OP Waifus – Chapter 18 Part 1

Meeting an older sister in a closed guild

Nagi: “Ummm… We completed the quest right?”

Blue haired girl: “Yes you did.”

In response to my question, the blue haired girl nodded.

Right, she understands me.

Nagi: “This is the [Common Guild] right?”

Blue haired girl: “Yes. Like you’ve said, this is the [Common Guild].”

So I have not warped into another world.

Nagi: “This is a piece of [Large Bat’s Ears] proving my completion of the quest is it not?”

Blue haired girl: “Yes it is.”

Nagi: “You know I’m not lying right?”

Blue haired girl: “I know. You guys killed all the Large Bats.”

Nagi: “This is my membership card. My name is Souma Nagi

Blue haired girl: “I have confirmed it. The quest is over.”

Nagi: “I worked hard didn’t I.”

Blue haired girl: “Yes you worked hard.”

Nagi: “It’s great isn’t it.”

Blue haired girl: “It is.”

Nagi: “Please give me the reward.”

Blue haired girl: “I can’t pay you. The guild has closed down.”

It feels like I’m listening to pre-recorded messages.

Well, maybe. I have no idea how many times I’ve said the same things already.

So… The guild has closed down huh.

These things happen regularly right? Nothing I can do about it.

Nagi: “Uh… Why?”

Blue haired girl: “All the guild members were killed.”

Nagi: “By who?”

Blue haired girl: “By the [Noble Guild].”

Nagi: “So you are…?”

Leticia: “I am Leticia Milfey. A childhood friend of Aene.”

Saying this, Leticia returned me two guild membership cards.

One that looks like the normal [Common Guild] membership cards.

And another one that is made of metal, belonging to…

Nagi: “The [Noble Guild]?”

Leticia: “While I am Aene’s childhood friend, I also come from a noble family.”

Nagi: “Nobility? Then aren’t you one of the enemy?”

Leticia: “That’s not a joke right?”

Raising her voice, Leticia slammed her fist against the wall.

Leticia: “Please don’t group me with those idiots. Slimy aristocrats that don’t ever listen. Lots of them are useless with nothing other than pride. Even though we are all nobility, unlike them, I won’t run at the sight of an insect! Die! They should all die!”

Leticia continues hitting the wall out of anger.

Nagi: “It’s ok to be angry, but can you please explain the situation?”

Leticia: “It’s all because of the cursed sword.”

All because of the cursed sword…

The [Noble Guild] heard of the news…

What happened to all the [Common Guild] members who participated in the quest?

Leticia: “The [Noble Guild] can’t accept the [Common Guild] getting the cursed sword and becoming equals to them. Making use of an expelled member of the [Common Guild], they attacked the [Common Guild] members in the dungeon. Most were beaten up, only a few escaped. That’s all I know.”

Nagi: “Hold on. Aren’t the [Noble Guild] members really weak?”

Leticia: “They got a strong priest to support them by pressuring him to betray the [Iturna Cult].”

Nagi: “The [Iturna Cult] huh… The leader was a lower aristocrat wasn’t he.”

Leticia: “The priest was a neutral party, so he switched sides under pressure from the leaders of the [Iturna Cult]. Can you imagine if your healer switched sides and join the enemy? More so if it happens during a battle with monsters.”

Nagi: “I know. It’s really bad.”

What happens if your priest joins the enemy party in an RPG?

I lose healing magic while the damage I deal to the enemy is healed.

There is no doubt that reality would be a really shitty game.

Nagi: “Isn’t it better to destroy that cult?”

Leticia: “I agree. Aene had protested about a lot of things to the [Nobility Guild]. And then…”




The count who is responsible for the [Nobility Guild] had said…

“I know of no such outrageous acts. I wish that you would not accuse me of such baseless allegations.”

“That said, I understand your feelings.”

“So let us meet in the middle.”

“I will get them to promise not to touch the [Common Guild].”

“There must still be injured adventurers who cannot make it out of the dungeon right?”

“Let us do our best and help them out. Of course, that’s assuming you accept my conditions.”

17 thoughts on “OP Waifus – Chapter 18 Part 1

  1. Good work there!First thing first, this is a novel, not drama script. If you want to add their name, (since I know this novel is really dialogue heavy) add it after the sentence. Or better, make them distinct enough so we can know who's speaking.About the terms, it was [Itulna] before, though [Iturna] is acceptable since the Japanese can't differentiate L and R.About the English, I'm also from SEA so our English skill is not that different. I can't help you with this one.


  2. well, this was understandable, so congrats on that part. I'm sure that it wasn't easy, but it's still workable. If you find an editor that will work with you, I'm sure you'll have a MUCH easier time with it.that aside,Thanks for the chapterLali~ho!


  3. Thanks for the advice.Could you give me and example on how the name should be added?I'm really not used to story styled writing after all the argumentative essays we do in school.


  4. Just to give you an example on how to work with the names:Extract from previous translation:Accordingly,「Then Cecyl, let’s go with the plan. Rita, I want you on-standby under that smashed window.」(Nagi)「Understood. Please be careful, Nagi and Cecyl-chan.」(Rita)As you can see the names are added in brackets behind the sentences. In this case you could actually leave the names out because there are only 3 people in this scene and 2 are mentioned by name which would leave the last person being the one who is speaking.The only problem is that some characters in japanese novels tend to call themselves by their name which could cause confusion as to who is speaking. So my advice would be to simply add the names in brackets behind the sentences.


  5. Thanks for picking this novel up. I really like it. Though I have a problem with the format. There are some long sentences which run over the monitor and i have to sidescroll. Is that only me?


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     tag keeps formatting.  It's not that hard to do. It's not that the blog won't do it. You're just too lazy to try.


  9. Whoops forgot that using will add formatting. So I didn’t structure it right. Anyways as I said before. That’s BS. I know for a fact that method won’t mess up blog formatting with word press if it’s automatic. If you have to code it out, just use proper [p] [/p] tags and [/br] tabs. Also the [pre][/pre] tag keeps formatting. It’s not that hard to do. It’s not that the blog won’t do it. You’re just too lazy to try.


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