OP Waifus – Chapter 18 Part 2

Meeting an older sister in a closed guild

Nagi: “These conditions…”

I have a bad feeling about this.

Despite not being able to doing much things

Having only pride and no ability. This is not a good situation to start with…

Leticia: “The entire [Common Guild] will become a sub-guild of the [Noble Guild]. Aene, the successor to the guild, will hand over all rights over the guild to the [Noble Guild]. In exchange, the [Noble Guild] will persuade the rebels and the [Iturna Cult] to stop. Additionally, the [Noble Guild] will also rescue the injured members of the [Common Guild]. That’s all.”

Nagi: “Sorry, I might have heard that wrongly. Could you repeat that?”

Leticia: “The entire [Common Guild] will become a sub-guild of the [Noble Guild]…”

Nagi: “I knew it. My ears must be rotting.”

Leticia: “My mouth is also rotting.”

Nagi: “In the first place, why is Aene the representative? Isn’t there anyone else of higher rank?”

Leticia: “The person who is actually in charge is Aene’s guardian.”

Nagi: “And what happened to this person?”

Leticia: “He ran away fearing the anger of the aristocrats”

Abandoning his workplace

Well. It might not be expected that the aristocrats would act to such an extent.

The [Common Guild] did not want conflict with the [Noble Guild]. They just wanted to get the cursed sword so that they can use it to negotiate with the [Noble Guild].

I can understand why Aene had collapsed on the table and fallen unconscious now.

I agree that it is pretty shocking.

For her to become responsible for the guild and then losing it all with a day…

Leticia: “If that’s true, I should have worked harder to suppress the [Noble Guild]… I never expected my dad to do all that while I was sleeping… To wake up to this mess…”

Nagi: “What kind of father is that…”

Leticia: “A coward. The embodiment of self protection. A powerful person who fears everything other than himselfI am getting sick just from talking about him.”

This man seems to be a decent person.

However, that would mean it is hard to change the situation.

Nagi: “This is really bad…”

Is there no choice but to give up on the reward?

You cannot expect to say “Please me my reward” in such a situation.

Nagi: “By the way, what is your name?”

There was no change in the awkward atmosphere. Leticia looked at me questioningly.

Leticia: “Nagi, didn’t I show you my membership card just now?”


Leticia: “Wait… Are you that Nagi?”

Nagi: “Do you know me?”

Leticia: “Aene praised you! She said you were the best! She said you seemed really unreliable and very timid and cautious that one would subconsciously want to protect you! She could not stop talking about you seen I first met her! It’s the first time Aene has praised anyone so much!”

Nagi: “Those are praises!?”

Leticia: “It was love at first sight!”

Nagi: “I don’t believe anyone could be so happy!?”

Leticia: “She said she understands the feelings of the girls that were with you. She wanted to protect you so badly that she was willing to become a slave to serve you. She was blushing while she was saying all of these! You really have woken Aene’s [Onee sister personality] from the depths of her heart… Can you please stop using her weakness to seduce her?”

Nagi: “Just what was so seductive about my actions!?”

I see. Does these kind of things happen if you pretend to be useless?

I really did not expect this.

Aene had always felt like an older sister character to me, but I did not expect her to be so extreme.

Leticia: “So you are Nagi… In this case… I can’t let the person that Aene had fallen for at first sight to go rewarded for his actions.”

Leticia reached into her coat pocket.

Leticia: “Please accept this as a compensation for the reward. After all, I am partially responsible for today’s incident too.”


[Slow – Lv 1]

[Magic] that [Delays] [Reaction Speed]


[Magical Singing – Lv 1]

[Song] that [Increases] [Magical Power]

Leticia: “While these are common skills, you can still sell them for some money.”

Sure, we got our reward.

But… Why do I feel a pain in my heart?

Unknown: “Letty… Is that you?”

There was a soft voice.


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20 thoughts on “OP Waifus – Chapter 18 Part 2

  1. Poor Nagi it looks like his 'let's be as lazy as possible' act is backfiring. Though I wonder how OP Aene will turn out once Nagi restructers her 😉


  2. He didn't want attention and now he gets attention despite being lazy. Although I agree if I could get an Oneesan to care about me just by being lazy then hell yes 😉


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