How to Raise a Silver-Haired Loli – [Chapter 4]

“You guys really are close.”

“Not really.”

After leaving Hao Ren and Tian Ling, the loli and I continued walking back home.

“You’re clearly in a good mood.”

“Speaking of which, what’s your definition?”

“Definition of?”

Zhou Xue seems to have gotten used to me calling her loli. Although I was surprised, I still replied to her, saying “Definition of a good relationship.”

“Um… Lovey-dovey?”

“Please forget that line of thought and also to expand your vocabulary.”

“Eh? Why?”

Seeing that we’ve reached the crossroad where we part ways, I didn’t explain further. I turned left towards me home…

And the loli followed me…

“Hold up.”


I stopped and turned to look at the loli.

Hesitantly, I asked, “Why are you still following me?”

“Why would I be following you.”

True, the loli has no reason to follow me.

I nodded and continued walking but there was a nagging feeling at the back of my mind because the loli was still walking beside me.

“Uh… This is just hypothetical, so don’t take it the wrong way.”

I stopped and the lobby of my apartment and pointed at the truck from a moving company.

“Is this yours?”


“That means you’re living in this apartment too?”


“So why didn’t I see you yesterday?”

“I’ve just moved here today.”



Go. Hurry up. I must not ask her where she lives! I must ignore her!!!

I left the loli behind and climbed the stairs and headed towards my home. As I reached my storey, I saw a bunch of movers on the left side of my house.

After entering my house, I leaned against the door listening for signs of movement. It wasn’t long before I heard knocking on my door.

Knock, knock, knock.

“Who’s there?”

“It really is Yu Fei!”

Damnit, it really is the loli!

“Need something?”

I opened the door a little and saw the loli’s silver hair immediately. I calmed my heart and opened the door.

“Um, Mom wanted me to pass you this.”

The loli passed me the food container. Out of politeness, I received the gift and thanked her. After placing the stuff down, I took the keys and went out of the house.

“Are they still moving stuff in?”

“They’ve finished moving the stuff, it’s just unpacking that’s left.”

The loli smiled at me while I looked at the pile of boxes near her door. I went over, picked up a box and said, “Let me give you a hand.”

“Sorry for troubling you.”

“No worries, after all, we’ll be… neighbours from now on.”

Just thinking about the loli becoming my neighbour gave me a headache.


After some effort, we managed to finish unpacking everything.

Similar to my house, it was a 3 room flat. After the cleaning done by the loli’s mom and I, the room seemed a lot cleaner.

“Here’s some juice.”

“Thanks, aunty.”

I sat down on the sofa, wiped away the sweat on my forehead and accepted the juice from the loli’s mom. The loli’s mom took a seat beside me and said, “I didn’t expect Xiao Xue’s [1] classmate to be living next door.”

“I didn’t think that the lo… Zhou Xue would be moving next door either.”

I smiled wryly and sipped on the juice.

I looked at the loli’s mom, sizing her up.

Looking at the cascading silver hair, I figured the loli’s silver hair was inherited from her mother.

Her small mouth, big eyes, slim figure and gentle voice made it hard to believe that she was the mother of a high schooler.

“By the way, how’s Xiao Xue at school?”

“About her, um…”

This is a toughie… Even though the loli attracted quite a lot of attention, I, on the other hand, did not pay much attention to her.

“I think she’s doing fine. After all the lo… Zhou Xue is very pretty.”

“Ara, she got praised.” The loli’s mom smiled and said, “I sure Xiao Xue would be very happy to hear that.”

“Hm? With her beautiful looks,  she should have received praise pretty often, right?”

“About that, she doesn’t really like to attract attention, as such, she didn’t have many friends in school.”

The loli’s mom frowned lightly before continuing with a smile.

“However, seeing that she has Yu Fei as a friend, I can rest assured that she’ll be fine.”



I felt a little uncomfortable hearing the loli’s mom refer to me my name but I forced a smile and assured her, “Don’t worry, as a classmate and a neighbour, it’s natural to look out for each other.”

“Is that so? Then I’ll leave Xiao Xue in your care.”

“Mom, what are you saying!”

The loli had returned after greeting the neighbours, just in time to hear the end of our conversation. See walked in blushing and started debating with her mom.

I just sat there with a stiff smile, sipping on the juice in my hand.

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