [Large Bat’s Ears] proving my completion of the quest is it not?”

Blue haired girl: “Yes it is.”

Nagi: “You know I’m not lying right?”

Blue haired girl: “I know. You guys killed all the Large Bats.”

Nagi: “This is my membership card. My name is Souma Nagi

Blue haired girl: “I have confirmed it. The quest is over.”

Nagi: “I worked hard didn’t I.”

Blue haired girl: “Yes you worked hard.”

Nagi: “It’s great isn’t it.”

Blue haired girl: “It is.”

Nagi: “Please give me the reward.”

Blue haired girl: “I can’t pay you. The guild has closed down.”


It feels like I’m listening to pre-recorded messages.

Well, maybe. I have no idea how many times I’ve said the same things already.

So… The guild has closed down huh.

These things happen regularly right? Nothing I can do about it.


Nagi: “Uh… Why?”

Blue haired girl: “All the guild members were killed.”

Nagi: “By who?”

Blue haired girl: “By the [Noble Guild].”

Nagi: “So you are…?”

Leticia: “I am Leticia Milfey. A childhood friend of Aine.”


Saying this, Leticia returned me two guild membership cards.

One that looks like the normal [Common Guild] membership cards.

And another one that is made of metal, belonging to…


Nagi: “The [Noble Guild]?”

Leticia: “While I am Aine’s childhood friend, I also come from a noble family.”

Nagi: “Nobility? Then aren’t you one of the enemy?”

Leticia: “That’s not a joke right?”


Raising her voice, Leticia slammed her fist against the wall.

Leticia: “Please don’t group me with those idiots. Slimy aristocrats that don’t ever listen. Lots of them are useless with nothing other than pride. Even though we are all nobility, unlike them, I won’t run at the sight of an insect! Die! They should all die!”

Leticia continues hitting the wall out of anger.

Nagi: “It’s ok to be angry, but can you please explain the situation?”

Leticia: “It’s all because of the cursed sword.”


All because of the cursed sword…

The [Noble Guild] heard of the news…

What happened to all the [Common Guild] members who participated in the quest?


Leticia: “The [Noble Guild] can’t accept the [Common Guild] getting the cursed sword and becoming equals to them. Making use of an expelled member of the [Common Guild], they attacked the [Common Guild] members in the dungeon. Most were beaten up, only a few escaped. That’s all I know.”

Nagi: “Hold on. Aren’t the [Noble Guild] members really weak?”

Leticia: “They got a strong priest to support them by pressuring him to betray the [Iturna Cult].”

Nagi: “The [Iturna Cult] huh… The leader was a lower aristocrat wasn’t he.”

Leticia: “The priest was a neutral party, so he switched sides under pressure from the leaders of the [Iturna Cult]. Can you imagine if your healer switched sides and join the enemy? More so if it happens during a battle with monsters.”

Nagi: “I know. It’s really bad.”


What happens if your priest joins the enemy party in an RPG?

Your team lose healing magic while the damage your team deal to the enemy is healed.

There is no doubt that reality would be a really shitty game.


Nagi: “Isn’t it better to destroy that cult?”

Leticia: “I agree. Aine had protested about a lot of things to the [Nobility Guild]. And then…”

The count who is responsible for the [Nobility Guild] had said…


“I know of no such outrageous acts. I wish that you would not accuse me of such baseless allegations.”

“That said, I understand your feelings.”

“So let us meet in the middle.”

“I will get them to promise not to touch the [Common Guild].”

“There must still be injured adventurers who cannot make it out of the dungeon right?”

“Let us do our best and help them out. Of course, that’s assuming you accept my conditions.”


Nagi: “These conditions…”


I have a bad feeling about this.

Despite not being able to doing much things

Having only pride and no ability. This is not a good situation to start with…


Leticia: “The entire [Common Guild] will become a sub-guild of the [Noble Guild]. Aine, the successor to the guild, will hand over all rights over the guild to the [Noble Guild]. In exchange, the [Noble Guild] will persuade the rebels and the [Iturna Cult] to stop. Additionally, the [Noble Guild] will also rescue the injured members of the [Common Guild]. That’s all.”

Nagi: “Sorry, I might have heard that wrongly. Could you repeat that?”

Leticia: “The entire [Common Guild] will become a sub-guild of the [Noble Guild]…”

Nagi: “I knew it. My ears must be rotting.”

Leticia: “My mouth is also rotting.”

Nagi: “In the first place, why is Aine the representative? Isn’t there anyone else of higher rank?”

Leticia: “The person who is actually in charge is Aine’s guardian.”

Nagi: “And what happened to this person?”

Leticia: “He ran away fearing the anger of the aristocrats”


Abandoning his workplace.

Well. It might not be expected that the aristocrats would act to such an extent.

The [Common Guild] did not want conflict with the [Noble Guild]. They just wanted to get the cursed sword so that they can use it to negotiate with the [Noble Guild]

I can understand why Aine had collapsed on the table and fallen unconscious now.

I agree that it is pretty shocking.

For her to become responsible for the guild and then losing it all with a day…


Leticia: “If that’s true, I should have worked harder to suppress the [Noble Guild]… I never expected my dad to do all that while I was sleeping… To wake up to this mess…”

Nagi: “What kind of father is that…”

Leticia: “A coward. The embodiment of self protection. A powerful person who fears everything other than himselfI am getting sick just from talking about him.”

This man seems to be a decent person.

However, that would mean it is hard to change the situation.


Nagi: “This is really bad…”

Is there no choice but to give up on the reward?

You cannot expect to say “Please me my reward” in such a situation.


Leticia: “By the way, what is your name?”

There was no change in the awkward atmosphere. Leticia looked at me questioningly.

Nagi: “I’m Nagi, didn’t I show you my membership card just now?”




Leticia: “Wait… Are you that Nagi?”

Nagi: “Do you know me?”

Leticia: “Aine praised you! She said you were the best! She said you seemed really unreliable and very timid and cautious that one would subconsciously want to protect you! She could not stop talking about you seen I first met her! It’s the first time Aine has praised anyone so much!”

Nagi: “Those are praises!?”

Leticia: “It was love at first sight!”

Nagi: “I don’t believe anyone could be so happy!?”

Leticia: “She said she understands the feelings of the girls that were with you. wanted to protect you so badly that she was willing to become a slave to serve you. She was blushing while she was saying all of these! You really have woken Aine’s [Onee sister personality] from the depths of her heart… Can you please stop using her weakness to seduce her?”

Nagi: “Just what was so seductive about my actions!?”


I see. Does these kind of things happen if you pretend to be useless?

I really did not expect this.

Aine had always felt like an older sister character to me, but I did not expect her to be so extreme


Leticia: “So you are Nagi… In this case… I can’t let the person that Aine had fallen for at first sight to go rewarded for his actions.”

Leticia reached into her coat pocket.

Leticia: “Please accept this as a compensation for the reward. After all, I am partially responsible for today’s incident too.”


[Slow – Lv 1]

[Magic] that [Delays] [Reaction Speed]


[Magical Singing – Lv 1]

[Song] that [Increases] [Magical Power]


Leticia: “While these are common skills, you can still sell them for some money.”

Sure, we got our reward.

But… Why do I feel a pain in my heart?

Unknown: “Letty… Is that you?”


There was a soft voice.

Her thin body shivering, Aine opened her eyes.

Fwaa… Aine yawned and rubbed her eyes.

Aine look at the Leticia who was next to her, and then she turned towards my direction.

Her vision focused as she looked as me.

She gasped.

She stared at me as if she was imagining things while she slowly stretched her hands out towards me.


Aine: “Na-kun…?”

Nagi: “Wha…?”

Aine: “Na-kun! It’s Na-kun!”



Uh. Uh…. What is this?


Aine: “You… Where did you go. You made me worry so much about you!”

Nagi: “Aine!? What are you doing!?”

Aine: “What kind of weird question is that. Aren’t I am your older sister?”


Smoosh. Smoosh. Smooooooosh.

What is this. What is happening?

Why are Aine hugging me? Why is she burying my face in her chest?

It feels hot. And soft. And it’s smells good… No it’s not like that.

What do you mean “Na kun”?

I don’t think we are at that relationship yet?


Nagi: “Aine… It’s embarrassing to be called ‘Na kun’.”

Aine: “Eh? But… But… I finally got to meet you after so much time!”

Nagi: “An older sister shouldn’t be doing things that embarrasses their younger brother right?”

Aine: “Fine…”


Aine pouted and released me reluctantly.

This is different from yesterday.

Her usually neat hair had become undone. She looked like she was in a daze, as if she was half awake. Compared to the current her, the Aine who was explaining the quest details was much more alert.

Could this be a result of the shock from having the guild taken away from her?

Leticia came up to me and whispered in my ear.


Leticia: “…The past few years of Aine’s memory had been taken away.”

Nagi: “Her memory?”

Leticia: “It’s a warning to others. To indicate that Aine’s [Common Guild] is gone for good.”

Nagi: “A locking skill?”

Leticia: “No. In this case, items with sacred power were used.”


One would certainly turn to sacred powers for recovery and support magic.

This would be equivalent to the priest class in games.

In other words, this is the work of some kind of psychic type magical power.

Leticia: “The [Iturna Cult], is the work of the deputy bishop Argis.”

That guy!

I should have eliminated him back then.


Leticia: “The current Aine has her memories in a mess. ‘Na Kun’ is the name of Aine’s younger brother who had died when he was young. His name was ‘Naias’ but your personality does resemble his.”


So that’s the reason for why Aine was acting strangely, acting like she is my older sister.

When we first spoke, she did say that I reminded her of someone she knew.

Ahhhh… I remember it clearly now.

I wanted to keep a strictly business only relationship with the guild.


Aine: “Na kun? Is something bothering you?”

Before I knew it, Aine was staring at me with a face full of concern.

She’s too close.

Nagi: “Uh… I am not ‘Na k’.”

Aine: “If something is bothering you, talk to your older sister ok? I’m doing this for your sake alright?”

Nagi: “Like I’ve said…”

Aine: “Na kun, please don’t go away. We promised to keep the guild going together didn’t we? I’ll do my best. For Na kun’s sake, I will protect the guild… That’s why…”




Aine started tearing up and crying.

Is she remembering the memories from the time of her brother’s death?


Aine: “I’ll do anything for you to remain by my side. That’s right, how about we enter a [Contract]?”

Nagi: “A [Contract]?”

Aine: “Na kun, I remembered you saying that you wanted a slave that would do anything for you. If it means being together with you forever, I’ll become your slave!”

Nagi: “Aine, please don’t get confused!”

I mean, please don’t really take out a medallion.

I will not. I am definitely not accepting a [Contract]!

Nagi: “Aine? Um… How old is Na-kun now?”

Aine: “6 years old right?”

Nagi: “Na-kun seems to be a very mature child!?”

Aine: “That’s right. How about we take a bath together? I’ll wash Na-kun’s body. Your elder sister loves that. Does Na-kun like it too?”

Nagi: “I have never ever experienced that in my life.”

Aine: “Did Na-kun not like baths?”

Nagi: “I don’t dislike baths, but getting into a bath with a girl is a little…”

Aine: “I see. So that’s why you would refuse to go in unless you are blindfolded and your hands are tied up. Jeez, come on Na-kun, don’t be so shy!.”

Nagi: “I don’t think that’s him being shy but him truly disliking it!?”

Aine: “That aside, why are you in Aine and Grandpa’s guild?”


Realising where she was for the first time, Aine looked around at her surroundings.

Aine: “Eh? Grandpa? Grandpa isn’t here? Dad and Mom had died a long time ago… Na-kun and Aine had always been with Grandpa… Ehhhh?”

Aine cowered, hugging her head.

Aine: “When Na-kun left… I swore to protect the guild where all of my memories came from. For that, I tried my best… I really did try my best… I tried…… Eh? What am I saying… I know, I’ll go make some tea and calm myself down… Hold on Na-kun.”

Aine’s smile was forced and clearly full of pain.

Nagi: “Leticia. Is there any way to restore Aine’s memories?”

Leticia: “Argis crystalised Aine’s memories and hid it somewhere. Aine should recover if you obtain that crystal.”


That guy really likes to do bad things.

I am normally against working for free…

But seeing Aine heading to another room with a tea set…

Perhaps she’s boiling water because it is the start of Na-Kun’s tea time.

Even though this place will soon be taken away by the [Noble Guild]…

Taken away by a black guild…

Seeing Aine acting this way, I had almost forgotten about the ongoing problems…

I really can’t stand this. I just can’t.


Nagi: “I understand. Let’s go retrieve it right now.”

Leticia: “This isn’t a problem that beginners should poke their noses into.”

Leticia scratched her blue hair.

Leticia: “There is no way that a level 1 or 2 adventurer can defeat a [Steel Gargoyle].”

Nagi: “[Steel Gargoyle]?”

Leticia: “It is a statue that is completely made of steel and moved by magical power. Argis and the Count released it in the tower that hides Aine’s memories. It’s a punishment to those who disturb the town.”

Nagi: “How about you swear on the honour of nobility that you’ll stop hurting me with your words?”

Leticia: “No. I swear on the honour of nobility that if you manage to retrieve it, then you managed to retrieve it.”

Nagi: “You’re the worst.”


Do you really have to corner people so badly with your words?

Moreover, Aine’s memories are being guarded by the gargoyle and you’re not the one dirtying your hands.

This really rubs me the wrong way.


Nagi: “By the way, is the [Steel Gargoyle] a type of [Guardian]?”

Leticia: “That is common knowledge.”

Nagi: “Does it have wings growing out of its back and holds a sword and a shield?”

Leticia: “That would be a real high tiered [Guardian Angel]. The [Steel Gargoyle] is a statue modelled after a Gargoyle. Even though it isn’t as powerful as a high tiered enemy, I still think I should get a level 10 adventurer to take this on.”


In other words, if you can defeat the [Guardian Angel] in the demon race magician’s basement, then you can also defeat the [Steel Gargoyle].

I see.

I’ll manage somehow I guess.


Leticia: “Good grief. A [Steel Gargoyle] and a mad dog of an opponent. This is truly tiring.”

Nagi: “Mad dog?”

Leticia: “The [Noble Guild]’s helper. Normally, the [Common Guild]’s people are stronger, but people say that this guy is stronger… Just how much stronger, I do not know.”

Leticia held her head and sighed.

Leticia: “It is said that he was hired by the caretaker of the [Noble Guild]. It seems that he was originally under the His Majesty’s command, but he was discharged due to his barbaric way of speaking.

Nagi: “… His Majesty…”

Leticia: “He seems to be under the impression that the guy was some sort of a legendary hero. Well… It is true that he possesses some powerful skills that even I have not heard about.”

Nagi: “… Having skills that no one knows off…”

Leticia: “I think his name was “Tanaka Koga”. He might have changed his surname though.”

Nagi: “… Surname, Tanaka…”

Why do I have such a bad feeling about this?


Unknown: “Why are the people from the [Common Guild] still here!”

The sound of a door being kicked open could be heard from the first floor.

A figure came up the stairs.

Unknown: “Don’t get in my way! This is the path of the brave! Come out and meet me you trash!”


A boy in armour came into the office area on the second floor.

Black hair.

Black eyes.

Similar age to me.

If it were back in my world, he would be going to high school or something like that.


The boy in armour, Tanaka Koga, whipped his cloak and declared.

Koga: “As a hero recognised by the King, I order you in the name of Tanaka Koga! The remaining scums of the [Common Guild] will surrender to me immediately! Don’t resist or I will crush you!”


To me though, I could only see him as a boy doing a chuunibyou cosplay.


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  2. This whole plot feels like a sad and petty excuse for the mc to get another harem member slave. It’s stupid to the point of making me queasy.

    Also, while I do know this is cheap bullsh*t by the author, I do hope that they utterly crush the noble guild into oblivion and that the mc ACTUALLY kills the leader of that church who he let slip last time and is now causing more trouble. Also, I hope he murders this c*nt Koga as well. Damn brat with sh*t for brains and a superiority complex. Just beating him up isn’t enough, he needs to die because he’ll just cause trouble to the world if someone like him is allowed to run free. Too much power in a retard’s body, that’s never a good combination.


  3. Nagi: “By the way, what is your name?”
    There was no change in the awkward atmosphere. Leticia looked at me questioningly.
    Leticia: “Nagi, didn’t I show you my membership card just now?”

    now I remember why I stopped reading this. Anyways, spotted a grievous error in the who spoke where. Dunno if ya care nuff to fix it, but it’s completely flipped in these two lines, and probably affects the rest of the chap.


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