OP Waifus – Chapter 18 Part 4

Meeting an older sister in a closed guild

Nagi: “Aene, please don’t get confused!”

I mean, please don’t really take out a [Medallion].

I will not. I am definitely not accepting a [Contract]!

Nagi: “Aene? Um… How old is Na-kun now?”

Aene: “6 years old right?”

Nagi: “Na-kun seems to be a very mature child!?

Aene: “That’s right. How about we take a bath together? I’ll wash Na-kun’s body. Your elder sister loves that. Does Na-kun like it too?”

Nagi: “I have never ever experienced that in my life.”

Aene: “Did Na-kun not like baths?”

Nagi: “I don’t dislike baths, but getting into a bath with a girl is a little…”

Aene: “I see. So that’s why you would refuse to go in unless you are blindfolded and your hands are tied up. Jeez, come on Na-kun, don’t be so shy!.”

Nagi: “I don’t think that’s him being shy but him truly disliking it!?”

Aene: “That aside, why are you in Aene and Grandpa’s guild?”

Realising where she was for the first time, Aene looked around at her surroundings.

Aene: “Eh? Grandpa? Grandpa isn’t here? Dad and Mom had died a long time ago… Na-kun and Aene had always been with Grandpa… Ehhhh?”

Aene cowered, hugging her head.

Aene: “When Na-kun left… I swore to protect the guild where all of my memories came from. For that, I tried my best… I really did try my best… I tried…… Eh? What am I saying… I know, I’ll go make some tea and calm myself down… Hold on Na-kun.”

Aene’s smile was forced and clearly full of pain.

Nagi: “Leticia. Is there any way to restore Aene’s memories?”

Leticia: “Argis crystalised Aene’s memories and hid it somewhere. Aene should recover if you obtain that crystal.”

That guy really likes to do bad things.

I am normally against working for free…

But seeing Aene heading to another room with a tea set…

Perhaps she’s boiling water because it is the start of Na-Kun’s tea time.

Even though this place will soon be taken away by the [Noble Guild]…

Taken away by a black guild…

Seeing Aene acting this way, I had almost forgotten about the ongoing problems…

I really can’t stand this. I just can’t.

Nagi: “I understand. Let’s go retrieve it right now.”Leticia: “This isn’t a problem that beginners should poke their noses into.”

Leticia scratched her blue hair.

Leticia: “There is no way that a level 1 or 2 adventurer can defeat a [Steel Gargoyle].”

Nagi: “[Steel Gargoyle]?”

Leticia: “It is a statue that is completely made of steel and moved by magical power. Argis and the Count released it in the tower that hides Aene’s memories. It’s a punishment to those who disturb the town.”

Nagi: “How about you swear on the honour of nobility that you’ll stop hurting me with your words?”

Leticia: “No. I swear on the honour of nobility that if you manage to retrieve it, then you managed to retrieve it.”

Nagi: “You’re the worst.”

Do you really have to corner people so badly with your words?

Moreover, Aene’s memories are being guarded by the gargoyle and you’re not the one dirtying your hands.

This really rubs me the wrong way.

Nagi: “By the way, is the [Steel Gargoyle] a type of [Guardian]?”

Leticia: “That is common knowledge.”

Nagi: “Does it have wings growing out of its back and holds a sword and a shield?”

Leticia: “That would be a real high tiered [Guardian Angel]. The [Steel Gargoyle] is a statue modelled after a Gargoyle. Even though it isn’t as powerful as a high tiered enemy, I still think I should get a level 10 adventurer to take this on.”

In other words, if you can defeat the [Guardian Angel] in the demon race magician’s basement, then you can also defeat the [Steel Gargoyle].

I see.

I’ll manage somehow I guess.

Leticia: “Good grief. A [Steel Gargoyle] and a mad dog of an opponent. This is truly tiring.”

Nagi: “Mad dog?”

Leticia: “The [Noble Guild]’s helper. Normally, the [Common Guild]’s people are stronger, but people say that this guy is stronger… Just how much stronger, I do not know.”

Leticia held her head and sighed.

Leticia: “It is said that he was hired by the caretaker of the [Noble Guild]. It seems that he was originally under the His Majesty’s command, but he was discharged due to his barbaric way of speaking.

Nagi: “… His Majesty…”

Leticia: “He seems to be under the impression that the guy was some sort of a legendary hero. Well… It is true that he possesses some powerful skills that even I have not heard about.”

Nagi: “… Having skills that no one knows off…”

Leticia: “I think his name was “Tanaka Koga”. He might have changed his surname though.”

Nagi: “… Surname, Tanaka…”

Why do I have such a bad feeling about this?

Unknown: “Why are the people from the [Common Guild] still here!”

The sound of a door being kicked open could be heard from the first floor.

A figure came up the stairs.

Unknown: “Don’t get in my way! This is the path of the brave! Come out and meet me you trash!”

A boy in armour came into the office area on the second floor.

Black hair.

Black eyes.

Similar age to me.

If it were back in my world, he would be going to high school or something like that.

The boy in armour, Tanaka Koga, whipped his cloak and declared.

Koga: “As a hero recognised by the King, I order you in the name of Tanaka Koga! The remaining scums of the [Common Guild] will surrender to me immediately! Don’t resist or I will crush you!”

To me though, I could only see him as a boy doing a chuunibyou cosplay.


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17 thoughts on “OP Waifus – Chapter 18 Part 4

  1. After fighting against a Guradian Angel a Gargoyle should be short work for Nagi and his companions. and the first hero that is not the leader guy (the one with Glasses) from the manga is it? if I remember correctly it was never mentioned in the WN that Nagi clashed with his class mates before he left the castle. Let's hope he never sees Nagi's girls otherwise he will demand them too (you know being a hero and so on)


  2. Yeah the novel doesn't give much about Nagi's clash with some of his class mates. in the manga it is more detailed why the king kicked Nagi out (Nagi was realistic about the whole situation asking very serious questions) Two students tried to stop him with phrases like 'we have to stand together, don't be afraid, we can take over the world' but Nagi ignored them. Though it must be someone else. I hope Nagi uses a sweeping skill on him to sweep him out of the building 😉


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