How to Raise a Silver-Haired Loli – [Chapter 3]

“We’ve lost her right?”

Turning around to look at the school gate, I shrugged my shoulders. See this, Hao Ran let out a sigh of relief, patting me on my shoulder.

“Thank you so much, Yu Fei.”


I pushed his hand away angrily and stomped away. Hao Ran rushed to catch up to me and asked me, “So where do you want to go?”


“Oh, home huh… Wait what? Why choose to go home?!”

Hao Ran couldn’t believe what he was hearing and shook me by my shoulders, revealing a confused expression. After he stopped shaking me, I told him blanking, “Sister Yao said she won’t allow us to go out together.”

“Damn it, her again.”

Hao Ran was not pleased. He started muttering, “Now what? To go or not to go home? If I head home, I’m gonna get slaughtered by Sister Yao, but if I wait, then Tian Ling is going to catch up to us.”

I looked at the muttering Hao Ran coldly, then turned away without any hesitation.

“Hey, don’t just ditch me like that.”

I had not walk far when Hao Ran ran up to me again.

“Come on Yu Fei, give me some suggestions.”

“Why should I? Just go home and accept your fate.”

My patience was starting to wear thin. Hao Ran seemed to have noticed the change in my mood and placed a hand on my shoulder, asking me softly, “Did something bad happen?”


“Oh? What happened?”

“I met you.”



A lethal blow. Knowing him though, he’ll probably recover in no time.

“How could that be? Come on, tell me what happened?”

See? Instant recovery.

“It’s cause of the loli.”


I sighed and told Hao Ran about the reason behind my bad mood, however, Hao Ran seemed to be a little dazzled by the term “loli”.

I was about to explain to him what a “loli” was, but I familiar voice interrupted me just when I was about to speak.

“I told you to stop calling me a loli!”

Yeah, very familiar indeed.

Hearing that, I shuddered involuntarily. Together, Hao Ran and I turned towards the voice and simultaneously raised our brows.

The reason for our reason was different. For me, it’s because of the appearance of the loli. For Hao Ran, it was because of the person standing beside the loli.

Tian Ling had appeared!

“Mou… Would you please stop referring to me as a loli?”


I agreed to get the loli to quieten down and then glanced at Hao Ran. However, his mind seemed to have completely shut down so I gave up on the idea of running away.


Curious about why those two were together, I asked the loli, “So how did you two manage to get together?”

The loli glanced at Tian Ling who was nagging at Hao Ran and smiled, “I saw her looking for Hao Ran when I was leaving the classroom.”

“Hao Ran?”

“Sorry, I mean classmate Hao Ran. [1]”

The loli quickly corrected herself. I relax and muttered under my breath, “So she’s not just intimate with me.”

“Yu Fei, did you say something?”


Even though I felt much more relaxed after understanding the situation a little better, but I was still not used to being referred to so intimately by a girl.

“Speaking of which, when did you two get to know each other?”

The loli and I started chit chatting.

“Start of high school.”

“Really? The feeling that you two give off makes it seem as if you guys had known each other for a long time already.”

The loli stared at me, fascinated by the revelation.

On the other hand, I didn’t find it all that special.

I replied matter of factly, “Really? I find it normal though.”

“If I remember correctly, it’s been about a month since school started, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“But… You guys…”

The loli looked at me, then at Hao Ran. At that moment, I understood what she meant. I quickened my footstep and kicked Hao Ran in the butt.

“Wah! What do you want?!”

“You’re making the loli feel troubled.” I pointed at the loli catching up to us.

“But I’m not feeling troubled?”

The loli’s face showed otherwise, revealing a troubled expression. Hao Ran looked at me, then at the loli. He nodded towards me, showing an understanding expression.

I kicked him again.

“What’s with that expression, you know nothing, you idiot.” I said angrily.

“Ouchhhhh. Hey, no matter how you look at it, I’m still your friend… Ouchhhhh!!!”

I kicked him again before he could finish. Turning to look at Tian Ling, I said, “Take care of this guy.”

“How could Tian Ling possibly take care of me… OOF!”

Tian Ling gave me a thumbs up and mercilessly elbowed Hao Ran on the stomach.

“No problem.”

“Haha, you guys seem to be having fun!”

The loli who was spectating from the side started giggling. I looked at her, shook my head and walked ahead.

[1] TL Note: It’s kinda like the first name basis rule.

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  2. Wow, this is amazing!
    No matter how I read in this past few chapters………..The MC’s gender is still not specified, no one calls the MC he or she. As much as I try to believe the tag Yuri, I’ll just try to say MC is female. Thumbs up to author-san though, I’m impressed by how I still can’t confirm MC ‘s gender

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